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第七十一章 意外来客!

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If you want to kill a powerful monster like the King of Boar and the King of Centipede in their respective territory, even the King of Fire Apes may not be able to do it, and even if you can't fight it, it's easy to escape at the speed of both of them.


By using the aroma of monkey wine to attract the King of Boar and the King of Centipede, and by virtue of the fatal attraction of monkey wine to them, the King of Wild Boar and the King of Centipede rushed into the Ape Valley, which is tantamount to self-entrainment.


Coupled with the temptation of monkey wine, the King of Wild Boar and the King of Centipede will fight to the death, which makes it much easier to kill them both.


The more I think about Li Batian, the more frightened I am, and a chill springs up on my back.


To tell the truth, he has always thought that the intelligence of monsters is not so good. Even the King of the Fire Apes has always been treated with the mentality of facing other monsters, but he did not expect that the King of the Fire Apes has such a high intelligence that he would set traps to attract the monarch into the urn.


"Master, ape creatures are highly intelligent in mammals themselves, not to mention the fiery ape king who activated the power of blood. Its intelligence is not inferior to that of ordinary human beings. In the vast space of the universe, human beings are not the only intelligent creatures. Many mammals are born with the power to destroy heaven and earth and amazing. Wisdom and erudition."


After listening to CP9, Li Batian slowly accepted this fact in his heart. After all, he was not a natural beast. As a former human, many of his thoughts were still with his original knowledge. Suddenly, he found that animals were so smart, which made him feel a great shock.


While Li Batian was discussing with CP9, the brewing of monkey wine in Ape Valley had reached the critical point of Zuihou. The fiery ape king, who seemed to be brutal and violent, also showed a human face at the moment. His eyes were staring at the fiery red boulders with red light and hot air.


Ten minutes later, the red light and heat emanating from the red boulders began to fade, along with the strong aroma of monkey wine.


"Master, the aroma of the real monkey wine has completely converged to the wine, but it does not disperse. It seems that the monkey wine will succeed in brewing soon."


Wen Yan Li Batian quickly restrained his mood and stared at the red boulder with monkey wine. He didn't want to miss the birth of spiritual wine.


The aroma of monkey wine is completely convergent, and an inexplicable fluctuation spreads from the red boulder, which can be felt by Li Batian and the monsters present.




Fire-red boulders buzzed, and the monkey wine was still boiling in sight. An invisible stream of air converged from all sides and poured into the monkey wine.


The whole process is mysterious and mysterious, and Li Batian can only catch the flow of air by means of sensitive stress.


With the constant absorption of the air in all directions, the boiling monkey wine slowly calmed down, and some turbid monkey wine quietly changed.


The impurities precipitate rapidly, revealing the amber color liquor faintly emits a light light light, appears so crystal clear and beautiful charming.


For alcoholics, the monkey wine is more attractive than the most beautiful lover, full of artistic attraction.


"roar!" The fiery ape king with nervous expression, roaring excitedly up to heaven and thumping his fists on his chest.


Hearing the roar of the Burning Ape King, the giant apes and the surrounding monkeys, they all followed with joy, and for a time the whole valley was filled with the roar.


Losing the attraction of the monkey's wine aroma, the aggregated wild animals in the periphery gradually retreated, and a battle was fought, but Zuihou was a great victory for the giant apes.


Staring at the monkey wine in the red boulder, Li Batian was in a hot mood. The reason why he tried to improve his strength was to get the monkey wine. Although it was not the best time to start, he had no time to wait.


At that moment, the fiery ape king, who was excited and howling, suddenly stopped, and a pair of fiery red pupils burst out with anger and murder.


Not only the Burning Ape King, but also Li Batian looked astonished and surprised at the huge red stone with monkey wine in the Ape Valley.


In sight, a figure dressed in white and almost integrated with the surrounding environment emerged beside the fiery red boulder, intending to steal the monkey's wine from the fiery red boulder.




With an angry roar, the King of the Fire Apes burst into flames again on the iron rod in his hand and rushed towards the white figure with a scorching air wave all over his body.


Seeing that he was found by the King of the Fire Apes, the white figure seemed a little alarmed, and it was too late to continue stealing monkey's wine. He fled quickly to a distance and threw a spherical object into the cave of the Apes Valley.


"Boom!" A loud roar erupted in the ape Valley cave, and a huge explosion directly collapsed the mouth of the cave.


The fiery ape king, who was very angry himself, saw the collapsed cave and was very angry.


It was a cave used to cultivate and brew monkey wine, but it took a lot of energy to dig out the cave. Now it was bombed down by unexpected people, how can we not let it angry?


"roar and roar!"


With a roar of anger, the King of the Fire Apes turned into a full-speed chase like a flame, looking like a rolling ball of fire in the distance.


"This fellow is so fast." Li Batian, who was watching from afar, revealed a trace of astonishment in his eyes.


Originally, in his view, at the speed of the Burning Ape King's outbreak, the white figure who did not know how to appear would definitely die miserably, but the result was different from what he imagined.


The speed of the white figure was so fast that the King of the Hot Apes could not catch up for a while.


In addition, in the process of fleeing, the white figure appears and disappears from time to time, as if mocking the King of the Fire Apes, always keeping a certain distance.


Staring at the fleeing white figure, Li Batian wrinkled his eyebrows slightly. The way the white figure displayed in front of him made him look familiar.


"This is the sneak of the Japanese ninjas!"


In his heart, Li Batian was full of doubts. He didn't understand that the Japanese Ninja weishenme would appear here.


As a master of ancient martial arts in China, he also had many encounters with Japanese ninjas, and he also had some knowledge of some skills and tactics of Japanese ninjas.


According to what he knows, the sneaking of Japanese ninjas is a relatively abstruse body method, which combines several unique skills such as Indian ancient yoga and Chinese bone-shrinking techniques. It can make use of various factors such as distortion of the body and the assistance of footwork to create visual blind areas and achieve invisible sneaking. Degree.


Of course, it is also very difficult and hard to cultivate into a stealth, to bear the pain and suffering that ordinary people can not imagine.


Once the practice is successful, it will become a frightening shadow killer.


With the strength of this white-clothed figure in front of us, if we make every effort to sneak, we can theoretically achieve the perfect invisibility effect. It is not difficult to escape from the pursuit of the fiery ape king.

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