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第七十章 圈套!

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The King of Pigs opened his eyes in horror. Over his line of sight, a red flame descended from the sky. In a faint way, he could see the King of Fire Apes plunging down.




In an instant, the hair standing on the King of Pigs, like a pear needle in a rainstorm, flew out and shot all over the sky at the King of Fire Apes falling from the sky.


The hot flame first hit the needle rain in the sky, splashing sparks.


However, the needle rain has failed to stop the burning fire of the iron rod, still like a bamboo.




With a flaming flame, the iron rod was poked vertically on the back of the King of Pigs with tusks and arrows. The fiery flame burst out instantly and completely enveloped the King of Pigs with tusks and arrows struggling underneath.


The tremendous impact of the earth is shaking, you can only see the fire.


"What a cunning King of the Fire Apes, this guy's first goal should be King of the Boar." Li Batian, an onlooker, muttered with some shock in his heart.


The whole process was in his eyes. From the very beginning, the target of the King of Fire Apes was the King of Tusk and Arrow Pigs. Crazy attack on the King of Flying Centipedes was just a cover. The real fatal blow was kept for the King of Tusk and Arrow Pigs.


Flame shocks surge everywhere. Under the reaction force, the King of the Fire Apes turns a somersault in the air, slightly staggers to the ground, and the flame attached to the iron bar has dissipated.


Obviously, a blow that the King of Pigs had just fought to death also caused some harm to him.


Despite looking weaker, the distant centipede king did not dare to rush up and continue to attack.


The blazing waves gradually dissipated, revealing the burnt ground, and a smell of scorch filled the surrounding air.


"What a tragedy!" Li Batian sighed in his heart at the sight of the almost charred King of Tusks and Arrowing Pigs.


In sight, the King of Pigs with fangs and arrows had a fever all over his body, and black smoke burst out from a blood hole on his back. He was dead and could not die any more.


To solve the problem, the King of Arrowhead Pigs, the King of Fire Apes did not stop at all, and continued to rush to the King of Centipedes. In the process of rushing forward, the whole ape emerged in flames, and the speed soared to an extreme. The King of Flying Centipedes was caught by surprise.


The threat of the centipede king is very great, but there must be a premise, that is, the meat shield with tusks and arrows in front of the pig king, now lost the meat shield, its situation becomes very embarrassing.


Especially the flying centipede king, although able to fly, flies at a leisurely altitude, and can not shake off the full-blown fiery ape king.


It's just a waste of time. With a mournful squeak, the centipede king is smashed into two parts by a stick of the fire ape king.


It took Li Batian less than ten minutes to fight a battle that seemed to be equally powerful in the outbreak of the Burning Ape King.


Having solved the problem, the remaining wild boars and centipedes became turtles in the urn. In a short time, all wild boars and centipedes were buried in the ape valley.


Under the command of the Burning Ape King, the giant apes cleaned up the dead bodies on the ground, leaving only the dead bodies of the King of Pig and the King of Centipede.




With dull footsteps, the fiery ape king who entered the cave stepped out of the cave with extremely heavy steps.


In the hands of the Burning Ape King, there is an extra red boulder. The strong fragrance gushes out from the red boulder, which makes the intoxicating fragrance in the air more intense.


"This is a container for monkey wine!" Li Batian, who stood high, said to himself in surprise.


Above the tree crown, he could clearly see that the center of the fire-red boulder had been hollowed out, like a large bucket filled with amber-colored liquid, and the crystal-clear beauty looked like a spring of jade dew.


"What's this guy doing!"


Glancing greedily at the monkey wine in the red boulder, Li Batian was somewhat puzzled.


But in the Ape Valley, the King of the Fire Apes put the huge red stones on the ground and stepped to the side of the corpses of the two Kings of Beasts. He waved his claws and easily decomposed the two corpses. He took one thing from the King of the Wild Boar and the King of the Centipede respectively.


"CP9, Fire Ape King got what it was." Looking from afar, Li Batian asked.


, "master, the king of fire is taken from the king of the tusks. According to your planet, it is a pig treasure, and from the flying centipede, it is a poisonous bag containing poison."


looked at two things with astonishment. Li Batian was puzzled and puzzled: "pig treasure, poison bag, what does it want to do with these two things?"


While he was doubting here, the next action of the King of the Fire Apes left his whole bear stunned.


The King of the Fire Apes stepped to the fire-red boulder and threw two things into the monkey's wine. He opened his mouth to the fire-red boulder and sprayed a flame.


The flame is absorbed and swallowed as soon as it touches the red boulder as the water meets the sponge.


The colour of the fire-red boulders became more vivid, emitting a light red light, and the monkey wine boiled up.


"Is the King of the Fire Apes mad? How can he throw the King of the Flying Centipede's poison bag into the monkey's wine?" Sober up, Li Batian fiercely stood up from the crown, anxious anger in his heart.


The King of the Centipede is itself a highly poisonous insect, and the poison sac is the thing that stores the poison. It is filled with poisonous liquid, and thrown into the monkey wine, it is like a rat dung spoiled a pot of soup.


, "the owner does not need to be nervous. The venom of the flying centipede king is a highly toxic substance, but it also has very high medicinal value. It is estimated that the reason why the monkey wine has not been brewed is that it lacks the poison bag of the flying centipede king and the pig treasure of the tussle boar!"


, "what, you mean that the production of monkey wine requires its own poison bag and pig treasure." Li Batian exclaimed in his heart. Think carefully, CP9's guess is still very credible.


Unless the Burning Ape King is mad, he will never do such a thing, spoiling the monkey wine that will soon be finished.


With this in mind, Li Batian's eyes swept over the dead bodies of King Boar and King Centipede, and a flash of inspiration flashed through his mind. The whole man was deeply shocked. Only then did he realize that he had always looked down upon the fiery ape king.


, as CP9 said, the poison bag of the flying centipede king and the pig Bao of the tussle King boar are one of the medicinal herbs that make monkey wine. Then things get strange.


After careful consideration, Li Batian found that everything seemed to be a trap set by the Burning Ape King.


(Thanks to Weng Pengzhou's 100-piont reward for children's shoes. Recently, the results are somewhat poor. Brothers are up and running Zuihou's sprint. Whether they can come on the shelf and push it hard depends on their recent results!)

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