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第三百零一章 精彩的未来!

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? “尔等可知罪。”神圣的轰鸣声响起,在一众兽人战士的脑海中响起,产生强烈的冲击。

"Wait until you know the crime." The holy roar resounds in the minds of many Orc fighters, producing a strong impact.


"When I am guilty, I will die to thank you for your guilt!" Millions of Orcish fighters shouted loudly, each with a confessional look on his face, eager to know his own life, hoping to use his own life to save his belief.


At this critical moment, a full moon suddenly appeared, and the cold full moon dropped endless cold, instantly making the devout Orc fighters have a spiritual recovery.


As a group of ORC fighters returned to their gods, a layer of ice formed on the sacred statue, and the surrounding scenery began to change to snow and ice.


"Be bold!" The holy shout of wrath sounded, the legendary strongman of the Holy See showed his figure, the huge holy image was shining, forcibly melting the ice on the body surface, waving a holy sword in his hand, as if to purify everything to the full moon in the air.


"Hum, you're brave enough to kill me." Li Batian's figure was revealed, his face was cold and his voice was murderous. The full moon in the sky fell from the sky, carrying terrible cold and endless pressure. He went straight to the sacred image and pressed it down. As for the sacred sword cut above, it could not shake the full moon at all.


If he appeared a little later, the whole Orcish Empire would die, and the Orcish Empire would be an empty shell even if it survived.


Facing Li Batian's angry blow, the legendary potent of the Holy See was shocked. It was too late to escape. The cold weather froze the space completely and could not escape the terrible full moon at all.


With the fall of the great full moon. The world that the Holy See legendary strongman transformed quickly frozen and collapsed, and even he himself was frozen into an ice sculpture, which was shattered by the full moon. The whole process was very slow, but in fact it was only a moment.


Immediately the battle situation changed dramatically again. The Orc army, originally on the disadvantaged side, recovered the crisis that had been completely eradicated immediately because of the appearance of Li Batian, and fell with the legendary strongman of the Holy See.


Lost the battle of legendary strongmen, the original hope of the national army. He was frightened to death. The Orc army roared forward, killing the orc army.


"Buzzing!" At this critical moment, a law buzz sounded, and the harsh voice instantly made the presence of the orc army suffer a heavy blow. They screamed and fell to the ground to cover their ears. Blood is running through the nose and mouth. Although there was no death, they almost lost their fighting power.


"Are you ready to do it at last?" Li Batian, who has the protection of spiritual warfare technology, has not been affected, but the terrible impact still makes him feel great pressure. Looking up into the air, a real giant hand popped out and ran straight to him.


Normally, in the face of such a slow attack, Li Batian had a hundred ways to escape, but at the moment he could not escape at all. The real giant hand seemed to contain everything, like the horror of the Buddha's Wuzhishan, which made him unable to escape from the scope of the giant hand's attack.


Seeing Li Batian is about to be grasped by this real giant hand, a black hole appears opposite, from which a hand full of scales emitting a strong breath of devouring is protruded, a real giant hand is grasped, the power of devouring is instantly activated, and the huge real giant hand shrinks rapidly with the naked eye visible speed.


"Wanton!" As the roar rang, the real giant hand shook violently to break free from the fetters of devouring, but unfortunately it could not do as he wished.


The other side is also very simple, instantly cut off the real giant hand, trying to get rid of the swallow full of scaly claws.


"Well, I'm afraid it's too late to retreat now." Li Batian, standing in his place, had a natural smile on his lips.


It was the second star that made it. In the process of devouring and absorbing the empress of the Devil's goddess, his strength has already broken through to the top of the goddess. For him, the goddess in front of him is the best tonic. Naturally, he will not let him go like this.


The second star breaks into space and disappears directly into space. Through the connection of spirit and soul, Li Batian knows that the second star has fallen to the place where the godly strong man is.


At the time of the second star body, Li Batian took out a drop of water of life and turned it into rain and dew, which sprinkled on the orcs. He made them recover instantly, led the orcs to hunt down the opposing tribes, and defeated several empires together with the forces formed by the Holy See.


The whole army of the people was almost completely destroyed. As for the saints who left with Caesar and others, few survived, and lost the existence of the saints and legendary powerful, they had no chance to win at all.


Since then, in many people's eyes, the orcs have little chance of winning the battle, so the end, the results beyond all imagination, the orcs not only win, but also unprecedented prosperity.


For a while, the whole magic continent was shocked, and the strength of the orcs was renewed. In addition to the horrible fighting power displayed by the orcs, it was Li Batian who shocked them, and the strength of the second star that finally came out.


One will kill the powerful Holy See who are both legendary, and the other will resist the attack of the powerful gods and even catch up with them.


The major powers are trying to find the battle ground between the second star body and the divine powers, but they will be disappointed after all.


Five days later, the headquarters of the Holy See in the depths of the sacred mountains was completely destroyed, and the battlefield was almost completely destroyed. By the time the major forces arrived, only a piece of ruins could be seen.


Five days later, the second star returned, bringing back the strong power of divine law, which was consumed and refined. Li Batian used this power of divine law to make a smooth breakthrough to the divine level in two years.


After Li Batian broke through the divine rank, he completely inspired the spiritual soul of the ancient star giant beast that was swallowed up at the beginning, and got the inheritance of the ancient star giant beast. His strength advanced by leaps and bounds, even surpassed the second star body for a time.


After ten years of practice, Li Batian realized a method of integration of the main body and the body. In the orc empire, he used this method to complete the final integration. He perfectly integrated the two sides'revision, which broke through the peak of the divine level and reached the real divine level, that is, the realm of the gods.


Breaking through the realm of God, he felt a call from the universe in the moment of breakthrough, and a more fantastic life is waiting for him to go.

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