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第三百章 神圣神像!

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In the whole Orc empire of Gong Dao, only the lion ancestor was a legendary strong man. Since being killed by Li Batian, the whole Orc empire could not resist the attack of a legendary strong man.


Finally, after some discussion, the orc empire's top powers agreed that this matter only consulted Li Batian, the God envoy, hoping that the God envoy could communicate with the God of beasts and lift the crisis of the orc empire.


Soon Li Batian, who was confined in a secret situation, got the news that the orc empire was in danger, which made his heart heavy.


Over the past five years, his strength has been greatly improved, and he has made a forceful breakthrough into the legendary realm, but there is still a big gap relative to the godly strong.


As for the second star body, Li Batian has gradually lost contact with the second star body since he was shut down in the magic space, which made him feel anxious for a long time. If he did not know that the second star body of Gongdao was still alive by the feeling of soul, he really thought that the second star body had disappeared inexplicably.


When Li Batian had a headache, the connection with the second star appeared again. What he didn't expect was that the strength of the second star had made a qualitative leap, and that kind of tough gesture made him afraid.


"God-class, this is absolutely God-class strength, what's the matter?" Li Batian was shocked and learned the details through the second star.


It took the second star a year to study the seal of the altar in the magic space, so that he discovered a great secret.


The altar seal is not only to seal the miracle of the underground devil tribe, weakening the strength of the underground devil tribe. There is also a real important role, that is, the altar seal can be used to refine the underground devil tribe, the underground devil tribe into their own, and then can break through their own ranks, to a higher level.


After half a year's study, the second star body had a deep understanding of the seal of the altar and found a way to control the seal of the altar.


According to the inference of the second star body, the owner of the seal of this altar originally wanted to refine the priestly power of the Devil tribe, but later did not know what the reason for the niche was. In the end, this plan was not implemented. So it's been delayed till now.


Despite finding a way to control the seal of the altar, the difficulties involved in the process are enormous.


With its super reasoning and computational ability, it is almost immune to the spiritual impact of the underground devils. This gives the second star absolute control over the seal of the altar. And it took three or four years. A little bit of the Devil's refinement and absorption.


After purifying the seal of the altar, the power of the underground devil's law after refining is returned to the purest power of the law. To the surprise of the second star, the power of this rule is chaotic and pure, and there is no need to worry about discord with the law of self-cultivation, so that he is completely immersed in the practice, and even to avoid being disturbed, temporarily severed the connection with Li Batian, in order to enhance his self-cultivation as strength.


In addition to absorbing and refining the power of the law, the second asteroid also got some information about the underground ruling devil, and some of his abilities, which could have been completed in just over a year. It took more than three years for the second asteroid to absorb them completely.


This strong underground devil is the emperor of the underground devil, named the emperor. He has the horrible God level. It is also the most powerful existence in the magic civilization. Unfortunately, he failed to control his desire and try to contaminate the ground, which led to the disaster of death.


Being defeated by the powerful gods such as animal gods and sealed in this space, Li Batian has experienced the decline of the Gongdao for many years, and has been extremely weak. Otherwise, even if there is an altar seal, it is almost impossible for Li Batian to refine and absorb it.


At the same time, the second star also got the most powerful talent of the emperor, and also the most powerful area of devouring the law of his practice. The reason why he could cultivate such horrible practices was that he relied on the strength of this area of devouring.


Unlike the general field of phagocytosis, he can trap the enemy through the field of phagocytosis, and then gradually consume the enemy, to enhance his practice.


As long as it is not the power of comprehending the law, even if it is not the same, it can also be transformed, and the altar seal has the same subtlety.


Even the second star speculated that the altar seal evolved from this field of devouration. The original emperor was to be swallowed up by the animal God using his own abilities, and the result was that the second star was completed in the niche, so that he inherited this ability perfectly.


Normally, the second star can not be perfectly inherited, but he himself has the ability of ancient star beasts to swallow, combined with the nurturing of the pure gods of the first generation, so that the ability to swallow has been greatly strengthened, just perfect integration with the emperor's field of swallowing, become more powerful.


Several great empire armies from outside attacked, and Caesar, commanded by Li Batian, led the army to meet the enemy. All the major races joined together. The magnificent army of the major Empires was no less magnificent than that of the major empires. Without the promotion of the supernatural powers in the rear, the major empires would only return to attack the Orc empire.


Several major empires jointly attacked the orc empire. Behind them were not only super-power like the Holy See, but even super-power of the gods.


Such a big event has aroused great concern of the magical continents, and there are many speculations about this war. Most people do not think much of the orc empire. Although there is an angel behind the orc empire, it can not be compared with a God after all.


The armies are stationed at intervals of more than a dozen miles, which is also the dividing line between the Terran and the Orc. As long as they are a few miles ahead, they are the territory of each other's races.


"Caesar, I advise your Orc Empire to surrender obediently. It is impossible for you to resist the joint offensive of our empires." Between the armies, more than a dozen saintly strongmen gathered together, gathering all the saintly strongmen of the Orcs and the powerful imperial niches. One of the saintly top strongmen shouted.


"Well, you're self-righteous, too. Our Orc empire is not easy to provoke. It's not necessarily a war that wins or loses." Caesar was a golden armor, emperor's majesty, a long blond hair flying like an angry golden lion.


"Big Brother, what do you say to these orcs? Just start to wipe them out. Then the whole Orc empire will be our slaves."


"Yes, there's no need to talk nonsense to them. Since they're stubborn, there's no need for us to give them another chance."


Saintly powerful people in the presence of the people have said impatiently, several of the Holy Powers of the Holy See, who emit a strong sense of sacredness, but their eyes are full of cold.


"Well, you are too self-righteous to fight. My orcs have never been afraid." Caesar the Great cried out in a cold voice, and the saintly strongmen headed by him burst out their own murderous breath, and the breath of terror spread, pressing down on the saintly strongmen of the opposite race.


The momentum condensed to its apex, and both sides rushed to the other side by coincidence. With the roar of explosion, a group of saintly strong men rushed into the air.


The holy battle destroys the land. If the battle on the ground not only damages the land of the mainland, but also easily affects the soldiers of both nationalities, the battle ground will be placed in the air, and the army of the two nationalities on the ground will almost begin to attack at the same time. The army of the Terran and the army of the Orc will soon meet each other.


Before the two sides had contacted, the magicians of the Terran race displayed their magic in succession. The roaring magic rushed to the orc army like a tide, and the orc army that had fought with them for many years showed no weakness. The various ethnic groups displayed their own natural abilities one after another, especially the Tauren nationality showed extraordinary fighting power.


The Terrans do not know the changes of the Gongdao Taurus. The magicians are just on guard against the trampling of the Taurus. As a result, the gifted abilities of the Taurus have changed dramatically, such as the trampling of the blood hoofs of the blood hoofs, which changed the way they attacked before. Instead, they condense a huge red iron hoofs to the people. The national army stepped on, showing the destructive power of terror, caught the National Army by surprise.


Apart from the tauren, the bears and lions, tigers and other ethnic groups have shown great talent, which is different from the past, and the fighting forces of the ethnic groups are instantly chaotic.


Among them, the humble fox ethnic group quietly implements the spiritual warfare skills, directly takes the rear troop of Terran magicians, instantly lets hundreds of Terran magicians suffer heavy damage, for a time magic can not keep up, causing great pressure in the front row, the battle has just begun to suffer unprecedented pressure on the Terran army.


The army of people who had fought against the orcs countless times was completely stunned by the fighting power displayed by the orcs, and quickly collapsed as soon as they came into contact with each other.


The misestimation of the Orc army's combat effectiveness led to the defeat of the Orc army, while the Orc army on the other side was like a roaring ancient beast, showing its fierce teeth, so that the Orc army could only passively defend, but still could not resist the horror of the Orc army's combat effectiveness.


Watching the people's army is about to have the trend of the whole army's annihilation, a bright holy light flies from a distance, the shape has not yet arrived, the surrounding environment has undergone tremendous changes, a holy image appeared in mid-air, emitting unlimited light and holy.


The Orc Army, facing the holy gods in the air, had a ripple in their hearts. The gods in front of their trance seemed to have turned into animal gods. There was fanatical worship in their eyes, and they stopped one after another, looking at the huge holy gods and losing themselves completely. (To be continued...

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