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第五十二章 求救!

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When Li Batian was depressed, there was a bubbles in his ear.


Looking around, a series of bubbles appeared in the pool, from which came an indecent GUI head.


After seeing Li Batian, the GUI head just emerged and immediately retracted into the water, accompanied by a burst of bubbles re-submerged to the bottom of the water.


Some of them shook their heads in a funny way. Li Batian was not so interested in the giant turtle. He was also getting used to the existence of such an obscene neighbor.


After eating an ape breakfast, Li Batian continued his practice.


The improvement of Qi and blood like a flood of realms requires a little accumulation, so he doesn't want to miss any time.


At noon, Li Batian, who was practicing on the soft tiger skin, raised his head violently. A little cold light was shining in the pupils of a pair of animals, and his figure flew out like a winding dragon.


Standing outside the cave, Li Batian stared at the mouth of the valley, and in his sight came in from the outside of the valley with magnificent figures.


"The black bears are here for revenge."


After a glance at him, the black bear king with a scar on his face, Li Batian's eyes suddenly cooled down.


At first, he had let the Black Bear King live, but now this fellow even dared to lead the black bears to find here, it is simply the longevity star who is always eating arsenic and is impatient with life.


At the time of Li Batian's murder rising, the fierce Black Bear King did something that shocked him greatly.




With a few short roars, the Black Bear King crawled in front of him and assumed a submissive attitude.


"Master, this black bear wants to return to his master!" The evolutionary CP9 machine sounded in my mind.


"Come back to me!" Li Batian was somewhat shocked.


Before seeing the Black Bear King coming with more than a dozen monsters and black bears, he thought it was for revenge.


After a little thought, Li Batian also understood.


The law of respecting the strong in the Shijie of mammals is invariable. With his overwhelming deterrence and his merciful benevolence, the choice of Black Bear King can be said to be justified.


However, since the life and death of the Wild Dog King is unknown, Li Batian has not been so enthusiastic about taking in his younger brother. In the face of the obedience of the Black Bear King, he finally shook his head.


He now has no spare mind to manage a group, just want to quickly enhance his practice, find the little snow tiger who does not know where and the wild dog king whose life and death are unknown.


He yelled at the Black Bear King, waved his hands and paws, and Li Batian turned back to the cave.


Upgraded to the level of Black Bear King, his intelligence is very good. Black Bear King seems to understand Li Batian's decision. After waiting outside the cave for half an hour, he left the valley with more than a dozen black bears in disappointment.


Looking at the black bears leaving, Li Batian's mind suddenly emerged with an inexplicable light loss.


"What's the matter? When am I so sentimental? Now that I have decided, I can't regret it." Put aside the lost mood, Li Batian scolded himself with a bitter smile, and diverted his attention to continue to practice.


As time went by, he was practicing in a dull way.


To be a strong man, one must have the patience to withstand this loneliness.


Like those who lived in seclusion in the mountains and forests in ancient times, many of them worked alone in the old mountains and forests, enduring the loneliness and loneliness that ordinary people can not understand, and repeating almost the same monotonous life every day.


The so-called ten years of sharpening a sword, want to let oneself become sharp, strong, and have the ability to look down on others, then we need to have a hard-working character, and can tolerate loneliness and loneliness.


Four days have passed since the Black Bear King's visit. On this day, Li Batian, as always, practiced the opening palm of the Dragon elephant.


After these days of hard work and breakthroughs in cultivation, Longxiang Kaishanzhao has been trained to the top of the seventh floor, which is only one step away from the eighth floor.


Enhancing 70% of the palm power, with Li Batian's current physical strength and liliang, is already a terrible thing.


The attack of one hand is almost the same as that of two hands, which makes his whole liliang's implementation go beyond the extreme.


Dragon elephant Kaishanzhao's training is very monotonous, but Li Batian is not distracted, waving his bear's paw constantly.


At this moment, a bloody smell floated into his nose, Li Batian stopped waving his bear's paw, his nose shrugged, and his eyes showed a trace of doubt.


The dull footsteps sounded and a dark shadow of staggering appeared in the sight. As soon as I entered the valley, I could not hold up and fell to the ground.


Li Batian's pupils contracted a little, and he flew away from his position. In the blink of an eye, he rushed to the shadow.


Lying on the ground was a badly injured black bear, a monster familiar to Li Batian, who had been rescued from a giant ape before.


"What happened!"


Confused in his heart, Li Batian glanced at the waist of the black bear, a monster, and a torn wound was bleeding.


"roar and roar!"


The monster black bear struggled to raise his head, and a pair of weak pupils showed surprise and appeal, whispering a rapid roar.


Noticing that something was wrong, Li Batian asked in his mind, "CP9, what does it mean?"


"Return to the owner, it said that the black bear territory was invaded, the clan has been unable to resist, ask the owner you go to help rescue."


"Invaded!" Li Batian was somewhat surprised.


He still knows the strength of the Black Bear Territory. Dozens of black bears alone add up to a very strong fighting force, not to mention the existence of the Black Bear King.


With the strength of the Black Bear King, it is a hegemony in the depth of the Changbai Mountains. Even if there are other monsters and beasts invading, it will not be so miserable. We need to send a badly injured black bear to ask for support.


After thinking for a moment, Li Batian decided to go to the Black Bear Territory.


The badly injured monster Black Bear was moved to the cave. Li Batian used the dragon body swimming method to rush to the Black Bear territory as quickly as possible.


After all, he is a black bear of the same race. Besides, he feels very good about the black bear herd.


In addition, he wanted to fight monsters that could defeat the black bears. He had not experienced a close fight for a long time.


Shuttling through the mountains and forests, Li Batian gradually emerged with a soaring war.


When he thought of fighting a powerful opponent, his heart was full of excitement. For the so-called martial madman, martial arts is always the most important part of his life.


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