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第五十三章 震慑全场!

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Just when Li Batian rushed to the Black Bear Territory as fast as possible, the battle in the Black Bear Territory had reached its climax, and the fighting was extremely fierce.


The Black Bear King was bloody, and the only right eye was full of anger, staring at the two giant apes opposite him.


If Li Batian were here, he would surely recognize that the two apes are very similar to the tyrant ape he killed before. Even the strength of the two apes is almost the same. Even the two giant apes are stronger.


In addition to these two powerful savage apes, there are four relatively weak giant apes on the battlefield, and the rest is a flexible monkey with sharp claws.


Don't underestimate these monkeys, who are not up to the rank of monsters and beasts. Their sharp claws, together with their flexible body shape, have great restraint on the bulky and inflexible black bears. There are a total of forty or fifty monkeys, which help the four giant apes completely suppress the black bear herd.


Black bears are in absolute downwind as a whole, and casualties are inevitable.


Six or seven black bear corpses have been laid down on the ground, while four giant apes on the other side have only suffered some injuries and died of a large number of monkeys.


The casualties of the black bear herd made the king very angry, but in the face of two powerful giant apes, he himself was alone. Not to mention supporting the black bear herd, even he was in danger.


Faced with a giant ape alone, with the strength of the Black Bear King, he is not afraid, and even has a great chance of winning, but once faced with two giant apes that activate the tyrant ape gene, the Black Bear King is somewhat powerless.




Two tyrannous apes roared and punched themselves in the chest, chilling with ferocity.


The King of the Black Bear on the other side did not show any weakness in making a bear roar, but did not rush up.


Black Bear King has limited intelligence, but has rich combat experience and the instinct of a wild animal. Now it relies on the rock behind it and can avoid being attacked by enemies on its stomach and back. Once it rushes up, it will be more dangerous if it is attacked by two tyrant apes.


The Black Bear King dared not rush forward, but the two raging apes did not have such scruples. They roared and rushed directly to the Black Bear King. The raging gesture was like two tanks.




The roaring crash sounded, and the Black Bear King was forced to fight again with two tyrannous apes.


There is no trick or skill in the battle between the two sides. It is a battle between wild animals.


At first, the Black Bear King was able to maintain a certain degree of rationality, and then his inner beastliness broke out and he completely fought with two tyrannous apes.


Crazy beasts are terrible. Despite the fact that the Black Bear King is in the downwind, the two tyrannous apes opposite him have not been able to take advantage of them.


In a twinkling of an eye, the Black Bear King again had several deep bone wounds, and both of the tyrannosaurs were injured individually.


The characteristics of the raging apes are vividly displayed at this moment. The injured two raging apes become more violent and fierce, and their fighting capacity has also improved.


The Black Bear King, who had lost too much blood, was losing strength and was soon beaten under the pressure of two tyrannosaurs.




One of them waved his fist and smashed it on one side of the body of the Black Bear King. With the sound of bone fragmentation, the Black Bear King flew out, fell heavily on the ground and sank the ground.


Struggling for his figure, King Black Bear wobbled up from the pit and bled in his mouth and nose.


Standing there, his body was shaking and he had lost the ability to fight two tyrannosaurs.


Compared with the Black Bear King, the situation of other black bears is almost the same. Almost all adult black bears are painted. Only a dozen of them are still fighting.


On the other side, besides two tyrannical apes, the other four giant apes were full of rage, and their scarlet eyes were full of cruelty and cruelty. Dozens of other monkeys surrounded the rest of the black bear regiment, jumping up and down and screaming, grinning their teeth and grinning fiercely.


Despite the fact that animals are not as emotionally rich as humans, the black bears feel a sense of despair at the moment, and the air is filled with a bleak and sad atmosphere.




The Black Bear King roared up to heaven, pouring out a mouthful of blood in his mouth, but his whole body was breathing with determination and fury.


As the king of the black bear herd, he will fight to death even if he dies, instead of waiting to die.


It seems to have been infected by the momentum of the Black Bear King. The desperate black bears roared up to heaven, the bloodshot pupils turned red, the diffuse desolation and sadness in the air turned to death.




Two raging apes grinned and made sharp calls, as if they were mocking the Black Bear King's powerlessness, beating their fists on their chest, and the scarlet beast's pupils were full of cruel sneers.


The muscles of the extremities swelled, and the ape, with its fierce and violent breath, was ready to give the Black Bear King a fatal blow.


Seeing the black bears are doomed, at a critical moment, a majestic roar of the bear suddenly sounded.




The sudden roar of the bear immediately attracted the attention of all the animals on the battlefield.


In sight, a winding dragon rushes to the battlefield at a speed of only a hundred meters away, but with blink of an eye, it has already rushed to the battlefield.


"Bang bang bang!"


The nearest giant ape thumped his chest, grinned his teeth and ran up, beating his fist at the winding dragon that rushed up.




The crisp sound of breaking sounded in the silent open space, and before the reaction of the beasts, they rushed towards the giant ape, which meandered dragons, and flew back like cannonballs with blood gushing.




The rock walls trembled and fragments of rubble splashed around, frightening the other beasts around them to give in.


The spattering rubble fell, and the smoke and dust dispersed, revealing the image of the giant ape being hit.


"roar and roar!"


Two tyrannous apes roared angrily. The whole body of the giant ape in sight was almost embedded in the rock wall. Blood mixed with splinters gushed out of the mouth and could not die any more.


For a time, there was a riot of beasts in the whole clearing, and three giant apes and dozens of monkeys, all of them came to the two tyrannous apes in fright, grinning their teeth and looking at the murderer in the clearing.


In their eyes, is a not very strong figure, chest with a silver-white crescent pattern of black bear.


Compared with the Black Bear King, the black bear in front of us is even slim. However, the overbearing and terrifying breath emitted by the black bear makes the two strongest mob apes present dare not act rashly.


The Black Bear King and a bunch of black bears are more amazing than angry and fearful apes.


In spite of his wounds, the Black Bear King led a group of black bears and ran quickly behind the black bear who came to rescue him. There was a loud and exciting roar in his mouth.

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