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第五十五章 一边倒的杀戮!

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The giant ape roared with fear and became more violent under the threat of death. He roared and waved his fist in an attempt to resist Li Batian's attack.


"Seek death! “


With a sneer, Li Batian waved his sharp claws and filled them with internal gas. The huge claws rose one point again, and the sharp edges of the claws emitted a compelling edge.


"The dragon elephant opens the palm of the hill!"


"roar!" The giant ape roared with a scream and threw out its waving arms spraying blood.


Before the giant ape could recover from the severe pain, Li Batian's figure had rushed up like a bulldozer and hit a standard bear directly against the severely damaged giant ape.




With a dull crash, the giant ape blew and flew out into the distant woods.


The only giant ape left is now completely free from the violence and fury of the giant ape, fleeing to a distance in fear, just to get away from the devil Li Batian.


Two tyrannous apes in the rear caught up in anger, trying to prevent Li Batian from pursuing a giant ape in Zuihou.


"Ha-ha, can you escape!" A fierce smile appeared on Li Batian's lips. He did not give up hunting because of two tyrannous apes.


Bright silver-white light burst out from him, instantly transformed into a silver-white sphere, and shot out from the ground at a faster speed than the dragon-body method. It was like a projectile fired, like a rainbow rushing towards a runaway Zuihou giant ape.


A moment ago, the two sides were still tens of meters away, and the Kungfu in the blink of an eye was close.


"roar!" A giant ape, Zuihou, fleeing, screamed in horror at the mouth and was completely shrouded in a burst of silver light.


The strength of the Moon Bear's impact is far from comparable to that of the Bear's impact. While the Moon Bear's impact is covered by the silver-white light, the giant ape's shape turns into a flowing light.


There was a loud crash in the distant woods, and several trees were broken.


It wasn't until a giant ape in Zuihou was bombarded that two tyrannous apes came. Unfortunately, it didn't help.


The black bears in the distance all looked at Li Batian with worship and awe.


Strength is everything to beasts. Li Batian's terrible power makes them awe God from the heart.


Compared with the black bears, the remaining monkeys on the giant ape side are frightened.


The monkeys themselves belong to the type of bullying, bullying and fearing hardness. Seeing that three giant apes were killed like this, the remaining monkeys screamed uneasily and hid far away from the edge of the forest.


If it hadn't been for two more tyrannous apes, the monkeys would have all fled.


"Next you two!"


Faced with two tyrannical apes, Li Batian's eyes are killing, and his internal air is rolling and surging with blood and gas in his body.


"roar and roar!"


Dragon singing and roaring sounded out of the sky, and a breath of terror spread over Li Batian, like a dragon.


In an instant, both the black bears and the two giant apes opposite felt a thrill.


As if there were a winding dragon and an elephant looking down at themselves, there was an irrepressible fear in their hearts.


The two fierce apes, with their hairs standing up and their teeth grinning, were frightened. They felt the fatal danger from Li Batian.




Two raging apes roared and darted out.


To Li Batian's astonishment, the two guys did not want to launch an attack, but turned and fled to the distant woods.


The monkeys, who had no fighting spirit, fled into the woods like a swarm of bees for the first time. With their flexible stature, several ups and downs disappeared in the mountains and forests.


"Well, it's not that easy to run."


In retrospect, Li Batian gave a sneer and turned his figure into a full moon again, heading straight for one of the tyrant apes.


In the blink of an eye, they rushed into the woods one by one.


Li Batian, incarnated as the full moon, ran rampant. No matter what obstacles he passed, he was smashed and soon caught up with the escaping raging ape.




Howling in horror, the tyrant ape jumped up with great vigour, but the robust figure showed the flexibility of the ape in the woods. It climbed quickly to a big tree and jumped and fled through branches and trunks of trees at a height of more than ten meters.


Li Batian didn't realize that the huge tyrant ape had such a flexible side, but it did not hinder his pursuit.


The inflated figure is like a deflated balloon, which returns to a relatively thin state in the blink of an eye.


On display, Li Batian incarnates as a winding dragon, traveling fast through the woods at a speed far faster than that of a tyrant ape jumping on the trees.




The captured tyrant ape, flexibly changing the direction of escape, fleeing to the other side, emitted a provocative roar in its mouth, as if laughing at Li Batian's pursuit on the ground, could not hurt it at all.


Faced with the mockery of the tyrant ape, Li Batian continued to chase calmly, looking at the escaping giant ape, and judged its next jump position. He took the lead like a dragon to come under the tree, waving the bear's claws which emitted a compelling razor.




Just as the trunk of a big tree, which had just leaped, had not yet fully stabilized its shape, a crisp crack sounded.


Then there was a violent tremor, and the tree fell powerlessly toward the side.


The tyrant ape roared, jumping on other trees before it could, and fell to the ground with the fall of the tree.


"Moon Bear Shock!"


Li Batian, who was waiting below, had a cruel murder in his mouth, and his whole body surged into a full moon.




With the thunder of the impact, a dark shadow flew out of the dense woods and into the air tens of meters above the ground, which was under the influence of gravity, falling towards the ground at a faster speed.


Dark shadows pass through dense branches and leaves, in close contact with the solid ground, trembling around trees with tremendous impact.


"Howl!" The thunder ape in the depression made a terrified and shrill roar in its mouth, blood poured out from its mouth, and struggled to climb out of the depression. However, Li Batian did not intend to give it this opportunity.


Blood sprayed, the head of the tyrant ape flew out, and the pupils of a pair of animals were filled with fear and unwillingness.


Next to Li Batian, his eyes were cold and there was no mood fluctuation.


The kindness to the enemy means cruelty to himself. He who knows this truth well will never be soft-handed in the face of the enemy.


(For the second, Zuihou will make up three chapters in the evening, the one that was not updated yesterday!)

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