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第一百八十二章 新的地球联盟!

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"master, the ancient star giant beast is a treasure of all flesh, and its essence is flesh and blood. I can melt it into my master's body and enhance the blood gene of his master's body. Other remaining flesh and blood can be distributed to the mutant animals that are under his master's hands, devouring the flesh and blood of the ancient stars, and will greatly help them in the future. The rest of the skeleton and other debris can be put into the biological space and decomposed to enhance the biological space.


"Well, that's it!" Li Batian nodded and looked at the still bleeding corpse. His heart ached secretly. The lunar pattern in front of his chest gushed out the cold and frozen the corpse of the ancient stars and beasts in the blink of an eye.


Just a simple freeze, for the present Li Batian, but still a great burden, breathing for a long time before it restored some physical strength.


Two mutant sea monsters lurking on the bottom of the ocean are not without their backs when they come to deal with the ancient stars and monsters. Two mutant sea monsters are the best means of preparation.


Whether it is used to escape after breaking off, or to give the ancient star giant a lethal blow at a critical moment, it was conceived by Li Batian before, but did not expect the battle to be relatively smooth, these two long latent mutant sea monsters instead hit soy sauce.


After the evolution of the blood gene, the strength of the two mutant sea monsters has been greatly improved again, emerging from the sea floor like two horrible beasts.


With the help of two sea monsters, it is easy to pull the corpse of the ancient stars to the bottom of the sea. Li Batian also crawls on the corpse of the ancient stars, restoring his body calmly.


Spiritually, instead of being damaged, he has greatly improved. Physically, they suffered a lot.


In a deep-sea cave deep in the sea, Li Batian crawled in it and restored to quiet practice. His blood and gas surged in his body, repairing his wounds like a tide.


The internal Qi of dragon elephant has been raised to the state of endless Qi and blood. The internal Qi of dragon elephant and blood in Li Batian can almost be said to be in a state of continuous circulation. Although the injury was serious before, the recovery rate is abnormal, which is also a great advantage of ancient warriors.


"Hoo hoo!" Opening his mouth and spitting out his turbid breath, Li Batian opened his eyes in practice, and his eyes had lost their previous weakness. Spiritual exudes brilliance.


After several days of recovery. The injuries have been basically nothing serious. Li Batian glanced at the corpse of the frozen ancient star beast next to him. Suddenly, he was curious about what the Earth Alliance was like at the moment.


Chu Tiger was contacted by the slight movement of mind, through which he learned something about the Earth Alliance. Li Batian's face was slightly cloudy and uncertain.


Ancient star beasts were killed. The mutant monsters that evolved in the ocean did not disappear. The Earth Alliance headquarters base was bombed by atomic bombs, and the lost leader of the Earth Alliance plunged into unprecedented chaos, some powerful and ambitious people. Start trying to be independent of your own kingdom.


Originally suffered heavy losses, we should always mention that the Earth Alliance, which is attacked by sea mutation monsters and beasts, has become more chaotic. If we continue to develop in this way, under the combined effect of internal and external troubles, human beings will be headed for extinction.


By virtue of its position and influence, Chuhu has also formed a power niche of its own, which integrates 80% of the ancient warriors and is a relatively strong one among all the power niches.


Although Li Batian had no regrets for his decision, after all, this situation of the Earth Alliance was caused by him.


Whatever the idea, he did not want mankind to go to extinction, and rather than let mankind develop on its own, it would be better to grasp the Earth Alliance in its own hands. Now the situation is an opportunity, an opportunity to take advantage of Chuhu to grasp the whole Earth Alliance.


Of course, Li Batian did not want to control the idea of all mankind, for him, his own road to the strong is what he wanted, but to be able to grasp the Earth Alliance in his own hands, will save a lot of trouble.


After thinking about it, Li Batian let Chu Tiger try to unify the whole earth alliance. In other aspects, he couldn't help, but in force, it was enough to make Chu Tiger's niche force rise again.


Li Batian summoned three Python kings from the Amazon rainforest to the islands occupied by Chu Tiger's powerful niches. He strengthened some of the hearts and minds of Chu Tiger by using instruments obtained from different spaces. Chu Tiger himself was given special care, and his strength was greatly improved in a short time.


More than a dozen masters of ancient martial arts in the realm of vigor and blood were created for the Chu tiger by means of instruments, and three King pythons were added to the ranks of the Chu tiger, which made the strength of the Chu tiger's niches suddenly increase.


When Gong Dao first formed the Earth Alliance, the senior members of the alliance were afraid to die. The remaining unconventionality and powerful weapons were almost all concentrated in the base. With the explosion of the base, those things naturally disappeared.


Nowadays, there are not many powerful weapons in the hands of the major forces. Instead, they have entered an era similar to the confluence of cold weapons and hot weapons. The strength of ancient warriors is reflected again, especially the three Python kings, which show desperate strength.


With the support of Li Batian, Chu Hu boldly let go of his hands and feet, and quickly wiped out several other forces with the force of thunder. It was too late for other forces to react.


Growing up Chu tiger force Gong invincible, and according to Li Batian's request, is still compiled according to the principle of equality of all people, in this world of humble life, so that many desperate people once again suffered the hope of life.


Under the gathering of force and people's hearts, Chu Tiger's power niches expanded at an alarming speed. Some small power niches even surrendered directly. Within a month, the scattered Earth Alliance was re-organized. All the forces that tried to resist were bloody washed out and the prestige of Chu Tiger was fully displayed.


Just as Chu Tiger worked hard to consolidate the Earth Alliance, busy every day for various things, and successfully ruled the whole earth, Li Batian was not idle, helping Chu Tiger to solve some powerful leaders of sea monsters and beasts.


There are many powerful sea monsters in the ocean itself, and with the help of ancient stars and giant beasts, three of them are comparable in strength to the original five serpents.


If it was not for Li Batian to help Chu Hu solve it, once the mutant monsters and beasts in the ocean develop and destroy the declining power of the Earth alliance, it would not be difficult.


"I've already done what I have to do, and then it's up to you." Looking at the newly established Earth Alliance City, Li Batian's eyes flashed a touch of complex emotions.


Having gone through so many things, his feelings of resentment and hatred with human beings have come to a successful conclusion at this moment. (To be continued...


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