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第一百八十六章 三头地狱犬!

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In magic civilization, the first, second and third levels are apprenticeships, the fourth, fifth and sixth levels are magicians, the seventh level are great magicians, the eighth level are magic instructors, the Ninth level are saints, the tenth level are legendary strong, and the eleventh level is the so-called divine level. In magic civilization, the divine strong can cross the universe, and they are the top strong in the universe, and their terror level can be lighter. Easy to destroy an asteroid.


It is such a terrible god-class strong, but now have become a grave, which is buried in some of the world's top god-class strong.


"How can it be possible, what kind of battle has happened, that so many godly powerful people have died?" After a while, Li Ba's genius came to his senses and a big question mark rose in his mind.


Now his strength is very good, if compared to the magic civilization level, he is at most equivalent to the level of seven magicians, fighting ability can reach the level of eight magicians, and relative to the God class, he is just like a vulnerable ant.


Looking at the graves of the powerful gods in front of us, Li Batian could not imagine how so many powerful gods died and were buried here.


"Was the owner of the winged tribe strong before a godly one, or was his master buried here?" In his mind, Li Batian felt that his guess was quite correct.


First of all, the strength of the winged tribe is very strong. It is a powerful existence of legendary level. Only the godly level is the one who can accept him.


Walking between graves, after the initial shock, Li Batian gradually adapted to it. The grave in front of him was very tall. But there was no pressure or strong breath, which had no effect on him.


"Master, these graves should also have the function of suppressing the breath of the god-class strong. After all, burying so many god-class strong people can not bear the pressure of breath alone."


"So it is!" Li Batian nodded knowingly and looked at the huge sacred tomb with a secret awe in his heart.


Originally, he wanted to learn from the grave robbers on the earth, to see if there were any good things in the tombs of these godly powers, and now he has heard the words of ice crystals. Let him wake up suddenly. Even if the other party is dead, after all, he was a god of terror. For him now, breath pressure alone is enough to make him dead without burial place.


Walk along. Li Batian began to find a serious problem. That is, he found himself unable to get out of the cemetery made up of graves. There is no exit or method to leave here at all, as if entering a labyrinth.


And in the cemetery of the gods, they can't fly at all. You can only walk on the ground.


"Damn it, don't you want to be trapped here?" Li Batian was anxious. Just now, he wanted to let the ice crystal scan explore. The original Bai-test lark search failed to work here. With the ability of ice crystal, he could not find out the flaws in the cemetery of the gods.


Staring at the huge tombs of gods, Li Batian's heart moved slightly, and his eyes fixed on the huge tomb with a height of 100 meters.


He hesitated for a moment when he came to the tomb of the gods, but he still took steps to climb to the top of the huge tomb in front of him, in order to observe the whole Tomb of the gods and find a way out of it.


Almost at the moment when he was walking on the grave, a strong wave burst out, and the sudden wave frightened Li Batian. Fortunately, the wave was not used to attack.


Hurriedly retracted, Li Batian had not recovered from the shock of fluctuation, and a breath of terror suddenly erupted from a distance.


Turning his head to the distant sky, a huge black shadow rose in his sight, and the speed was flying to him.


"Dead!" Feeling the coming breath, Li Batian's will power also lost all fighting spirit in a moment. The ferocious, bloodthirsty and violent breath made him feel like he was in purgatory, and his death was only one step away.


"Boom!" There was a dull crash on the ground, and the evil black air flowed, revealing a terrible figure.


"The legendary hell dog!" In Li Batian's mind, there was a cry of ice crystal, with a strong sense of awe in his tone.


"Legendary!" Hearing the unexpected voice, Li Batian was stunned. The huge dog with three heads in front of him felt very strong to him, but he did not expect to be a legendary strong man.


If the other party is a holy class, with his current strength, perhaps there is a slight hope of escape, but now there is absolutely no possibility of a lifetime.


Faced with desperation, Li Batian calmed down. He was afraid or brave enough to face death, so there was nothing to fear.


Bearing the mountain-like pressure, Li Batian gazed at his three-headed hell dog with an unyielding look.


"Well, interesting boy." Hell's three-headed dog also seems to be somewhat surprised by Li Batian's behavior, ferocious eyes reveal a touch of interesting color, the middle of the head of the rumble said.


Li Batian, who was already ready for death, looked up at the three hell dogs talking in dismay. He just felt the crazy and cruel atmosphere of the three hell dogs. He thought that this guy had no wisdom, but he didn't think that he could speak.


"What kind of eyes do you have, stinky boy? Does Adult Ben surprise you when he speaks?" The head on the left of Hell's three-headed dog stared at Li Batian with cold eyes. He shouted angrily and his voice was shrill and cold, giving people a kind of ruthless cruelty.


"Well, don't be so angry. Didn't you two feel it? This little fellow seems to have the smell of our dog family. It seems that the grade is not too low." On the right side of his head, Hell's three-headed dog looks at Li Batian in a low and wise voice, just like an old man full of wisdom.


The three heads of Hell's three dogs make Li Batian a little messy. These three heads are just like three different creatures, but they all grow on one body.


"Master, the hell dog is a creature of the underworld, born with three heads, three heads have their own thoughts, the strength of exceptionally strong, known as the hell's gatekeeper, adults have the peak of the holy realm amended, but because of the relationship between the three heads, the hell dog's strength can be upgraded to legend at most. Realm, from ancient times till now, almost no hell three-headed dog can advance to the divine level, like the nine-headed serpent, whose strength can only be promoted to the Holy level. The number of heads makes them the top strength in the same level, but it is also a major limitation of them. It will be extremely difficult to break through.


After listening to the story of ice crystal, Li Batian knew that if it were not for the restriction of three heads, the three hell dogs in front of him would probably have been superpowers of the gods.


"Well, you don't say I haven't really sensed it yet. This kid really has a canine flavor on him. He feels familiar with it, but he just can't remember what is in the niche." The left side of the head has some manic-depressive annoyance, eyes like two sharp swords, as if to dissect Li Batian.


"Boy, what would you do for the niche in the graveyard of the gods, and what would you do for the niche in my dog family? If you are satisfied with the answer, I can decide to spare your life." The head in the middle of the three Hellhounds gazed at Li Batiandao.


Feeling the terror and oppression emanating from the three Hell Dogs, Li Batian grinned bitterly. Although the three Hell Dogs in front of him gave people a kind of madness and seemed to be very abnormal, now he can only obey the orders of others, otherwise he would be different from the earth as soon as he left.


Simply tell me about his visit to the cemetery of the gods. Of course, he did not elaborate on some of these things, but just described the general process.


"It turns out that the transmission magic array you mentioned should be related to some god here." The three Hellhounds nodded and brushed together, saying in a tacit way.


"Tell me now, boy, what does our dog smell like in your niche, and it seems to be very close to my noble three Hellhounds." The head on the left of the three Hellhounds looked cold and fierce.


Hearing the inquiry from the left side of his head, the other two heads also came to his interest. His eyes were locked on Li Batian, which made him feel a great mental pressure.


"Dog's breath, what dog's breath!" Faced with the inquiries of three Hellhounds, Li Batian was somewhat muddled and did not know for a moment how to answer Gong Dao's question.


"Master, the three Hellhounds may be talking about the breath of the Undead Dog."


"Yes, only the King of the Wild Dog has a canine flavor." After the ice crystal reminder, Li Batian suddenly realized.


Looking up at the ferocious looking three hell dogs, Li Batian did not immediately open his mouth. He did not know why the three hell dogs asked the King of Wild Dog. Once the King of Wild Dog was summoned, the result was beyond his control.


"Master, if we can leave alive or not, we must depend on the Undead Dog, believing that the three Hellhounds will not hurt it." The ice crystals that merge with Li Batian can detect Li Batian's hesitation and self-confidence.


Out of his trust in ice crystals, Li Batian hesitated for a moment and summoned the Wild Dog King.


Compared with the previous opening of biological space, we have to make a lot of battles. In the face of biological space, we have devoured the bones of ancient stars and giant beasts, and improved Li Batian's spiritual strength. It is no longer so arduous. It looks like summoning beasts.


Suddenly from the biological space, the sleeping wild dog king suddenly woke up and saw Li Batian in front of him. He wanted to be happy and coquettish, but immediately sensed the breath from three hell dogs. (To be continued...

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