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第一百八十四章 离开地球的方法!

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The remaining bones of the ancient stars and giant beasts are put into the biological space according to the original idea, so that the biological space can be decomposed and absorbed.


After dealing with the bones of ancient stars giant beasts, the ice crystals are slightly regrettable. If it is an adult ancient stars giant beast, a crystal will condense in the body. The value of the crystal is tens of times the value of its body.


Li Batian has no regrets about this. He should be satisfied with his life. If he is a real adult star beast, let alone trying to kill him, it is estimated that a sneeze can destroy the whole earth.


After doing all these things, Li Batian suddenly felt idle.


Through these things, we have long known that those who deserve to be punished have been punished, and that what should be done has been done.


"Ice Crystal, what do you say is the way to leave the earth and go to the Unknown Universe to see what you call the four civilizations?" On the top of a mountain, overlooking the environment below, Li Batian spoke to himself in a low voice.


In the twinkling of light and shadow, a beautiful and moving figure appeared beside Li Batian, who looked at Li Batian in a trance with a beautiful eye. His lips lightly opened and said, "Master, your strength can't cross the universe yet. If you want to leave this galaxy, there are only three possible ways to achieve it."


"What three ways!" Li Batian, who did not hold much hope, was shocked by the spirit of Wen Yan.


"The first way is to cultivate the master to the extent that he can cross the universe."


Li Batian turned his eyes to the earth's environment. If you want to practice to that extent, you have to wait until the age of the monkey and the month of the horse. It is estimated that even if you wait until he dies of old age, you will still be one hundred and eighty thousand miles away from crossing the universe.


"The second way." Directly ignoring the first method, Li Batian continued to ask.


"The second way is to build a spaceship that can cross the universe, preferably at a speed that reaches the level of entering the dark universe."


Li Batian, who had hoped for the second way, almost spit out his old blood. Now he is not the original white man, and has some knowledge of the dark universe.


Want to go into the relatively dark universe. At least break through the speed of light. With today's Earth Science and technology, it is estimated that it will be difficult to achieve that level for thousands of years to develop. What's more, the earth is not in the period of high-tech development before, and has entered the era of ancient Wushu civilization.


It seems to see Li Batian's depression. Ice crystal perfect face. Show a fascinating smile for men.


"The third way. It's also the most possible way for the owner to find a wormhole directly to the center of the universe, or some other way.


"Wormholes or other passages directly to the center of the universe." Li Batian repeated in surprise. He shook his head somewhat disappointed.


"I don't think these three approaches are very good. How can wormholes leading to the center of the universe possibly appear on the earth? As for other channels, there is no way to start."


"Master, since the winged race has built a different space, maybe we can find some breakthroughs from him." The ice crystal was silent for a moment and nodded.


"Yes, if you don't say I've forgotten, I still have a part of the memory crystal left behind by the winged people. Li Batian patted his head, took out the memory crystal in an impatient moment, and poured powerful spirit into the memory crystal to watch the remaining part of the memory content at a much faster digestion speed than before.


Next to the ice crystal is also a little nervous watching, not to mention that she seems to speak with a slight joke, as once soaring in the universe of biological machine armor, her desire for the universe is not weaker than Li Batian.


Spiritual boom, whether it is to read the memory in the memory crystal, or digest and understand the speed has been greatly improved, the original need for a long time to read the memory, Li Batian only spent half a day, once again opened his eyes.


"Great, we have a way to leave the earth." Li Batian, who was full of joy, glanced at the ice crystal beside him and smiled happily at the corners of his mouth.


"Master, did the winged man leave the way to leave the earth?"


"Yes, I didn't expect that the winged man still had a back hand, which was a big help to us." Nodded, Li Batian was in a good mood and put away the memory crystal.


At that time, the strong wing people were ordered to come to the earth. When they came, they were the masters of the strong wing people, who spared no effort to open the space channel.


Even if the winged masters are powerful, they can not be continuously implemented, and this space channel is very unstable. When they came to the earth, the winged masters set up a magic transmission array on the magic land and brought the space marker to the earth.


In this way, we can mark the magic transmission array of the magic continent as a contact point on the earth, and build a magic transmission array of each other.


Of course, the establishment of this magic array is far from being comparable to the general transmission magic array. After all, the distance between the earth and the so-called magic continent is absolutely terrible, and what it needs to consume is of great value.


The construction of magic transmission array needs stable space. The base of magic array can not be built in different space at all. After arriving on the earth, the winged people built magic transmission array on the earth in the first time.


It was this time that the legend of angels appeared on the earth.


Unfortunately, the winged man built the transmission magic array and died suddenly soon after he returned to the alien space. All his previous deployments were in vain. Instead, Li Batian, who wanted to leave the earth, was cheaper.


After a short period of joy, Li Batian's heart became nervous again.


It has been nearly a thousand years since the Magic Array was built by the strong winged people. The crustal movement in the vicissitudes of the sea is likely that the Magic Array has ceased to exist.


At the thought of this possibility, Li Batian could not sit down at once. With the wave of the broken wings, he rushed straight up to the sky like silver light and rushed at full speed towards the magic battle position that the Winged Terrans had built.


In the crystal of memory, there is a place where the original magic battle was built. Li Batian followed the sign all the way. Even he did not know where the destination of the niche would be. After all, thousands of years went by, and who knows where the magic battle was transmitted by the niche.


Soon Li Batian entered the North Atlantic, and a remote archipelago appeared in his sight.


Originally should be very prosperous islands, there is no trace of human beings, here is completely occupied by marine mutant monsters.


"This is Bermuda!" Looking at it carefully, Li Batian was surprised that he had come here looking for the magic transmission array.


Bermuda is a mysterious and bizarre place. Legend has it that many ships have disappeared for no reason from ancient times to the present. The whole process is in a flash. Even the present niches can not find the wrecks of the disappeared ships, as if they were swallowed up by the great beasts in the sea.


Scanning around, Li Batian, an upside-down onion, fell from the sky and rushed into the sea.


Like a sharp arrow, Li Batian rushed straight to the bottom of the sea, and soon came to the bottom of this mysterious sea area. It was very different from the imagination that there were many underwater whirlpools, full of strange appearance. The sea floor was very calm, even quiet, which made people feel a little creepy.


According to the theory, after the banning of ancient stars and giant beasts, the whole ocean is full of mutant beasts. It is difficult to find any place where there is no trace of mutant beasts. In this sea area, not to mention mutant beasts, even a sea creature can not be seen.


"Ice Crystal, if you scan around, the Magic Transfer Array should be in this area." Looking around, Li Batian said in his mind.


"Yes, master!" Clear and pleasant voice sounded, ice crystal figure appeared on the side of Li Batian, a wave of scanning emanated from her body, quickly diffused in all directions.


"Congratulations, master, there is indeed a magic transmission array here, but this magic transmission array seems to have some problems." Ice crystals frown slightly.


"What's the problem? Can't this magic transmission array work?" Li Batian asked nervously.


For him, this may be the only chance to go to a wider space which is more suitable for practice, only relying on this magic transmission array.


Ice Crystal opened a pair of beautiful eyes, gently shook his head: "I have not found out the specific situation, but the transmission magic array has not been completely damaged."


After speaking, Ice Crystal closed her eyes again, and made full use of her scanning ability to carry out all-round scanning exploration, looking for the specific location and situation of the transmission magic array.


Nearly ten minutes passed, and Li Batian was there quietly waiting for the whole process. Anyway, he had time now, so he didn't need to rush at all.


"Buzz!" Suddenly there was a wave in the calm seabed, and the unexpected situation made Li Batian alert immediately.


"Master, get out of here quickly." Ice crystal opened her eyes fiercely, with a nervous look.


While the ice crystal spoke, a pair of sky-breaking wings behind Li Batian waved, and his body rushed upward like a sharp arrow to rush out of the water at the fastest speed.


Leaping into the mid-air, Li Batian looked down at the sea. There was a huge whirlpool in his sight, which covered an area of thousands of meters without warning. The huge whirlpool was like a beast's mouth, devouring everything on the sea.


Looking at the whirlpool in front of him, Li Batian's heart moved slightly, and his spiritual power surged out and plunged into the whirlpool in the sea below.


Through the spiritual exploration of the scene, let his face slightly changed, under the observation of spiritual force, originally seemingly natural whirlpool formed by nature, but there are a variety of strange magic runes, these magic runes are full of violent niches, as if to tear everything apart. (To be continued...


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