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第一百八十一章 融合!

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Ice Crystal hesitated for a moment and said with dignity, "Master, there is only one way to wipe out the spiritual soul of the ancient stars and beasts, but this method will have a certain risk, and once successful, it will be of great benefit to the master."


"Do it!" Li Batian did not hesitate at all and gave the order decisively.


He knows his present state very well. If he struggles with the hope of survival and goes on fighting, his spiritual soul will be swallowed up by the ancient stars and beasts sooner or later.


With the support of Li Batian, the ice crystal did not hesitate any more. It turned into a transparent light and shadow that flew into Li Batian's spiritual soul in the blink of an eye.


"This is!" Li Batian immediately felt a peculiar surge of strength when his ice crystal spiritual soul was attached to his own spiritual soul.


"roar!" He had not yet recovered his spirits, but the shriek of the ancient stars was loud and terrified, and then he saw that the ancient stars were instantly absorbed into his body.


"Master, now I want to refine the spirit of the ancient star beast. You must resist the impact of its consciousness, or we will both be destroyed."


"Know the niche way!" Li Batian awoke and nodded cautiously.


Almost as soon as he had finished speaking, a vicious consciousness came to his mind, roaring into an ancient star beast, showing ferocity and terror, and meteorites came down from the sky, as if to smash Li Batian into mud.


Although the Gongdao is false, it is the consciousness of the ancient stars. Li Batian still felt a strong sense of oppression, as if he was going to die out of consciousness at the next moment.


In ancient times, the consciousness of the stars and beasts constantly changed into various cruel shocks. Even Li Batian felt unthinkable pain. The intense pain made his consciousness tremble. With his tenacious will to survive, he kept a trace of clarity and did not completely sink into it.


Time passes by minute by minute, thousands of years passed, and it seems to be an instant. Li Batian, who is suffering from all kinds of hardships, is gradually unable to resist it. Consciousness is getting more and more dim. As if there was an invisible voice urging him to go to bed quickly, everything would be restored after falling asleep, and there was no need to bear such pain.


Looking at Li Batian will not be able to support, the mind will soon be broken by the ancient stars. A strong sense of comfort and strength. Suddenly, his mind surged. The whole person's spirit was shocked, and suddenly he was completely awake from his weakness and heavy burden.


"What's the matter, this strength niche is!" The moment I wake up. Li Batian was restrained by the strength niches that emerged from the depths of his spiritual soul. The endless stream of pure spiritual power surged up like a tide, nourishing his traumatized spiritual soul, and spiritual power grew in a straight line in a state of terror.


At first, Li Batian was very excited, but later he was even panicked. The state of rapid spiritual growth made him feel a little panicky and unrealistic.


I don't know how long Gong Dao has passed, but that spiritual surge is finally fading away.


Feeling his spiritual power which has increased several times, Li Batian still has a feeling in his dream. Besides the spiritual growth, he finds that there are some strange changes in his spiritual soul, but for a time he can not be sure.


In the twinkling of light, the ice crystal figure appeared beside her. Her beautiful face was weary, but her spiritual soul was stronger and more solid than before. Obviously, she also got a lot of benefits.


It seems to see Li Batian's doubts. Ice Crystal directly transmits these messages to Li Batian. For his current mental strength, these messages are simply not enough to cause a burden and will soon be completely digested.


By digesting the information transmitted by ice crystals, Li Batian knew Gong Dao. The ice crystals just used the ability of biological machine armor to refine the spirit body.


Biomecha is more complete and powerful than CP9. It can not only strengthen the blood gene, but also strengthen the spiritual power. But for Li Batian, it is too early to refine the spiritual power of other creatures, especially the spiritual soul of the ancient stars and beasts.


So this refining is taking a huge risk. If Li Batian's will power was not amazing and he resisted the impact of the spirit and body consciousness of the ancient stars and giant beasts, his fate with ice crystals would be very sad.


According to the Earth's statement, that is the so-called soul flying, never surpass life.


The final result is great joy. Ice crystals have successfully refined the spiritual soul of the ancient star beasts. Of course, this is also because the ancient star beasts are hard to repair, and the spiritual soul is also damaged, together with a series of coincidences such as congenital deficiencies and newborn.


"Ice Crystal, what you mean is that I now have the spiritual power of the ancient star beasts, and have the spiritual talent of the ancient star beasts." Knowing everything, Li Batian asked excitedly and differently.


"Yes, the ancient star beast is a cosmic beast. Apart from the strong physical body, the spirit also has a strong talent. It is reasonable that the master has inherited some of the spiritual talent of the ancient star beast.


"What's called by reason? Is there something wrong with it?" Acutely aware of the problems in the ice crystal words, Li Batian asked nervously.


I could see Li Batian's nervousness, a cold-faced ice crystal, and a light smile on his face: "Master, rest assured, there is no problem, but after all, the birth time of this ancient star beast is too short, he himself has not awakened spiritual talent, otherwise we both have only one way to die, according to normal conditions." In addition, the master should now inherit some of the gifts of the ancient stars, but it will be very difficult to awaken the spiritual gifts.


"So, if that's the case, there's nothing to worry about. I believe I'll awaken my spiritual talent sooner or later." Li Batian breathed a sigh of relief and smiled indifferently. The almost absolute self-confidence made the ice crystal admire it.


Removing the spirit of the ancient star beast, Li Batian retreated from the spiritual space, looking at the huge corpse that was dead and cocked up in front of him, and sighing in his heart.


When he started dealing with the ancient stars, even he did not think he would really succeed.


"Ice crystal, how to deal with the corpse of this ancient star beast."


Looking at the death in front of him, but still exuding a huge corpse of surging vitality, Li Batian did not know how to deal with Gong Dao. (To be continued...

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