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第一百二十八章 深海修炼!

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When he returned to the mansion, he was frightened by the death of the guard. He was sick for more than ten days. From then on, he always dreamed that the white tiger would come to revenge.


For this reason, he paid a heavy reward for some desperate or veterans to hunt down the White Tiger, and even invited some ancient martial artists, in order to understand the nightmare in his mind.


Several years later, although he could not hunt the white tiger, he gradually forgot, and with the protection of so many bodyguards, he also thought that he could rest easy.


However, when he really met White Tiger again, his deep fears erupted completely, and the images of his tragic death in his nightmares all came to mind clearly.


Staring at the Japanese wealthy people who are naked and obese, a pair of tigers in the white tiger's eyes reveal a scarlet color, and the whole body surges with a terrifying despair. The temperature in the room drops by more than a dozen degrees in an instant.


An irrepressible sense of fear flooded into the hearts of the wealthy Japanese. The sense of crisis of death stimulated his body's instinct. The whole person trembled, but a dash of madness appeared on his face.


"Damn the tiger, die for me."


The rich Japanese shouted, pulled the trigger fiercely, and loud gunfire rang out in the room.


The wildly shot wealthy Japanese nation, the eyes of a fierce dark, a full of deterrence of the head of a fierce tiger appeared in front of him, the frightening spirit like the tide shrouded him, as if drowned in the river, strong sense of oppression and fright let the wealthy Japanese nation gasp for breath.


"Uh-uh-uh!" With a few breaths, the wealthy Japanese convulsed all over. Falling to the ground with fear, his face was so blue that he lost his life.


Before the white tiger started, the rich people of Japan were scared and suffocated. Such a situation not only made the white tiger somewhat unconscious, but even Li Batian did not think of it.


Shaking his head, Li Batian patted the white tiger's head and jumped out along the window.


The white tiger glanced at the dead rich people of Japan and rushed out. The two figures, black and white, disappeared in the distant night.


The death of the Japanese rich and bodyguards was investigated for a period of time. Characterized as murder by the relevant authorities. In order to appease the pressure of public opinion, the murderer was found several scapegoats by the relevant departments. As for the real beasts Baihu and Li Batian, they left Japan with impunity.


White tigers do not have the ability to dive in the sea. Even with the help of Li Batian and Tortoise. There are also limits to wanting to move in the sea.


To avoid trouble. Li Batian also contacted Chu Tiger far away from China through CP9, and sent him a cargo ship to the coast of Honshu Island, Japan, to transport the white tiger back to China by cargo ship.


After the evaporation of Chuxiong and other elders of Guwu League. The pride of Chuhu, a younger generation, is strong enough to make him a bigger player, both in strength and status.


With Chuxiong's help and Baihu's strength, Li Batian is completely at ease.


After seeing off the white tiger, Li Batian did not boarded the cargo ship, but came to the sea where the giant turtle was located.


"Gollum!" With a gush of bubbles, the turtle's ugly GUI head emerged from the water.


For giant Turtles who like to sleep, no matter where they are, they are happy as long as they sleep. As for waiting in this sea area, it is nothing at all. To say good is to be at ease, to say bad is to be heartless and heartless.


Re-riding the giant tortoise, Li Batian once again dived into the sea of Japan, but this time he was not in a hurry to leave, but let the giant tortoise carry him to the deep sea.


Before moving forward, the so-called deep sea was relatively speaking, not the real deep sea in the ocean. This time, he let the giant turtle carry himself and dive into the deep sea where there was no light at the bottom of the ocean all the year round.


Relative to the above sea area, the deep sea area is quiet and terrible. What you can see is almost everywhere dark. It is not only a great pressure that makes Li Batian feel suffocated, but also a kind of spiritual suffering. It is like being in the empty and silent space, without five fingers and no sound in his ear.


Falling on a reef in the deep sea, Li Batian was shining with silver light. He had exerted all his efforts to shine the moon and had the help of a giant turtle. However, he still had the illusion of being flattened. The dark and silent environment around him also had a great influence on his mind.


"Sure enough, it's the bottom of the deep sea. This should be the ultimate environment. As long as I can adapt to the tremendous pressure of the deep sea, as well as the psychological pressure of stretching out my hands without five fingers and silence, I can definitely break through to the endless breath and blood." Under tremendous external and psychological pressure, Li Batian's face showed a wildly warlike madness, which he could endure in order to break through the great pain of cultivation.


In order to upgrade his career, he also took various extreme challenges like self-abuse. Of course, compared with the horrible extreme challenges of deep seabed, the original challenges appeared to be many pediatrics, but also enough to show his tough heart of martial arts.


Under the great pressure of the deep sea, Li Batian's Dragon-Elephant internal gas, which was originally like an arm, became as heavy as a kilogram under the pressure of the deep sea bottom. With his will power and control, he just forced the Dragon-Elephant internal gas to work.


The pressure of deep sea is different from that of standing at a waterfall or carrying heavy objects. It comes from all sides. It can't be resisted at all. It can only be withstood by the body and the light of the moon.


This is still the case with giant turtles manipulating water to reduce pressure. Without giant turtles, Li Batian doubted that he would be crushed alive in a few minutes.


Crawling on the deep-sea reefs, Li Batian relies on willpower to fully run the Dragon-Elephant internal Qi in his body, supporting his body to resist tremendous pressure.


The illusion that the body was being squeezed by the pressure of sea water at any time made him highly concentrated, and every cell of his body was active, even though the body was under tremendous pressure, it was more active than before.


In the past, every minute, Li Batian worked hard on the deep seabed. When he needed oxygen to breathe, giant turtles controlled the flow and separated some oxygen to maintain it. This is also the new ability of giant turtles after CP9 on demand, which solved a big problem for Li Batian.


In addition to the pressure from the deep sea, he suffered terribly from mental torture.


In this extreme environment of self-cultivation, the test of willpower will be great, the more exhausted the spirit will become more weak.


In the deep sea, his hands were barely visible, and there was almost no sound in the environment, as if blocking his vision and hearing.


Even the sensation of the body, because of the relationship of long immersion in water, has long been less sensitive.


No matter human beings or other living things, they live by various senses, which is also a strong evidence that they are alive, while Li Batian in the deep sea has a feeling of losing himself.


Every day, he only knows how to practice and practice again, and his spirit is numb. The situation of losing five emotions makes him confused. He doesn't know why he is doing this, whether he is alive or dead, and even thinks that he may have been torn apart by the pressure of the deep sea.


Just as Li Batian was about to collapse, the CP9 alarm sounded in his mind, which made him wake up with a stimulus.


"Whoop!" On the sea, a black bear's head came out of the sea. It took a long time for him to calm down, breathing heavily in exhaustion and fear.


"It's so terrible that I almost lost myself."


Press down the fear of the heart, recall the situation just now, Li Batian's heart can not help but have a feeling of lingering palpitation.


If it hadn't been for CP9's reminder just now, he would have lost himself. Once it took a long time, it would be very difficult for CP9 to wake up again, and the final result would be a tragic death at the bottom of the deep sea.


Floating on the sea, Li Batian constantly adjusts his mind, and restores his body's exhausted physical and internal energy. In that high-pressure state, not only the spirit, but also the body has long been exhausted. The spirit and the body complement each other.


Once the body is overtired, it will naturally affect the stability of the spirit, and when the spirit is overtired, the body will become weak and sour.


It took more than half an hour, and with amazing resilience, the overdrawn body and spirit soon became full again.


Although practice is very painful and dangerous, but the results are surprising him. Under such great pressure, not only how much strength of his body has increased, but also the internal Qi of the Dragon elephant and the strength of the cold of the moon have become more concise, laying a solid foundation for breakthroughs.


After adjusting his mind and physical strength, Li Batian sank into the deep sea again and practiced the self-abuse of the devil.


Repeated daily exercises, when unable to sustain the pressure of deep sea water, and when the spirit tends to collapse, rush out of the deep sea to the sea to rest and recover.


In a twinkling of an eye, after a month of self-abuse training, Li Batian, despite the tremendous mental and physical pressure, achieved more than he expected.


After a month of self-abuse in hell, his physical quality has been improved by leaps and bounds.


Originally extremely strong body, become as hard as iron, whether skeletal muscles or viscera, in that ubiquitous sea pressure, have been greatly exercised, has far exceeded the physical limit of the general Qi and blood, such as the peak of the ancient martial arts.


The inner gas of dragon elephants and the cold of the moon have also been condensed to a great extent, and become more aggressive. The inner gas of dragon elephants has even appeared a slight liquefaction. (To be continued...

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