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第一百九十九章 重力星光巨斧!

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"Boom!" The terrible shock wave spread rapidly, and the fog around it was blown away, but the impact path did not cause any damage to the surrounding environment.


By the time another armored puppet arrived, Li Batian had dodged to a distance, and the shock wave gradually dissipated.


"roar!" The furious roar sounded and Li Batian's pupil shrank. He saw the armoured puppet that he had attacked continuously just now. He climbed up from the ground and his armour was sunken in many places. Compared with the unusual wolf before, it was not seriously damaged.


With the blood-red charm flashing on the armoured puppet, the blood-red flame completely shrouded it, sending out evil breath all over his body. He reached out and took down the huge sword at his waist. The same burning blood-red flame burned, and the terror breath locked Li Batian in front.


"Dead!" The furious armoured puppet roared and rushed toward Li Batian with a huge sword. Another armoured puppet saw this but stayed there and did not choose to start.


Glancing at the armoured puppets that had not yet been started, Li Batian was relieved for a while. If they both started together, even if they were dangerous, it would be much easier to deal with an armoured puppet.


During the surge of stars, Li Batian turned into a burning fireball, displaying armoured puppets attached to the flame.


"Bombardment!" During the brandishing of bear's paw, the star axe kept waving down to resist the huge sword waved by the armored puppet. Every collision between the two sides broke out a surprising impact, but they were both physically strong. Such impact could not cause harm.


Fighting hard against armored puppets. Li Batian wielded a huge axe of stars and deepened his understanding of the opening of the palm of the Dragon elephant.


We should know that the opening of Longxiang Mountain Palm in Gongdao is a tough and tough tactic in itself. The most favorite is the hard-to-hard fighting. Ten meetings of a hard fall is the essence of the opening of Longxiang Mountain Palm.


The armoured puppet's body is so hard and powerful that it is the most perfect prop for cultivation. Li Batian can give full play to the Dragon elephant's paw. At the end of the niche, he even shows the elephant's step. The stars make him become a giant elephant in heaven. Every time he wields a giant axe, it is like an elephant's leg striking. The power of terror is rising.


The dragon elephant's palm weighs ten. Practicing to ten weights will increase your strength by one hundred percent. Li Batian had already practiced the nine heavens before, and then fused the blood gene of the ancient star giant beast. The dragon elephant's internal Qi and the cold of the moon in his body were all transformed into the power of the stars, and the opening of the mountain palm of the Dragon elephant broke through the ten heavens.


Since the beginning of the Dragon elephant, it has broken through to ten. Evolution of the Starlight Axe. Li Batian had a feeling of ignorance about how to practice the Gongdao. Now in constant battle with armored puppets, I see magic runes glittering on the sword in the hands of armored puppets, but an idea pops into my mind.


Since the magic rune is engraved on the sword. The power of the sword will be enhanced, so why can't the Gong itself strengthen some Rune marks on the Starlight Axe?


When Li Batian fought with armored puppets, his spiritual power was attached to the star axe, and magic elements were mobilized to braze magic runes on it.


Among the magic attributes he now possesses, the earth attribute is the most suitable for the Starlight Axe. Li Batian changed the power of stars in his body into the earth attribute and applied his own gravity to the Starlight Axe.


The whole process is simple to say, but it is not easy to do. It is troublesome to imprint magic marks with spiritual strength, let alone in this fierce battle.


Fortunately, Li Batian's spiritual strength is strong enough, coupled with the help of the power of the stars, the whole process, although very arduous, but finally let him complete the idea.


The starlight axe, which is integrated into gravity, glitters with a yellowish light, and its momentum, which is as heavy as Mount Tai, becomes even thicker and stronger in an instant.


"Ha Gong Ha, let you see my gravitational star axe." Drinking lightly, Li Batian waved the star axe again. This time, unlike before, there was a magic mark on the star axe. The yellowish light flashed and the gravimetry engraved on it was instantly opened.


As a performer, Li Batian felt the deepest. In the moment of gravity, the weight of the star axe increased sharply in an instant. Even he could not control the heavy force. Under the acceleration of gravity, the swinging speed of the star axe also increased sharply in an instant.


Suddenly, the speed of the explosion made the armoured puppet unable to respond. The star axe cut into his chest. The blood-red magic Rune flashed fast. The blood-red flame was burning madly, trying to resist the attack of the star axe.


"Boom!" The dull chopper sounded, and in a moment the armoured puppet was blown out of the niche like a streamer. The speed was so fast that it disappeared in the distant fog in the blink of an eye.


Flying armoured puppets, the star axe is still not stopped, heavily chopped on the hard and unusual ground.


"Bombardment!" The unusually hard ground was not damaged, but the tremendous force niche made the ground tremble.


Li Batian, as the original figure, thought slightly, the earth-yellow light on the star axe disappeared, and the original heavy star axe flew back to Li Batian.


Li Batian's eyes were full of surprises as he gazed at the starlight axe covered with earthy yellow runes.


Even he did not think that the star axe condensed by the power of the earth stars, coupled with the gravity of the earth attributes, had a magical reaction, so that the original weight of the star axe should not be any weight, in an instant become as heavy as a kilogram.


This is because he did not have a deep understanding of gravity, the means of engraving is very rough, but simply engraved a five-fold gravity, once the understanding of gravity to a high degree, engraved with ten times of gravity, you can imagine how powerful the gravity star axe will be.


The only disadvantage is that the instantaneous rising gravity of the Starlight Axe can not be controlled by Li Batian's physical strength niche, but it is acceptable through some exercises under the condition of five times gravity. Once the ten times or even higher gravity is engraved, it is estimated that it is very difficult for him to control the gravity Starlight Axe.


When Li Batian was amazed and sighed at the power of the gravitational star axe, the armoured puppet who was shot out of the mist came out of the mist, but compared with the momentum just now surging, now it seems to be breathless, especially a clear cut on his chest, which not only broke the magic Rune above, but also tore the armour.


The magic Rune on the body was destroyed, the blood-red flame on the armored puppet was completely dissipated, and the fierce fighting power of the whole body suddenly decreased, which was not enough to pose a threat to Li Batian. On the contrary, the remaining armored puppet hardly fought, and it was still a serious problem. (To be continued...