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第一百九十六章 进入神阵!

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"Damn it, as long as you escape into the front of the battle, you should be able to throw away this saint-class strong man." In my mind, Li Batian's face flashed a fierce color, the power of stars in his body burst completely, instantly condensed into a dragon like a dragon, two huge objects directly rushed to the opposite of the saint-class strong Wu Tongtian.


"Hum, insect carving skills." Wutong heavenly mouth with a sneer, for Li Batian's attack does not care, after all, he is a saint-class strong, saint-class are all ants said is not casual.


Out of a finger, Wu Tongtian pointed at the Dragon image, instantly all kinds of elements in the air converged and turned into a cage, which totally blocked the Dragon image. With the strength of their two niches, they could not break the blockade of the cage for a while.


"Give me a blow!" Li Batian's eyes sparkled fiercely and decisively gave instructions.


Utongtian, who was disdainful, suddenly changed his face and was trapped in a dragon, bursting out with bright stars. The violent explosive niche tore up the cages that trapped them in an instant, and even tore a gap between the niches that sealed up the surrounding space.


Taking advantage of the explosive force niche to tear a gap, a pair of sky-shattering wings behind Li Batian waved rapidly, and the starlight method was applied to the extreme to break out of the gap.


Rising out of the crack, Li Batian took out the magic props and rushed at full speed to the battle of gods. Now he has no idea whether he can enter the battle of gods or not, and only rushing into the battle of gods is the only hope of survival.


"It's not so easy to run. Let me die." Wu Tongtian, who responded, drank angrily and reached out and waved. The fire element in the air soared rapidly, and in the blink of an eye it turned into two vivid roaring fire dragons. Li Batian went straight ahead, faster than Li Batian.


If he rushes at full speed towards Shenzhen and does not try to avoid two roaring fire dragons, he will be hit by the fire dragon. Once he dodges two chasing fire dragons, the speed of moving will be affected and the chance of rushing into Shenzhen will be lost.


After biting his teeth, Li Batian did not hesitate at all. Continue to rush at full speed towards Shenzhen. Bio-armor covers the body and maximizes its defense.


"Boom!" The two dragons first hit Li Batian, and the fiery flame swallowed him up in an instant, dyeing the whole forest red. The rolling waves of fire touched the god's front. But it can't cause any ripple at all.


The flames of the explosion gradually dissipated. In the open and blackened area, there is no trace of Li Batian in sight, as if it had been burned to ashes.


Look ahead. Wu Tongtian's face was ugly as if he had eaten his stool, and his eyes were filled with rage.


As a saint with rich combat experience, he naturally would not naively think that Li Batian had been reduced to ashes by two fire dragons, so there is only one possibility, that is, Li Batian rushed into the front of the deity.


The saint-class strong is also known as the saint-domain strong. The reason why they can crush the magician of the magic mentor level is that every saint-class strong can condense their own fields. If Wutongtian displayed their own fields just now, it would be impossible to tear a gap even if the Dragon-Elephant self-exploded.


It is because of Wu Tongtian's contempt that Li Batian has been given the chance to escape and let an ant-like Warcraft escape from under his own eyelids.


"I'd like to see when you can hide, and God's Array instinctively protects you for life." Taking a deep breath, Wu Tongtian pressed down his anger and drank bitterly to himself.


The mysterious and unpredictable, according to the situation of people who entered the Shenzhen Front before, in the Shenzhen Front can only stay for half a year at most, once the time arrives, can not cross the Shenzhen Front will be destroyed by the Shenzhen Front.


It is precisely because of this situation, Wu Tongtian is not too anxious, but now there is a magic array for detection outside the Shenzhen Front. No matter which direction Li Batian appears from the huge Shenzhen Front, he can detect it in the first time and shoot it.


But Li Batian rushed into the battlefield of God and immediately fell to the ground. Blood gushed out of his mouth and his hair was burnt black by the fire.


If it wasn't for the protection of the biological machine armor, the explosion of the two fire dragons just now almost killed Li Batian, which also made him really see the strength of the saints.


Despite the fact that the magic just now is not very advanced, even the Great Magicians can summon the fire dragon. The power of the two fire dragons is not so great, but in the hands of the saintly strong, they can turn decay into magic, and elevate the magic power of the two fire dragons to a new level.


With a breath, the wound was quickly stabilized by Li Batian with the tides of blood in his body. As an ancient warrior, his super recovery speed is a great advantage, which is enough to be envied by magicians and warriors of magical civilization.


"This is the inside of the Shenzhen array." Looking around the foggy area, Li Batian was somewhat surprised to think that there was a white fog everywhere in his sight, and his visibility was only less than two meters away.


Try to use mental energy to explore the surrounding situation, the result let Li Batian unexpectedly is that the surrounding white fog can continue to devour his released spiritual power, but spread out more than a dozen meters, spiritual energy has been consumed half, it is estimated that only a minute or two, he will be completely swallowed up these spiritual power. Phagocytosis.


Hurriedly retrieved his spiritual strength, Li Batianxin raised his vigilance against this strange environment. After all, this is the battlefield left by the powerful gods. No one knows what danger there is, and it will be very miserable to die.


Apart from his inability to exert his spiritual power, ice crystals have also been somewhat suppressed, unable to scan and observe, and unable to show their shape outside, so they can only hide in the body of the biological mecha.


After repairing his injuries, Li Batian stepped forward vigilantly. In this foggy environment, he could not see anything at all. Now, he can only feel blind in the dark, hoping to find an exit from the fog.


Carefully walking in the hazy fog, Li Batian tried to mobilize magic elements, so that he was somewhat relieved that the magic elements in the Shenzhen array were abundant and could easily perform all kinds of magic.


Of course, for Li Batian, his strongest is not magic, but his body ancient martial arts, as well as biological armor.


Originally in Li Batian's view, this foggy place should not cover a large area, but it turned out to be beyond his imagination. He went half an hour ahead and still did not get out of this strange place.


"Whoa!" A chill surged into Li Batian's heart and turned his head to look behind him, leaving nothing in sight.


"Strange, I just felt something flashing." Glancing around, Li Batian shook his head with some doubts.


At first, he thought he was nervous, some were too fussy, but since the first time he felt something flashing, there have been several times in succession. Every time, he always felt a chill. When he turned to look for something, he could not see anything.


Li Batian went on, and soon the chill came back to him. This time, he did not turn around and watch. A pair of sky-shattering wings turned into five sharp swords and flew out directly.


"Squeak!" The shrill cry sounded, Li Batian, regardless of the consumption of spiritual strength, immediately locked in the other side to launch the kill niche array.


"How could that be?" Looking at the empty killing of the sword niche array, Li Batian could not help being a bit messy, just now he clearly has locked the other side, and felt that the organism that emitted his chill has been trapped in the sword niche array.


Because of the influence of the fog around him, he could not fully detect the shape of the object that had just screamed, but he was sure that he had just locked the other party in and killed the enemy's niche and strangled it.


This situation makes Li Batian more vigilant and dare not proceed carelessly, but this time he is not encountering the strange situation full of chills.


"Bang bang bang!" As soon as he had a little peace of mind, a dull sound of footsteps came to his ears. The sound seemed to be a very strong creature. Every step seemed so heavy and full of pressure.


His face changed slightly. Li Batian was on guard. A pair of sky-breaking wings behind him were ready to attack at any time. The power of stars in his body also changed into water property.


Compared with the three attributes of wind, soil and fire, the most suitable one in this place is water attributes, which can both defend and trap people. The only disadvantage is that the attack is slightly weaker. For Li Batian, who is amazing in power, this is nothing.


"Bang bang bang!" The dull footsteps were approaching, and soon the fog dispersed in front of him, revealing a huge black shadow. Li Batian's figure was nearly three meters high, which made him feel a strong sense of oppression. The most important thing was that he could not feel the slightest breath from the other side.


At the beginning, Li Batian still had some doubts. When he really saw each other's figure, the doubts turned to amazement.


The body of steel armor, at first glance, looks empty inside, nothing, only such a armor walking, looks particularly strange.


"Is this a magic puppet?" Staring at the huge figure in front of him, Li Batian was somewhat uncertain and asked about the knowledgeable ice crystal in his mind.


"Master, this should not be a magic puppet. Although magic puppet is only a puppet, it also has a breath of existence. The armor in front of us seems to be dominated by a certain niche. Ice crystals can not be explored in specific circumstances, and can only rely on the master's own judgment."


It's not very meaningful to hear that. Li Batian is a little depressed, but it's really like Ice Crystal said that the armor in front of him is very strange and not as simple as a magic puppet.


While Li Batian was discussing with Ice Crystal, the huge armor had rushed up and hit him in the head with his fist. (To be continued...