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第一百九十七章 纯净的精神魂魄!

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"Let me see your strength." When his heart moved slightly, Li Batian did not dodge or defend, but changed his adult state and waved his fist to meet him. Two fists of different sizes collided with each other.




The dull crash sounded, and surprisingly, the armor waving a huge fist could not withstand the tremendous force of retrogression for several steps.


"Great strength." Standing in place, Li Batian looks dignified, not to mention that he just had the absolute advantage, but also understand how much his strength niche is, the other side in the strength niche is slightly inferior to their own, the same level of magicians even if they are warriors are absolutely not opponents.


Not a single blow, the huge armor did not give up, but continued to attack Li Batian. As for the impact just now, it was nothing to him.


In curiosity, Li Batian did not use any other means of attack. He competed with the armor in front of him in a timely manner, and the roaring sound of impact continued to ring.


After a fierce battle, Li Batian summed up several characteristics of the huge armor.


First of all, the huge armor body is extremely hard. With its strength niche and sharp claws, it is impossible to tear the huge armor apart, leaving at most a white mark on it. In addition, the huge armor niche is very strong, and every punch contains a huge strength niche.


Of course, besides these advantages, the huge armor also has its own shortcomings. Apart from the slow movement, the attack is also very common. Only a few short encounters, Li Batian has made its means clear.


"It's time to end the fight." A distance from the huge armor, Li Batian thought. The force of stars in the body is rolling, and a blue wind blade glittering with light starlight is rapidly condensed between the hands.


A large number of stars poured in, and the blue wind blade became bigger and stronger, and the frightening edge seemed to be able to cut everything.


The huge armor on the other side seems to have also sensed the crisis, not giving Li Batian the strength to continue to cohere, and rushed towards him.


Looking at the huge armor, Li Batian's mouth was filled with a confident smile, and his figure showed astonishing speed, unexpected speed and flexibility, totally beyond the expectation of the huge armor. In the blink of an eye he was behind the huge armor.


"Open it for me!" Give me a light drink. Li Batian waved his bear's paw, condensed to the limit of the wind blade, flashed a blue light, blinked into the huge armor.


While the blade of the wind sinks into the huge armor. Li Batian's figure quickly opened the distance. At the same time, he whispered, "Let me blow it up!"


A trace of spiritual power remains in the blade of the wind. Decisively detonated the already unstable blade of the wind, the blue light burst from the inside of the huge armor, the dense blade of the wind wrapped it all in it. Tear huge armor from inside.


The huge armor collapsed, and a glittering white light fled quickly from it. The sudden situation surprised Li Batian, but he was not stunned. He waved his bear's paw decisively, and a water ball condensed from the sky, shrouding the glittering white light in the water ball.


The glittering white light was trapped by the water polo, struggling to hit the water polo, but unfortunately it could not hit the seemingly fragile water polo at all.


Looking at this scene, Li Batian's mouth is full of a smile. This water polo is not a magic in general. It is a magic that he realized from its core after killing a strange water-attributed Warcraft in the miracle forest. It is named Heavy Water Dungeon.


Once shrouded in the water ball, the liquid in the water ball will become extremely heavy and compact. The other side's shape will be firmly locked in the water ball and adsorbed in it. To restart the heavy water tank, the first thing is to resist the pressure of the water ball and break through the tough outer layer of the heavy water tank, which is similar to the boundary barrier. It is a very powerful control magic. 。


When Li Batian met the strange water-attributed Warcraft, he almost hit the road. Fortunately, his niche was strong enough and he was accustomed to gravity for a long time, which broke the control of the heavy water jail before the attack.


Under the control of Li Batian, the heavy water dungeon slowly declined, and soon came to him, revealing a white light inside.


"What the hell is this guy? Is that the huge armor he controls?" Staring at the peculiar things in the water dungeon, Li Batian was doubtful.


"By the way, the chill I felt before seems to be the kind of thing that emits white light." Li Batian suddenly realized that he was wary of this kind of thing between tangible and intangible.


"Ice crystal, you know a lot. What is this thing?" After observing for a while, Li Batian could only hand over the problem to the ice crystal as a biological machine armor.


In the narration of ice crystals, Li Batian put his palm on the heavy water dungeon so that the ice crystals could be scanned at close range to judge the true identity of this strange thing.


I have to say that the scanning speed of ice crystals is very fast, and the scanning time is finished in the blink of an eye. Some surprising sounds of ice crystals are ringing in Li Batian's mind.


"Master, this is a peculiar spiritual soul, unusual purity, leaving only the idea of fighting, for the master has a huge role."


"Pure spiritual soul!" Li Batian was shocked for a moment. He thought that this kind of thing with white light was a strange creature. He did not expect that it would be a spiritual soul.


"Ice crystal, what's the use of this pure spirit, can't it enhance my spiritual strength?"


"Yes, master, this spirit is extremely pure, as long as the idea of fighting in the spirit can be overcome, master can easily absorb and refine, will not leave any sequelae, can quickly help the master to enhance spiritual power."


"What, really can enhance the spirit of ah." Li Batian opened his mouth slightly. He just said it casually. I didn't expect that this kind of thing could really work.


After a short surprise, with a try attitude, Li Batian, according to the ice crystal narration, spreads his spiritual power into the heavy water jail, wraps the spiritual soul in the heavy water jail, and quickly pulls it into his spiritual space.


As soon as the spiritual soul enters the spiritual space, it is like a wakened beast, breaking away from the shackles of Li Batian's spiritual power and turning it into a huge axe.


"Well, I dare to be wild in my territory." Li Batian snorted coldly, and his spiritual power surged into a giant ancient star beast.


Since absorbing the spirit of the ancient stars giant beast, although there is no activation of any special ability, it can use the spirit to condense the ancient stars giant beast in the spiritual space. Its combat power is much stronger than that of other creatures. (To be continued...

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