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第一百九十三章 炼狱魔藤!

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Churchill, who remained calm all the time, was also nervous at this moment. His magic robe sparkled and disappeared in its original place. By the time he reappeared, Churchill was more than a dozen metres away, and the position he had just been in had been shattered by the battle of killing niches.


A glance at the position where he was standing just now made Churchill's face look ugly. What he had just performed was the magic on his magic robe, which was used for life. Every time it took a week to recharge. Now a black bear forced him out of his life-saving skills, which made Churchill unable to hang on his face.


Churchill waved his magic wand, read words in his mouth, and a surging wave of magic emanated from him. Then the wave of magic disappeared and subsided like a stream, as if absorbed by something.


"Come out, purgatory magic vine!" Churchill's eyes were wide open, his face was pale, and a huge magic battle appeared before him.


"What is it?" Taking back the battle of killing sword niches, Li Batian looked at the rising battle of magic with some dignity, from which he felt a sense of danger.


A short pause, a burning breath from the magic array, followed by a burning fire of vines from which to shoot out, the whole magic array in an instant was covered by burning fire of vines, the surrounding air temperature has increased by tens of degrees.


"Churchill's Compound Magic Purgatory Vine!" The Prince Uru, who was watching from afar, saw the vines burning with flames, and his eyes sparkled with excitement and longing.


For every great magician who attains level seven. Compound magic is the field they desire. Only when they understand their own complex magic can they achieve the level of Magic Master Level 8.


Of course, there are also strong and weak points in the composite magic of Magic Master VIII, and the Magic Purgatory of Magic Master Churchill is also a very powerful trick in the composite magic. It combines the wood and fire attributes, two mutually restrained magic, and the explosive power is much stronger than the general composite magic. 。


After putting into effect the purgatory magic vine, Churchill took a breath and stepped up to Prince Uru. Ready to wait for the moment when Li Batian was killed.


The purgatory magic vine is already his best trick. It also consumed most of his magic, and Churchill was full of confidence in it.


"Purgatory magic vine, let me see how powerful your magic vine is." Li Batian's heart is warlike, and the power of stars in his body is surging. A dragon's chant sounded like a roar. Between the twinkling stars. Two huge figures appeared on both sides of his body.


A giant elephant of heaven like Mount Tai, a dragon winding the gods.


The power of stars pours into both of them, and the illusory figure solidifies rapidly. The breath has also become more powerful and full of deterrence.


"Give me, tear up these magic vines." Glancing at the coagulated giant elephant dragon tour, Li Batian issued orders in the surge of spiritual power.


"roar, whine!" The giant elephant and the Dragon roared and roared, and rushed to the opposite side with their teeth and claws, burning the fiery purgatory magic vine.


"Bombardment!" As soon as the two sides came into contact, fierce fighting broke out. The flaming purgatory magic vine wrapped around the Optimus Elephant and the dragon, and used the flame and the winding niche to bind and kill them both. The Optimus Elephant and the dragon also showed amazing destructive power, especially the Optimus Elephant, which is famous for its niche. Trampling tears apart a purgatory magic vine.


Staring at the warring purgatory magic vine and Optimus giant elephant and dragon, Li Batian's face flashed a touch of impatience, so that the fight will continue, consumption will be very large, after all, Optimus giant elephant and dragon are condensed out of the strength of the stars in his body, each consumption is a solid loss.


In the distance, Churchill controlled the purgatory magic vine with horror and tried to hang the giant elephant and the dragon. Unfortunately, they were not living creatures, and the power of the purgatory magic vine declined a lot.


Concentrated Churchill did not find that Li Batian's body was no longer in place, but waved his wings over the purgatory magic vine.


When Churchill saw something wrong and suddenly looked up, a bright star fell from the sky, like a meteorite, striking the place where the purgatory magic vine was located, and the Optimus Giant Elephant and the Dragon also burst out with brilliant stars.


"Boom!" The deafening explosion sounded in the forest. From a distance, a dazzling starlight was blooming, completely enveloped in the starlight.


At the edge of the explosion, Prince Uru looked shocked. Some of his horrors were protected by the Mata. The magic shroud around the two bodies shook violently. The color was much darker than before.


Not far away from them, Churchill, the magic instructor, turned from a strong man to an old man with a pale face and a bloody mouth.


"Mata, take your Highness with you." With a handful of blood on the corners of his mouth, Churchill, the magician, looked ugly, waved his wand, and cast his magic at the three of them, who fled quickly to the distance.


At the moment, the prince Uru, who was formerly invincible, lost his excitement. He was panicked like a fish in the net and a bird in the bow. He raised his speed to the extreme, faster than Mata and the injured Churchill. Soon, he was tens of meters away from the latter two.


"Ah ah!" The scream came from the rear, and the fleeing Prince Uru's heart trembled violently, his face flashed with determination, his magic robe sparkled, and the speed of his escape soared again. The life and death of Churchill and Mata were beyond his consideration.


Ulu, the prince who used life-saving magic props, fled at an alarming speed. Ten minutes later, the magic light shining on Ulu faded, and the whole man sat on the ground exhausted and gasping for breath.


For the weak magician, despite the magic support, to maintain this high-speed escape, the body is still a great burden.


"You should have dumped the Black Bear Warcraft." After gasping for a few moments, Prince Uru said to himself with a lingering palpitation.


When he thought that even Churchill was not the black bear's opponent, he was terrified. If he hadn't run fast, he would have died there himself.


"Touch!" The dull footsteps sounded and Prince Uru, who had just breathed a sigh of relief, suddenly turned his head to the left in horror.


"No, it's impossible. How can you catch up?" Ulu exclaimed incredibly, with a star pattern on his chest, a black male with a crystal solo on his forehead, striding forward, and a pair of steel-like wings behind him with a sharp chill. (To be continued...