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第一百九十四章 圣级强者!

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Staring at the frightened Uru, Li Batian casually threw two things he was holding onto the ground. Uru looked at the situation and his pupils contracted sharply.


Two bodies lay on the ground. It was not difficult to see from their clothes that it was Churchill, the badly injured magic teacher, and Mata, his apprentice, who were all killed.


"No, don't kill me. I'm the prince of the Ujin Empire. My grandfather is a saint-class strong man. His old man loves me most. If you kill me, he will revenge me." In retrospect, Ulu cried out in panic and involuntarily retreated.


"Sacred and powerful!" Li Batian, who was marching forward, paused at his words, and his eyes flashed with dignity.


In magic civilization, the holy rank is absolutely an important turning point. There is a saying that all ants are under the Holy rank. As long as they can not step into the Holy rank, they will always exist like ants in the eyes of the holy rank strong.


Even because of the strength of the saintly strong, there is an unwritten rule in magic civilization that the saintly strong can not participate in the war with the state.


"Well, you have to let me go. Nothing I can do has happened." Seeing Li Batian's hesitation, Prince Ulu saw the busy way of dawn.


At the same time, he spoke with a cruel heart. He thought that his magnificent Prince of Uking Empire was appreciated and loved by his grandfather because of his magic talent. His future achievements are limitless.


"Well, when I get back to the Uking Empire, I'll have my grandfather send someone to cut you out." The Prince Ulu's eyes flashed a dark cold light as he thought fiercely.


"I'm afraid you don't have that chance." The voice of the prince Ulu came to his ears in a cold and clear voice. Prince Ulu's pupils enlarged and he looked incredibly at Li Batian who appeared in front of him in an instant.


"Saint, Saint beast!" The Prince Ulu cried out in horror and was slapped by a bear's paw before his words fell. The whole process lasted less than a second.


Ula, the prince of death, was also open-eyed and full of horror. She thought she was provoking a sacred beast. After all, in the niche of magical civilization, except for a few beasts, most of them had the ability to speak only when they broke through the ranks.


It's just impossible for him to know Gong Dao. The black bear in front of me. It's not a powerful Saint Warcraft.


After the prince Uru was removed, Li Batian left the three bodies together. The next thing was left to the ice crystal. No good thing could be missed in the scanning line of the ice crystal.


In a twinkling of an eye, a pile of articles was placed in front of Li Batian. In addition to the valuable magic gown magic wand. And some magic ornaments. There are also two space rings.


Of course, there is no comparability between the two space rings and the space rings he got from the winged people before. The one with the largest space in it is less than one tenth of the winged people's space rings.


Two space rings have small capacity. There are many good things in it, especially in Prince Uru's space ring, there are several powerful magic props, which let Li Batian secretly congratulate himself and make his own decision.


Otherwise, once the prince Uru is allowed to use these powerful magic props, although it can not change anything, it will also lose a lot of good things, even if it is not done properly, there will be the possibility of the sewer capsizing.


As for the magic master Churchill's space ring, there are a lot of magic items, but it is less useful for Li Batian.


After all, Churchill is not the prince Ulu. He can not prepare so many magic props to save his life. He believes more in his own strength. Unfortunately, Li Batian met this time, because of his carelessness, he stayed in this miracle forest forever.


At the same time that Prince Uru was killed, he was far away in a forbidden mountain area in the capital of the Ujin Empire, which was forbidden for the royal family of the Ujin Empire. No one except the Emperor of the Ujin Empire was allowed to enter.


Only a few people know that this is the place where Wutongtian, a saint-class strong man in the pillars of the Wujin Empire, practiced.


It is the existence of Wutongtian, a holy and powerful man, that makes the powerful Ujin Empire prosperous. Otherwise, the importance of the location of the Ujin Empire would have been separated by several other surrounding countries.


Although the saint-class strong can not participate in the war between countries, it is still a great deterrent. No one is sure that once the Ujin Empire is destroyed, the old ancestor of the Ujin Empire will show the terrible power of the saint-class strong in spite of this unwritten rule.


"Buzz!" A quiet forbidden mountain range suddenly erupted with strong fluctuations, and the sky was suddenly covered with a dark cloud, and the breath of terror spread.


In the capital only a dozen miles apart, everyone felt this terrible momentum. Some magicians and warriors, who were built to be powerful, jumped to the high places and looked in the direction of the forbidden mountains, wondering what had happened.


The present emperor of the Empire felt the terrible and familiar atmosphere in the splendid Ujin Imperial Palace. He suddenly rose from his chair and walked out of the room.


"Your Majesty!" The guard saw the emperor coming out and shouted respectfully.


Emperor Wujin waved his hand and looked deeply at the direction of the forbidden mountains. He looked a little surprised and thoughtful, hesitated for a moment, and finally walked back.


Although he was the emperor on the surface of the Ujin Empire, he really grasped the fate of the whole Ujin Empire, but he was practicing Utongtian in the forbidden mountains. Many things were not clear to the Emperor. He knew very well what he knew about Gongdao and what he did not ask at will.


A streamer flew out of the Forbidden Land Mountains and landed in the Palace Transfer Array instantly. The waving Transfer Array was launched and the figure disappeared in the Transfer Array.


The whole process was in a flash, and the Royal masters in charge of guarding the transmission array did not respond. Even if they did, they did not dare to block it. The breath of the figure filled their hearts with fear.


Soon the matter of the teleportation battle spread to Emperor Wujin, who waved his hand and let them continue to guard. He didn't need to care about it. He already had some judgment in his mind.


In the twinkling of the teleportation battle, the figure that appeared in the palace just now appeared in the teleportation battle of a city pool near the miracle forest of the Ujin Empire, and then disappeared in place.


Less than an hour later, in the miracle forest, the ghostly figure appeared in mid-air.


"It should be right here." Gazing down, the figure talked to itself, calm as it was, the tone was full of rage and murder. (To be continued...

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