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第一百九十五章 被追上了!

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In the twinkling of the figure, the figure disappeared in mid-air, reappeared on the ground, showing an old but full of spirit, giving people an old and strong feeling of the elderly, but the breath emitted by the elderly is extremely horrible, the eyes are bursting out of a terrifying killing machine.


This man is no other than the pillar of the Ujin Empire, the grandfather of Prince Ulu and the famous saint-class strong Wu Tongtian.


Ulu himself is the descendant of Ulu Tongtian, and his talent is far superior to other descendants. Ulu is the most likely to advance to the existence of Sacred Level. So Ulu attaches great importance to him and sends his magic mentor Churchill to protect him. As a result, it is unexpected that Ulu still can not save his life.


In order to understand the situation of Ulu, Utongtian specially devoted his energy to making a life card for Ulu, which integrates the spiritual power of Ulu into the life card. Once Ulu dies, the spiritual power in the life card will collapse and dissipate.


At the time of Ulu's death, the spirit of Ulu's life card in Ulu's hands disappeared instantly, which made him extremely angry. He would not hesitate to cancel the closure and use the full speed of the transmission array to rush to the miracle forest.


Destiny cards can not only detect the life and death of the object, but also play a guiding role in a certain period of time, so that the holder of Destiny cards can find the location of the deceased.


Standing on the ground, Wutongtian's spiritual force, like a storm, instantly covers everything within a kilometer of its surroundings.


Under the veil of spiritual power, Wutongtian's face changed dramatically, his body disappeared in place, and his speed appeared hundreds of meters away. In sight, three corpses with only flesh and bones were lying there. Several low-level Warcraft are devouring the flesh and blood of three corpses.


Several low-level Warcraft did not even respond. While Wutongtian appeared, one by one head exploded in an instant, and even the scream did not come out in time, they could not die any more.


Looking at the three corpses on the ground, Wu Tongtian could see some clues even though they had been devoured by the Warcraft.


"Whoever killed my grandson, I want you to pay for it all the time." Wu Tongtian roared up to heaven and screamed, breathing of terror burst out, and the world of Warcraft within a dozen miles of its surroundings. They all crawled in fear. Some powerful Warcraft also fled in disgrace.


Li Batian did not know that Gong Dao himself had been stared at by a saint-class strong man. After killing the three Ulu people, he counted the items he got, besides finding some magic instruments. And some unexpected gains.


In Prince Uru's space ring. There is a miracle forest and a map around it. The map describes in detail, dividing the whole miracle forest, and even expressing some dangerous areas in particular. For Li Batian, who knows nothing about it, it is absolutely a great harvest.


In addition to this map, a bigger unexpected harvest is the purpose of Prince Uru and others to come to the miracle forest this time.


The miracle forest is said to be the place where a God is located. It used to show miracles and gather rich magic elements, so that the strength of the Warcraft in the miracle forest can be rapidly improved. The practice in the miracle forest can achieve twice the result with half the effort. In addition, there are many good things in the miracle forest, which has become a sacred place for people to yearn for. 。


In recent centuries, miracle forests have never seen miracles, and the rich Magic Elements far beyond the rest of the world are becoming thinner and thinner, gradually fading out of the public's vision. However, there are still some people who explore in the miracle forests and find a huge magic array deep in the miracle forests.


Magic battle is a sacred battle, which has great power beyond imagination. If we break through it, we will be attacked by the sacred battle. When we first found it, some sacred strongmen tried to break in. As a result, the sacred battle was badly wounded and the sacred strongman fled.


Later, through the research of magic array professionals, it was found that this God array was not an attack God array. To get into it, after all, it was necessary to be at the level of a great magician, and to get the magic props you wanted, in order to get into this God array.


After years of research, some people have finally found magic props to enter the battle of gods. Some people have tried their best to find such magic props and let magicians or warriors of great magician rank enter them.


There are ten people who come out of the niche, but as long as they can come out of the niche, they will definitely break through to the realm of magic mentor, and the realm is very solid, with the hope of breaking through the Holy level.


Prince Ulu came to the miracle forest this time for the sake of this battlefield. His grandfather, Utongtian, got a magic prop. He let Ulu come to the miracle forest with this magic prop and fight in the battlefield.


Before his departure, Wu Tongtian once told him that as long as he could come out of the battlefield, he would try his best to cultivate him. Even if he could not become a saint-class strong man, the throne of the Wujin Empire was his.


Wu Tongtian's promises made him ambitious and eager to come to the miracle forest. Unexpectedly, he lost his life because of his greed, and the magic prop was also acquired by Li Batian.


The location of the miracle forest is clearly marked on the map. Even Li Batian could hardly understand this, but the diary of the tragic Prince Ulu left in the space ring completely exposed it.


After receiving the news, Li Batian hesitated for a short time, but decided to go to Shenzhen to have a look.


Now he is not on the earth, the magical civilization of the powerful countless, he just killed an empire prince, according to his statement that his grandfather is still a saint of the strong, so he must improve his practice as soon as possible, no doubt this battle is a good opportunity.


With the guidance of the map, Li Batian moved at full speed in the direction of his aim, and hardly stopped on the way. It is precisely because of this that he temporarily avoided the danger of being overtaken by a saint-class strong man.


Originally, he was located in the middle of the miracle forest and the interior area of the junction zone, the natural penetration into the miracle forest took a much shorter time.


However, after going deep into the miracle forest, the speed of Li Batian's advance immediately decreased significantly.


The internal area is several times more dangerous than the previous location, where a variety of Warcraft emerge in endlessly, including the strength of the Eighth Devil Master level of Warcraft is not uncommon, Li Batian alone encounter enough to have two.


These two Warcraft masters are very strong, Li Batian also spent a lot of effort to kill them one by one, one of them before he died of a blow, but also made him almost seriously injured, fortunately with the protection of biological armor.


Inside the miracle forest, on a scorched land, a gray-haired old man flashed out, looking around like a torch, and sending out a terrifying breath of terror.


This man is no other than Wutongtian, who has been chasing him all the time. In front of him, this scorched land is where Li Batian fought with the second Fire Class Eight Warcraft.


Looking around, Wu Tongtian waved his hand, and a strange creature flew out, flying around in the scorching dark battle, with a huge nose whirring.


"Well, it's the breath of that creature. Hum, look at this battlefield, the smoke hasn't dispersed yet. It shouldn't be too far away. I'll see when you can escape." With a cold hum, Wutongtian drives strange creatures to disappear into the deep forest.


"There's the Shenzhen Front ahead. I don't know what's strange about the Great Front in the Gongdao." Quick shuttle in the forest, Li Batian glanced at the map in his hand, thinking secretly.


"Well!" As he moved on, Li Batian stopped his steps fiercely, flashed a flash of shock in his eyes, turned his head and looked behind him. A figure in his sight was approaching at an alarming speed, and the breath from his body made him jump.


"Damn it, this is definitely not the breath of the Eighth Devil Master, is it the Sacred Powerful?" At the thought of this possibility, Li Batian was shocked and fled ahead at the fastest speed with the flying wings of the breaking sky.


No matter who this saint-class strong man is, for Li Batian today, it is absolutely fatal existence. He does not want to bet his life on it.


Li Batian fled at full speed at a very fast speed, but compared with the saintly strong, it was still a lot worse. Just after a huge magic array appeared, a figure had already surpassed him and landed in front of him.


"Damn it!" With a shout of anger in his heart, Li Batian wanted to go around, but found that an invisible niche blocked his body around him, just like mountains overtopping.


Unable to break away from the shackles, Li Batian can only look helplessly at the saints in front of him. The other side has gray hair, seemingly young, but exudes vigor and vitality. It gives people a feeling of crane hair and childish face, especially the horrible breath is more awe-inspiring.


In front of Li Batian was Wu Tongtian, who had been chasing in the rear. As a saint-class strong man, he saw the beast killing his grandson. With his will power, he could not help killing his grandson, and his eyes showed a sudden chill.


"Warcraft, is it my grandson you killed?" Staring at Li Batian, Wu Tongtian shouted in a cool voice.


As long as Warcraft attains level 7 intelligence, it has greatly improved. It can basically understand human words, and its intelligence is comparable to that of human teenagers.


He has basically confirmed that Li Batian is the murderer of Ulu, but he still wants to confirm in person.


"Is it his grandson?" Li Batian's mind rings out the words of the former Prince Ulu. His grandfather is a saint-class strong man. Looking at the old man in front of him, he is indeed somewhat similar to the prince Ulu.


Think of this possibility, Li Batian's heart is half cold, whether they admit it or not, it is estimated that the next stage will be exceptionally sad. (To be continued...

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