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第一百零二章 先天之境!

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Compared with the first two almost one-sided situations, the battle between the Burning Ape King and the Black Bear King outside the valley is more intense.


Especially the battle between the King of the Fire Apes and Lu Qingshen is a balance of power.


The temper of both sides is very fierce and violent. They are extremely belligerent, and they use sticks. At the beginning of the battle, they enter a state of intense glue.


Lu Qingshen, who holds purple gold sticks, is like a giant ape. The eighteen sticks of heaven and earth are extremely domineering. It is said that this set of sticks is inherited from Sun Wukong. Of course, this is a superstitious legend, but it is enough to show the strength of this set of sticks.


Lu Qingshen waved a purple golden stick, showing the world's eighteen sticks vividly, one stick after another, one stick next to one stick, so coherent and domineering.


All over the sky are the sticks of purple and gold sticks, which look particularly gorgeous and full of style.


Compared with Lu Qingshen's stick method, the attack of the Burning Ape King is much simpler and more rough.


Flames were burning on the iron sticks, each carrying a burning sense of oppression, and furiously venting its huge liliang.


Although there is no such delicate coherence as the 18 sticks of heaven and earth, there is also a sense of a ten-point reduction.


Every stick swings out, Lu Qingshen needs to use the stick method to resolve, avoid frontal hard resistance, but let the world 18 sticks can not show real power.


Lu Qingshen and the fiery ape King fight the same banner and drum, the two sides were completely immersed in the fierce battle.


During the battle with Lu Qingshen, the wise King of Fire Apes came to understand the profound learning of stick technique.


Its strength is very good. But after all, it's only a giant ape in the deep mountains. It has never touched the concept of sticking before, and it's just easier to use a stick to play its liliang.


Compared with the battle on this side, the battle between King Black Bear and Tang Guohua is much more passive. Although it can not be said to be one-sided, it is like a killer assassin. Tang Guohua, with his uncertain body and various dark weapons flying in his hands, also had the embarrassment of being useless as a liliang.


Flexibility itself is the short board of Black Bear King. Even if the Moon Bear blood gene is activated, there is still no way to fully compensate for this shortcoming.


The only advantage. It's supposed to be the strong and strong body. Faced with the flying of various dark weapons, the body like a meat shield can also support for a period of time.


The battle continued and tragically. After the initial suppression of Li Batian's side, Chuxiong, who was burning with anger in his heart, finally broke out.




A surging momentum erupted from Chuxiong. Invisible pressures hang over the valley. The tide is surging.


Li Batian, who was prepared to continue his offensive. Blocked by the waves, it is almost instinctive at the same time to feel a strong sense of crisis, like a winding dragon flickering away from the standing place.




A burning palm-shaped shadow of a mountain range was taken at the location of Li Batian just now. The solid rock surface is almost instantaneous melting depression.


Smoke and dust dispersed, showing a huge black palm pattern on the ground, some places even crystallized because of the high-temperature smile, the air is still full of a burning atmosphere, the air in sight has a short illusory distortion.


Previously, when he had dealt with Chu Hu, he had also used this tactic. It was the purgatory in the hands of ironmaking that was like a mountain.


But Chuxiong's display of power at the moment is simply horrible, even far more than when Li Batian confronted him, Chuxiong displayed the power of purgatory like a mountain.


Of course, this is not the most important thing. The most important thing is the breath emitted by Chuxiong at the moment. It is absolutely not that the ancient warriors with blood like the peak of the flood can release it. Even Li Batian feels a strong sense of threat.


Huangpuqi, standing on the back of the Golden Mao carving, turned his head and looked down at Chuxiong in the valley. His pupils shrank to the size of a needle, full of incredible horror.


"The highest realm of ancient Wushu is endless, how can it be!" Muttering to himself, Whampuch shook his head like a mad devil, but the sight before him forced him to believe it was true.


In the realm of ancient martial arts, Qi and blood are absolutely the realm that all ancient martial arts dreamed of. Once practicing Qi and blood continuously, it is equivalent to entering the so-called congenital realm. The perfect combination of Qi and blood and internal Qi makes the whole body permeable, and achieves the state of blending with heaven and earth.


At this moment, Chuxiong's outbreak of terror, coupled with that vague and uncertain atmosphere as if integrated into the sky, shows that he has crossed the watershed and entered a new level of realm.


Far away in a cave in Giant Ape Mountain, the black cocoon-like King of the Wild Dog seems to have sensed Chuxiong's outburst of breath, stimulus-like tremor, the black glow that surrounds him, and then it is attracted to pour into his body.


"Haha, do you feel it? This is the strength of the endless realm of Qi and Blood."


Wanton outbreak of their own momentum of terror, Chuxiong's expressionless face, showing a crazy smile, eyes full of murderous lock Li Batian.


"Black bear monster, I admit your strength is good, unfortunately your opponent is me, so you must die."


Chuxiong's face was full of self-confidence and his eyes looked at Li Batian like a God on the ground, looking down at a centipede.


"Is there no end of breath and blood? Even if you break through the realm of breath and blood, I can kill you by myself." Looking at Chuxiong, Li Batian, though shocked in his heart, did not shake his firm heart. His eyes remained firm and unshakable, and his high tactics remained unchanged.


Chuxiong's face sank slightly and his eyes showed a touch of displeasure.


Originally in his view, as long as he burst out of breath and blood, the black bear in front of him would surely creep on the ground or flee in the desert, but the scene in front of him was totally different from what he imagined, making him feel very humiliated.


"Well, ignorant beast, I'll show you the strength of breath and blood." Chuxiong's figure disappeared instantly in its original place, he said with a somber sneer.


"What a fast speed!"


Li Batian, who had been on guard all the time, was slightly shocked. After careful induction, he found that he could not feel Chuxiong's breath at all, as if Chuxiong had really integrated into the world.


"This is the unity of man and nature!" The heart muttered to itself, Li Batian's eyes were solemn, and the dragon-like air in his body surged.


"roar and roar!" Dragon singing sounds like roaring, invisible sound waves surging in all directions.


Li Batian's face changed slightly and his figure fled from the standing position like a winding dragon.


Almost at the same time as he left, a hot palm gas bombarded the ground. The ground melted and sagged, and a black palm print emerged. (To be continued...

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