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第一百零九章 生物机甲!

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The shock wave of the cold wave gradually dissipated. Nearly a third of the Great Ape Valley was covered by ice. The air was filled with a bitter chill. The Ape Valley in spring blossoms into a snowy sky.


"Whoop!" On a snowy and icy ground, Li Batian gasped violently, his voice was like a pulling bellows, and his expression showed a trace of fatigue.


Firstly, the fierce battle with Chuxiong, coupled with the full implementation just now, consumes a lot, even if he can not bear it.


"Should die!"


Staring at the frozen rock wall ahead, Li Batian thought of hatred in his heart and breathed in the surge of blood and gas in his body.


It seems to be in response to his idea that the ice in front of the rock clicks and cracks appear on the ice.


"Touch!" In Li Batian's horrific eyes, the ice crumbled instantly, and a black poison gas filled with dangerous odor gushed from it.


The poison gas surges into a giant python, and the ominous breath makes Li Batian's hair stand on end.


"How could it be!"


Staring out of the ice, he was injured in many places, blood flowing, but his breath was still strong and extraordinary. Li Batian exclaimed in his heart.


Not only Li Batian, but also Sato Yuanyuan and Hot Ape King, who are far away, have been suppressed by their extraordinary strength.


Li Batian's attack just now, no matter who is among the three, will absolutely lose its fighting power even if it does not die, and become a lamb to be slaughtered.


Wounded extraordinary, more terrible breath, ferocious face, a pair of eyes in the explosion of malicious killer.


"A black bear should be able to perform like a dragon. Hahaha, it's a great irony. Anyone who can perform like a dragon will die, and you're no exception.


Laughing wildly, the poisonous Python hovering around him became more solid, and a deterrent air machine locked Li Batian firmly.


Since the rebirth of the black bear, Li Batian has encountered many crises, but not this time feel so close to death, as if hanging a steel knife on his head. The next moment you have to cut off your head.


The strong sense of crisis stimulated every cell in his body to tremble violently. The body instinct unleashes all its power to try to save the fate of death.


"No, even if it's dead, I'll kill him." The heart roared. Li Batian's eyes showed a crazy cruel color. The air inside the Dragon elephant surges.


Just as he was ready to exert the Dragon-Elephant rage with all his strength. With the extraordinary desperate time, the brain suddenly sounded the voice of CP9, the content of the words so that his whole bear was stunned in situ.


At the same time, the face of murderous extraordinary. It was also standing there with a startled face.




Two distinct, but unusually similar fluctuations emanate from Li Batian and the extraordinary body, the two fluctuations collide violently in the air ahead.




The sudden burst of electricity in the air, space seems to be twisting, an invisible shock wave burst open, Li Batian and outstanding have to dodge backwards.


Opening the distance, Li Batian and the extraordinary look at each other. From both eyes, we can see a trace of amazement.


Remembering the content of CP9 words just now, Li Batian was shocked in his heart.


In an extraordinary body, there is something similar to the super intelligent biological evolutor, and it belongs to the same alien technology as CP9.


To be exact, both of them are separate subbodies. Only when four subbodies are fused together, can they become intact entities.


"CP9, what the hell is this? You've never talked to me about it before." Standing there on guard, Li Batian's voice in his mind was discontented.


He had always trusted CP9, but he didn't realize that CP9 had completely concealed such an important thing, which made him feel cheated and angry.


Seemingly aware of Li Batian's anger, CP9 humanized explanation: "Master please don't be angry, not CP9 intentionally conceal, just to master your strength, is not enough to obtain the corresponding authority, now sense the existence of the identity, the master naturally obtained the right to know."


"What the hell is this? Are there still several bio-evolutionaries that can't do it?" Li Batian questioned.


Faced with his inquiry, the super intelligent evolutionary CP9 finally told all the hidden secrets.


According to the memory stored in the super-intelligent evolutionary CP9, the super-intelligent ontology was severely damaged before it broke into the earth, and collapsed into four sub-bodies. The super-intelligent biological evolutionary CP9 is one of the sub-bodies.


ontology is known as bio engine armor, is the essence of alien technology, has many magical functions.


According to the super intelligent bio-evolutionary CP9, as long as the bio-mecha is available, even if it can not be fully integrated, the defensive force is strong enough to make Li Batian ignore the so-called unconventional weapons on earth.


Non-conventional weapons such as the terrible intercontinental missiles and atomic bombs on the earth can also be withstood by the defensive capability of biological armour, provided there is sufficient energy to support them.


With enough energy to support it, biological Mechatronics can even explode enough power to destroy a planet.


Even an ordinary person can instantly become a powerful Superman if he gets a biological armor.


Even a certain amount of practice, can rely on the biological machine armor to travel through the universe.


"You mean, just fuse the four daughters together to form a bio-mecha!" The blood of CP9 is boiling, Li Batian asked excitedly.


For every ancient warrior, strong power is what they pursue all their lives, and now he has regenerated a different kind of power. He is more eager for his own strength. He does not want to rule the whole earth and enslave human beings, but he does not want his life and the lives of his companions to be threatened.


"That's the theory!" With a slight hesitation, the super intelligent bio-evolutionary CP9 Mechatronics returns.


Li Batian, in his excitement, did not listen to the hesitation of CP9 and that was not a definite answer. For him, the temptation of bio-armor was too great.


Looking at the extraordinary face again, besides the original killing and anger, Li Batian's eyes also have a touch of firmness and desire.


Previously, he was determined to fight the extraordinary battle with death. Now he knows about the bio-mechatron, but he changed his original idea.


He not only wanted to kill the outstanding, but also let himself survive, gather together four children into a biological machine armor, and continue to pursue his own inner martial arts acme with the body of a black bear.


When Li Batian listened to CP9, a super intelligent biological evolutionary device in his body, the outstanding person on the other side also understood the original story thoroughly. He was full of ambitious scarlet eyes, full of naked desire, and his greedy eyes seemed to swallow Li Batian whole.


"Ha-ha, that's great. God helps me too. As long as I synthesize the biological mecha, I will be the God of the whole world and will rule the universe in the future." Excellent crazy shouts, exciting bodies are trembling violently, fierce and crazy breath soaring, the whole ape Valley is full of an ominous breath.


"What a madman! How did Master accept you as an apprentice? Today I will clean the door for Master!"


The dragon elephant inside the body is surging, Li Batian's eyes burst out of a sudden war, and the dragon's chant and roar sounded loudly again.


On the other hand, he looked at Li Batian with a slight stare and a slight dignity.




With a roar, Li Batian's body swelled at a visible speed, growing by nearly a third in a twinkling of an eye. He became a fiery beast even larger than the King of the Fire Apes, radiating an unusually violent breath all over his body, as if to tear everything apart.


"Is the rage of dragon elephants worthy of being a high-tech alien, let a black bear practice the Dragon elephant Prajna Gong to this extent, I am more and more interested in the biological machine armor."


Think that the reason why the black bear will practice Dragon Elephant Prajna is that the reason for extraterrestrial science and technology, extraordinary mind on the biological machine armor more expectations.


Li Batian naturally has no idea of the extraordinary ideas, and he does not want to know that he is now displaying the anger of dragon elephants, and his mind is full of brutal killing desire under the influence of Kung fu. He just wants to tear the extraordinary things in front of him into pieces.


"roar!" With a roar, Li Batian rushed out like a winding dragon.


In the case of displaying the anger of dragon and elephant, although the body size becomes larger, the flexibility and speed do not decrease but increase, as if at this time he is more in line with the dragon and elephant, and can show the power of Kung Fu truly and perfectly.


"A black bear in a district is only a beast, even if he has practiced the Dragon elephant Pravlovgong."


With a sneer of pride, the poisonous python that coiled around him flew out with ominous breath.


The poisonous gas Python opens its fierce mouth and emits a strong and ominous poison gas, as if to swallow Li Batian completely.


Faced with the terrible gas python, Li Batian was not afraid. He waved his claws like an axe to the gas python.


The violent force poured out, and the solid poisonous gas Python trembled violently under the attack of the great force of the Dragon elephant, and the corrosive force of the poisonous gas melted the surging force.


"Break it for me!"


Feeling the erosion of strength, Li Batian shouted loudly in his heart and the muscles of bear arms swelled.




Greater and more violent forces erupted, originally with the gas Python on the edge of collapse, which could no longer resist the instantaneous collapse and turned into a black gas all over the sky.


Breaking through the gas python, Li Batian is planning to rush toward extraordinary momentum, but an inexplicable sense of crisis surged into his mind.


"Ha-ha, go to hell, poison explosion!"


"Boom, boom, boom!"


The collapsed poison gas, like explosives, suddenly produces a violent explosion, full of corrosive poison gas, hard to erode the surrounding ground into a black smoking pit. (To be continued...


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