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第一百零六章 弑师灭祖的疯子!

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With a shout of anger, the white-haired old man suddenly burst out with a fierce edge, and his figure instantly disappeared in place.


The glittering light of the knife surrounded a big tree of one person and many thicknesses in front of it. It flickered a few times at an overwhelming speed. The figure of the white-haired old man appeared immediately in the place where he had just disappeared, still holding the handle of the knife and walking away with a slightly gloomy face.


Shortly after the departure of a group of Japanese nationals, a breeze blew and the trees trembled in their flourishing momentum.




With a burst of splitting sound, the big tree collapsed suddenly, the strong and tough trunk was cut into five sections by hard, smooth and complete blade, as if with the sharpest machine cut.


For things outside the valley, Li Batian and others in the ape valley are still relatively unaware.


After a while of self-complaint, Whampoa Qi has a tenacious will power, or recovered from the loss of consciousness, looking at the black robe people with cold eyes.


"Who on earth are you? Weishenme and Chuxiong are going to design a trap for Li Batian, and Weishenme is going to lead us here. If you want us to submit to you and help you control China, that's impossible." Whampoa's eyes are definitely cold.


"Haha, you're so curious about who I am, my silly and lovely Uncle Whampoa!" The black man's voice was hoarse and playful.


Whampoa Qi was shocked and stared at the black robe man in front of him. His eyes revealed an incredible, unbelievable idea that burst out in his mind.


"What does Uncle Whampoa seem to have thought of? That's all. I will fulfill your wish." The black man grinned hoarsely, raised his arm, grabbed the black cap in his palm, and slowly pulled the low-pressed cap away.


Originally, it was just some speculation about Whampoa Qi. He heard the shock of his body and looked at the black robe man who slowly opened his hat with astonishment.


Li Batian, not far away, also stared at the black robe man. He wanted to know who the other party was and what hatred he had for himself. He wanted to join Chuxiong in framing himself.


"Neigh!" The cap on the black man's head was pulled down. However, the present scene made Li Batian and Huangpuqi breathe in a cool breath at the same time.


The black robe's face was covered with sores. In addition, there are some prominent meat strips, like a strip of poisonous insects, combined together, just like the incarnation of the hell devil in the movie.


If it suddenly appears in front of outsiders at night. It's supposed to scare people half to death. The heart is not haode. There is absolutely a risk of instantaneous shock death.


"Hahaha, is it ugly, I think so!" See Huangpuqi's expression. The black man was laughing wildly, but there was a crazy killing on him.


Staring at the black man with rotten flesh on his face, Li Batian, after a short period of horror and nausea, found that the face was somewhat familiar to him.


Not only he, but also Huangpuqi saw a familiar shadow from this devilish face.


"Why, Uncle Huangpu won't not know me because of my face, that really makes me sad." Black-robed people's mood is changeable. Just now, they were still murderous. In a twinkling of an eye, they resumed their normal joke.


During the conversation, the black-robed man took something out of his arms, and when he saw it, not only did Huangpuqi recognize the identity of the black-robed man in front of him, but even Li Batian was terrified in his place.


On the black man's sore hands, he held a magnificent dagger inlaid with rubies. On the dagger, the gorgeous Ruby glittered with scarlet light.


"You, you're extraordinary. You're missing, aren't you?" Huangpuqi pointed at the black man in shock and exclaimed incredibly.


"Haha, silly Uncle Whampoa, you finally recognized me. Yes, I am extraordinary. I am not dead. Are you disappointed?" The black-robed man laughed wildly, with a look of catharsis.


Li Batian, shocked, heard what the black robes admitted to him. He felt as if he had been struck by lightning. It was hard to accept it for a while.


He never imagined that the outstanding brother who had been missing for several years had not died, but had become a man and a ghost.


The most important thing is that he has always been a brother of his relatives. He even joined Chuxiong in framing himself, forcing himself to explode and die.


"Weishenme, weishenme will be like this, no, there must be some misunderstanding in this, yes, it must be like this!" The unacceptable Li Batian stood in the same place, and persuaded himself by talking to himself in his mind.


"Excellent, really you, you weishenme want to do this, you know what you are doing!" Hearing that the black man had admitted his identity, Huangpuqi shouted angrily after being shocked.


According to ethics, they are cousins and nephews. Whampoa Qi used to think highly of excellence, but later he found that his nephew was somewhat misguided and gradually disliked alienation.


But even if he was not happy, he was also his nephew. He could not believe that extraordinary people should have done such a disobedient thing.


"Again, this face, how noble you think you are, just a group of decadent old men, who always rebuke me in the form of justice. What do you think of it?" The black robe man's remarkable appearance showed his fierce drinking way, and his eyes showed deep disdain.


Huangpu's miracle was slightly dull, with a trace of regret on his face, and then he calmly said, "Yes, I admit that our four ancient Wu elders have been sitting in high places for too long, and have gradually decayed, but have not done anything against the law, and you have tried to control our elders, and then control the whole Cathaysia and even Shijie, you. It's just a madman."


"Haha, yes, I am a madman, if not a madman, how could I personally send my master to hell?" An extraordinary shout of laughter.


"What!" Both Huangpuqi and Li Batian were shocked and stunned.


"Isn't it surprising that when I started, I couldn't believe myself, who let the old thing not pass the Dragon Elephant Prajna to me, but to Li Batian. I followed him for so many years, but he believed in a kid who had only been a teacher for less than three years. What's the reason?"


The more you talk, the more exciting you get. When you talk about Zuihou's remarkable, almost roaring cry, his face is grim and terrible, like a cold and heartless beast.




Not far away, Li Batian heard an extraordinary roar, his brain was buzzing, the world seemed to be spinning, his mind showed a look of indifference like a knife, but in fact, his face was cold and warm. (To be continued...

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