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第一百零三章 突变!

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Chuxiong, who showed his figure, looked at Li Batian who had fled to the distance in some surprise, and listened to the dragon's roaring and singing, and his familiarity became stronger.


Relative to the doubtful Chuxiong, Li Batian's heart was slightly sinking, glancing at the burnt black palm print hit on the ground, and secretly exclaiming.


Qi and blood are the highest realm of ancient martial arts. In addition to achieving the improvement of the innate body and the unity of heaven and man, the most important thing is that once you break through the realm of Qi and blood, the internal gas in the body can be released, and the power created will be doubled.


Some ancient warriors, such as those in the realm of Qi and Blood, can also reluctantly release their internal Qi and external Qi through some ancient military tactics or other secret methods, but their power is essentially different from that of the orthodox Qi and Blood.


The ironmaking hand itself is a fierce hand, coupled with the internal and external release, the power of the explosion even if Li Batian's defense, was hit, it is not fun.


"I'll see how many times you can avoid it!"


Putting aside the doubts in his mind, Chuxiong sneered with murderous intentions. Once again, the whole person was in harmony with heaven and earth. Although people were standing there, the breath disappeared completely.


Chuxiong disappeared again at an astonishing speed between flashes. The whole process was comparable to the stealth technique of Japan. Even Li Batian suspected that Chuxiong had used the stealth technique for reference. After all, Chuxiong and Sato family have been trading, which is not impossible.


"Since it's something like stealth, it's easy."


In my mind, Li Batian's dragon elephant is surging in air, and his momentum changes instantly, as if he were transformed into a giant elephant. The breath of depression and domineering emanated.


"Touch, touch!"


Li Batian stepped in place, the dull footsteps sounded like thunder. Every step fell, the ground would be guessed a deep footprint.


At the same time as the second step fell, Li Batian's eyes sparkled with brilliance, and his momentum changed again like a giant elephant. The whole bear turned into a cold full moon and crashed into Chuxiong, who looked astonished in the rear.


"How can it be? It's like Wang Bu!" Chuxiong exclaimed. Only time to release internal gas for defense. The whole man was blown out by the cold full moon.


"Boom!" With the sound of roaring impact, Chuxiong hit the rock wall behind like a shell. The huge impact force made the whole rock wall tremble slightly, and the cold air condensed into a frost.


Stand on the back of Golden Mao Diao. Originally because Chuxiong breaks through to endless blood and qi. The whole person was stunned at Whampoa Qi there. Again, the expression fell into a sluggish state.


As a master of ancient martial arts, Huangpuqi also knows something about Dragon Elephant Prajkong and Wang Bu. At present, a black bear unexpectedly exhibited this ancient martial arts. How could he not be shocked? It was more crazy than a mouse being a bridesmaid to a cat.


Chuxiong crashed into the rock wall, the whole person is embedded in the rock wall, covered with ice, as if incarnated as an ice sculpture.


"Crack!" The cracking sound sounded and the ice sculpture lasted only a few seconds before it collapsed completely.


"Sure enough, we can't get rid of him." Looking at Chuxiong, Li Batian was secretly disappointed, but he did not feel unexpected.


Breakthrough to the endless Qi and blood of Chuxiong, the internal gas can be freely put out, want to freeze it into ice sculpture, it is almost impossible.


Of course, the force of the cold moon is not ineffective, that is far more than the general cold of the forest liliang, or let Chuxiong's face frozen to iron blue, cold into the body has to urge the removal of internal gas.


"Impossible, how can a black bear perform the elephant step if it can perform the Dragon elephant work?" Braving the cold, Chuxiong shook his head like a soliloquy, and Li Batian appeared in his mind.


After a short period of difficulty in self-confidence, Chuxiong's face emerged with crazy ferocity, and his whole body surged with momentum. The surging internal gas gushed out of him. Before the terrorist power started to attack, the rocky ground beneath his feet was shattered one after another.


"I don't care how you learn how to do Dragon Elephant Prajna Gong, just like Li Batian, you're going to die."


The ferocious Chuxiong roared, his hands glowing red, and a breathtaking purgatory mountain appeared in front of him, exuding the breath of destruction.


In a moment, Li Batian felt an unprecedented sense of crisis. He was sweaty and hairy. A terrible gas engine locked him firmly. Even if he wanted to dodge, it was impossible. The enormous pressure made him feel suffocated.


"Damn it, I won't give up."


With a roar in his heart, Li Batian's warfare surged all over his body, and his dragon-like internal air surged like a dragon. He raised the power of the dragon-like internal air to the extreme, and his blood surged, and a breath of heaven and earth emanated, which resisted the terrible momentum of the Purgatory Mountains.


Long ago, it has been elevated to the extreme Dragon-Elephant Inner Qi. Under the great pressure of the Purgatory Mountains, it finally ushered in the long-awaited breakthrough.




Li Batian's momentum soared and Xiuwei finally broke through to the peak of Qi and Blood like Hong from the late period of Qi and Blood like Hong, and returned to his practice as a master of ancient martial arts.


"Well, it's all in vain." Feeling the increase of Li Ba's weather situation, Chuxiong's mouth was filled with a sneer of contempt.


In his opinion, it is always a frog in the bottom of the well that has not broken through to the endless state of Qi and blood. No matter how it is improved, it can't be compared with the swan that breaks through to the endless state of Qi and blood and becomes a flying swan.


"The purgatory of the ironmaker is like a mountain!" Chuxiong talked to himself and reached the peak of his momentum. The palm-shaped purgatory mountains condensed to a certain extent. The burning atmosphere made the air around him seem to be ignited.


Just when Chuxiong wanted to wave his hand and hit his strongest purgatory like a mountain, his face burst out with horror.


"No, how could this be, no!"


Chuxiong exclaimed, the original breath of terror like a deflated balloon, such as a parabolic plunge, and in front of him the condensation of the Purgatory Mountains also instantly collapsed.


On the other hand, Li Batian, who was prepared to display his best efforts to compete with Chuxiong, couldn't help but wonder what had happened when he saw this kind of situation.


Just now Chuxiong, who was very strong and powerful, fell pale and sat on the ground, panting with pain and exhaustion.


"What's the matter, what's the situation?" Li Batian was doubtful.


Chuxiong's black hair grew white with the speed of naked eyes and grey in the blink of an eye. The whole person seemed to be a teenager at once.




A mouthful of black blood gushed from Chuxiong's mouth. The whole person was powerless and desperate. His eyes were full of incredulity and fear.




Before Li Batian could figure out what Chuxiong was doing, there was a sharp scream in the air.


Looking up, the golden-haired sculpture fell from the sky with its black hair in sight. Whampoa Qi, originally on its back, sprayed blood and flew to Ape Valley, just near Chuxiong.


Almost at the same time that Huangpuqi fell to the ground, a dark shadow appeared on the rock wall of the valley in the distance.


The whole body was covered in a black robe, even with a cap on the head, only to see a pair of magical eyes with red light.


"Don't you?" Staring at the sudden appearance of the black robe man, Li Batian's heart trembled violently, thinking of the Chu tiger and the black man he said before.


The black robe in front of Li Batian is sure that no matter what his costume is, or what kind of hair he emits, he will be thrilling to see. Instinctively, he feels like a wild beast. Nine out of ten, the black robe in front of him is another behind-the-scenes black hand besides Chuxiong.


"Weishenme, my weishenme will become like this. You weishenme is killing me." Seeing the appearance of the black robe man, Chuxiong, who had lost his soul and soul, roared fiercely like the returning light.


"Gagaga!" The hoarse and ugly sneer sounded, and the black-robed man laughed wilfully, as if he had heard some funny jokes.


"Chuxiong, I told you at the outset that there is a certain risk in taking the breakthrough of Dan medicine I gave you, all of which are just your own blame." The black gown man stared at Chuxiong with scarlet eyes and grinned with cold cruelty.


"You." The white-haired Chuxiong pointed his finger at the black robe man, shouted angrily, and a black blood sprayed out again. The whole man was paralyzed and gasped violently, as if he had exhausted all his Liliang actions just now.


"Don't be so excited, it's you who can't resist temptation and resentment. We are just using each other. There's no need to be so angry. Your body can't stand such intense emotions now. I advise you to accept your fate a little better."


The black man laughed hoarsely and jumped up like a white crane in the air. It landed lightly and elegantly on the ape Valley floor.


Li Batian, who had been staring at the black robe man, suddenly contracted his pupils. This scene in front of him gave him a strong sense of familiarity.


"This is my brother's white crane body law, how can the black robe people, my brother has been missing for so many years, is it just a coincidence?"


Think upset, Li Batian stared at the black robe man, gradually he found that the black robe man's every move in front of him, let him have a kind of inexplicable familiarity.


"Haha, you can rest assured that your ambition will be accomplished for you. Speaking of that, I also want to thank you for bringing the other three Guwu elders to the Changbai Mountains. Soon the other three Guwu elders will also be in my hands. In the future, the whole of China and even the whole of Shijie will be under my control." The black-robed man grinned hoarsely and said that Zuihou's whole body was shaking with excitement, and the wild expectation shocked everyone in the room.


Ambition is everybody's ambition, but few people can rule the whole Shijie ambition. People like this are either mad or neurotic, but they are also extremely dangerous people. (To be continued...