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第一百零五章 迟来的救援!

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The strong sense of crisis did not make the Black Bear King fear to give up resistance. Instead, it aroused his blood, roared loudly, the pattern of the full moon on his chest was stimulated, and the silver-white light emerged from it and completely shrouded it in the moonlight.


"Dark weapon Aoyi, Yinlian blossoms!"


While the Black Bear King was ready, Tang Guohua cried out coldly, like the God of death harvesting life, with the same silver light shining on his body.


But it was not the moonlight that burst out on him, but a flying knife with silver light.


Countless flying knives turned into a silver lotus flower, carrying the breath of death to shoot at the Black Bear King, and the Black Bear King is also incarnated as a round moon rushed up.


Two clusters of silver-white light collided with each other, completely different silver-white collision, bursting out brilliant light.




With a roar of impact, the woods burst out with a bright silver-white light, shining in a range of tens of meters around a silver-white.




In the dazzling silver-white light, under the fierce impact, each silver-white flying knife flies everywhere without rules, and a tree as thick as a person can almost pierce.


A few seconds later, the silver-white light dissipated, revealing a disorganized forest, and the destruction was almost impossible.


Among the broken branches of a weed, the Black Bear King lay weak on the ground and was hit by four silver-white flying knives.


Two of them went into the forelimb, and the other two were shot at the body, especially one of them almost penetrated the heart of the Black Bear King.


Blood is pouring out from the mouth of the Black Bear King, and it is very strong in its own vitality. As well as the monkey alcohol in the body under the support of medication, seriously injured and dying, but at last did not die.


"Clap!" The branches and leaves were flying, and a dark shadow rose from a distance.


Tang Guohua, who was shabbily dressed and pale, was attacked by the moon bear.


Tang Guohua's pale face convulsed and glanced down at his right arm. There was a horrible penetrating wound in his right arm, which almost penetrated all the bones.


"Damn it!" Tang Guohua gasped angrily and blurred, looking up into the eyes of the Black Bear King, full of ferocious murder.


As a descendant of Tangmen. Tang Guohua was shot through his arm with a flying knife. There was nothing more humiliating to him than that.


Anger rose in Tang Guohua's heart. A flying knife appeared in his hand again in the left hand turning room. The sharp edge of the knife emitted a sudden cold light.




The knife buzzed with metal. In the hands of Tang Guohua, it flew out like a streamer. The speed was astonishing and straight down on the ground. Black Bear King, who has lost his fighting power.


The shrill voice of the broken air was extremely harsh, and the Black Bear King had more than enough heart to avoid a fatal blow at the moment.


"roar and roar!" Dark roars burst forth. Tang Guohua was shocked by the sudden roar. By the time he came back to his senses, there was a grim figure in front of the Black Bear King who was full of darkness and death.


Looking at the ferocious figure in front of him and the constant overflow of death and gloom, Tang Guohua couldn't help breathing in a cool breath, and a strong uneasiness sprang up in his heart.


Tang Guohua, who was injured, immediately made a decision to flee the area in a twinkling figure. He had no confidence in his current state to overcome the sudden appearance of this horrible monster.


As a descendant of the Tang Dynasty, in addition to the fascinating dark weapons, exquisite body skills are also essential, after all, the attack of dark weapons requires a certain distance to implement.


Tang Guohua is very confident about his body law. In his opinion, as long as he wants to escape, the monster with the breath of death suddenly appears, it is impossible to catch up with him.


But sometimes it is not a good thing to be too confident. To Tang Guohua's astonishment, the speed of monsters and beasts with the breath of death is also astonishing. Instead of throwing them away, they are getting closer and closer.


"roar!" The roar of tyranny sounded, and Tang Guohua fled at full speed, feeling a chill pouring into his mind from his back in an instant. The strong breath of death completely enveloped him.


"No!" He exclaimed that Tang Guohua, who had not felt the sense of death for a long time, couldn't watch what was happening behind him. At the cost of the damage to the meridians, he raised the speed of internal gas in his body to the extreme.




The sad and tragic cry came out from Tang Guohua's mouth. Although the extreme speed had erupted, it still could not completely avoid the fatal attack.


A black flame burned on the injured right arm. Under the burning of the black flame, his right arm, which was full and strong, withered rapidly with the speed visible to the naked eye.


Yes, it is withering. Tang Guohua's right arm is like flowers and plants exposed to the sun. It is withering fast and the black flame is burning more and more vigorously, and spreads toward his body.


"Ah ah!"


In a frightened and sad cry, Tang Guohua flashed a fierce look in his eyes and chopped his right arm with a knife in his left hand.


With blood splashing, Tang Guohua cut off his right arm, which was burning with black flame.


Almost as soon as the right arm was cut off, the black flame spread over the whole right arm, instantly turning the right arm into withered coke.


Seeing the tragedy of his right arm, Tang Guohua can only secretly congratulate himself on his decision, otherwise once the black flame spreads to himself, there will be only one dead end.


Tang Guohua, who was still in shock, had no courage to stay and fled at full speed despite the trauma of the meridians.


As soon as Tang Guohua fled, a black shadow fell on his position, revealing his black hair, his breath of death, and his giant stature comparable to that of a bull.


If Li Batian is here at the moment, he will recognize that the terrible monster in front of him is the wild dog king who originally practiced breakthroughs in the cave.


But compared with the original King of the Wild Dog, the King of the Wild Dog is like a rebirth. It really shows the horror power of the Undead Dog.




With a human roar of triumph, the King of the Wild Dog did not pursue.


At the cost of meridian trauma, Tang Guohua's speed is indeed a bit abnormal. The evolutionary King of Wild Dog can not catch up with him. Moreover, the ability of blood vessels activated by him can only be used once in a period of time. Even if he catches up, it is very difficult to kill Tang Guohua.


The once-evolved King of the Wild Dog has also greatly improved his intelligence.


But Tang Guohua, who fled at full speed, was frightened by the black flame just now, and his heart was beating so fast that he did not find a Japanese Ninja hiding in the distance ahead.


Just as he passed by the sneaking Japanese ninja, the Japanese Ninja resolutely took the initiative. Tang Guohua, a generation of ancient martial arts master, was knocked unconscious by the Japanese Ninja before he could respond to the tragedy at all.


With the comatose Tang Guohua, the Japanese Ninja did not stay much, and left the place in a twinkling figure.


On the other side, the battle between the King of Fire Apes and Lu Qingshen reached the stage of fire and water. Both sides fired. The King of Fire Apes was covered with fire, and his strong figure soared one point, turning into a terrible fire giant ape.


"roar!" The King of the Fire Apes roared, and the iron stick in his hand, like a winding dragon, rushed straight to the opposite Lu Qingshen.


"Come on, look at my heaven and earth!" Lu Qing's invitation to war was high, and he shouted without any sign of weakness. He held the purple golden stick in his hand. The whole person seemed to be integrated with the purple golden stick. His momentum was compelling to meet the roaring fire dragon.




Flames erupted, and the blazing fire surged like a tide, merging with purple and gold sticks, Lu Qingshen flew backwards from the gushing flame.


"Pooh!" A mouthful of blood erupted from Lu Qingshen's mouth, and his figure broke the trunk of two big trees.


Although he is the elder of ancient martial arts, his strength has reached the peak of Qi and blood, but the King of Fire Apes is no worse than him, activating the blood of Fire Apes, and has the power of blood, a body of strength is actually honed out.


To know that monsters and beasts activate the hidden blood gene in the body, and activate the power of blood, the degree of difficulty is far from simply relying on luck can be achieved, which also requires the temper of life and death.


It has to be said that Lu Qingshen's body strength is astonishing and he has suffered such a heavy blow, but he has not been completely defeated and struggled to get up from the ground.


Just as he stood up here, a dark shadow flashed behind him.


Before Lu Qingshen responded, a knife had been cut on his neck.


"How could that be!" Lu Qingshen spoke to himself in astonishment and passed out in a twirling coma.




One figure flashed out at the moment when Lu Qingshen fell to the ground.


In a twinkling of an eye, more than a dozen people surrounded the fallen Lu Qingshen in the middle. The first one was the fierce Japanese white-haired old man like a fierce knife.


The fiery ape king who came after him saw more than a dozen Japanese people suddenly appearing, showing a touch of guard in the scarlet pupils of animals.


Especially the white-haired old man of Japan made him feel a little more dangerous than Lu Qingshen.


"Whoop!" Staring at the fiery ape king, the white-haired old man's eyes glimmered with excitement and greed, laughing to himself.


Holding the knife handle of the knife at the waist, the white-haired old man squatted down slightly. At this moment, the whole person converged all the breath, as if he had become an ordinary person.


The sensible old man with white hair seemed to be out of danger, while the animal instinct made the King of the Fire Apes feel a thrilling sense of danger.


"roar!" With a roar, the fiery ape king, who had consumed a lot in the battle with Lu Qingshen just now, turned decisively and fled, and his unusually flexible figure disappeared in the sight of many Japanese people.


The white-haired old man, half crouched and strenuous, had no idea that the King of the Fire Apes would turn around and run away. When he responded, it was too late to catch up. (To be continued...


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