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第一百六十八章 灵魂泯灭!

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"Pop!" Blood gushed out, and Li Batian flew backward like a cannon shell and hit the ground a hundred meters away.


The force niche of the shock dissipated, Li Batian opened his mouth and bled again. The breath on his body weakened a lot. There was an obvious axe mark on his chest, beside which was a burning trace.


If it hadn't been for the biological armor's strong defense, he would have been ripped open by a giant axe burning a pale golden flame.


Li Batian, lying on the ground, just breathed in. A fiery pressure came from the front. The statue puppet with a huge flame axe in his sight rushed forward with amazing speed. The pale golden flame axe in his hand waved again.


Li Batian, who fell to the ground, jumped up and turned into a cold full moon and rushed to the statue puppet again.


"Invader, die!" The statue puppet repeats his words, his scarlet eyes burst out with sudden murder, and the axe burning with a pale golden flame waved in his hand. The hot pale golden flame surged up, faintly like a blooming golden rose.




The pale golden flame axe swept by and turned into Li Batian, who was full of cold and full moon. Under the sweep of the axe, it was fragile as a piece of white paper, which was torn and swallowed up directly.


The statue puppet was stunned for a moment. His scarlet eyes looked at a platform far away. Li Batian, with his mouth full of blood, was crawling on it. Behind him, a gun barrel with dense runes emerged. The gun barrel was filled with brilliant silver-white light. The breath of destruction seemed to be able to destroy everything.


"roar!" The statue puppet roared, but unfortunately he had no wisdom. I don't understand that all I've just eliminated is a separate identity.


Holding a giant axe of pale gold flame, the statue puppet roared and rushed to Li Batian to try to kill him, but it was too late.


Silver white light blossoms, dazzling light completely envelopes the surrounding silver light, followed by roaring explosions rang through the strange space.


Waiting for everything to disappear, the statue puppet in front of us has completely disappeared in place, surrounded by explosive rock debris everywhere on the ground.


"Hoo hoo!" Looking at the rock fragments all over the ground, Li Batian, who was still powerful just now. All of a sudden, he lay on the ground. A tired, gasping breath.


The battle just now was extremely dangerous, and he exhausted all means, which killed the last statue puppet, which consumed himself seriously. The body also suffered from minor internal injuries.


If the creature destroyer behind the niche cannot destroy the statue puppet. Then he had to stay there and die.


Fortunately, the statue puppet was wiped out after the niche. What makes Li Batian breathe is that the fierce fighting in the whole process has not attracted other enemies. It gave him a chance to breathe.


After swallowing a lot of natural resources and treasures, plus the strengthening before CP9, Li Batian's physical fitness is absolutely comparable to that of Xiaoqiang. Although he was seriously injured, it took only half a day to recover completely, and even the strength of the Dragon elephant's internal Qi and the cold of the moon was basically restored.


Return to the peak state, looking at the palace in front of him, Li Batian began to hesitate a little, just guarding the door is so fierce, if there are other enemies, you can imagine how strong the enemy is.


"Ice crystal, can you scan the palace and see if there are any other creatures in it, or statue puppets like that just now?" After hesitation, Li Batian called out the ice crystal and asked.


This palace represents magical civilization. Even a strong Li Batian has to be on guard for 120,000 yuan. A careless biological armor may not protect himself.


"Master, this palace is engraved with a lot of magic marks, which can't penetrate into it at all in my present state. But according to my inference, there should be no living people in this palace. After all, if there were magicians from magic civilization, there would be no scientific and technological civilization on the earth today, and according to my inference, there would be no living people in this palace. In the case of this alien space, it has existed for thousands of years at least, and even if there were magicians, it would have died long ago.


"That makes sense!" After listening to the analysis of ice crystals, Li Batian nodded.


As the saying goes, it is worthwhile to take the necessary risks in order to get the treasures in the palace.


After thinking about it, Li Batian finally decided to take a risk. If there were really enemies who could not be rivaled, he could only admit that he was unlucky.


After adjusting himself to his best condition, Li Batian stepped into the open palace gate. There was no danger in the passageway except for two statues. Although he moved forward cautiously, he soon came to the end of the passage.


"No!" Looking at the scene at the end of the passage, Li Batian's astonished body was rigid in place. If it wasn't for his amazing willpower, he almost couldn't help running.


At the end of the passage is a hall, which is decorated with magnificent and magnificent decorations. Everything you have never seen on earth is dazzling. Most importantly, besides all kinds of things, there is also a man and woman in long gowns in the hall.


These people's robes are engraved with all kinds of strange magic patterns, and some of them have luxurious carved crutches in their hands. At first glance, they are some bad characters.


"The master is assured that all these people are dead." Just as Li Batian's back was sweating cold and ready to leave at the fastest speed, words of ice crystals rang in his mind.


"Everything is dead." Li Batian was slightly shocked when he heard the words and said to himself in astonishment.


"Yes, these people's spiritual souls have disappeared, just left a body."


Looking at the men and women standing, sitting or posing in the hall in dismay, Li Batian stared at them for a moment and found that they did not even care about themselves as an outsider and kept a posture all the time.


"Are they all dead?" In my heart, I was worried that Li Batian had taken a careful step to come to the nearest woman, who was very good-looking and in good shape. Although she could not be compared with ice crystal, she was also a beauty of the same class.


Out of a bear's paw, Li Batian tentatively stabbed the woman in front of her robe.




The moment he touched the woman in the robe with his bear's claws, the woman who had just kept the robe intact was like rotten wood, which collapsed in an instant and turned to dust in the blink of an eye.


Li Batian was shocked by the unexpected situation. He immediately looked around and was ready to deal with the enemy's attack.


"Master, these people should have been dead for a long time, and their bodies still look the same. In fact, there is nothing left that has been eroded by the passage of time. As long as there is a slight vibration, they will collapse into dust."


If Li Batian, who is facing the great enemy, flashes an embarrassment on his face. Fortunately, his face is thick enough. Otherwise, he will be discredited and thrown at home.


Next, Li Batian touched these robes one by one. Everyone touched them and they would instantly turn to ashes. Soon, no one in the hall was there, all of them turned to ashes.


"Master, these people are some magicians, the strength of life is very good, unfortunately, according to the scene, should be a moment of all the people's spiritual disappearance, even before death there is no sense."


Li Batian nodded at his words. These people all kept all kinds of attitudes, but did not have the ferocious look of fear before they died. They seemed to have died unconsciously.


"Did they die collectively because they were attacked by powerful enemies?" asked Li Batian with some doubts.


"It should be impossible to see how they die. If they are killed by a strong enemy, then the other party must be a person with great attainments in spiritual cultivation. If such a person exists, he has already ruled the whole earth and regarded it as his own backyard. I think they are more likely to suffer from it. Maybe they are the servants of a strong man. They signed a servant's contract with the strong man. While the strong man died, they were also instantly attacked by the power niche of the contract, and then all the spiritual souls disappeared instantaneously.


Li Batian was confused about the contract and could only continue to ask about the ice crystals. The information he got from the ice crystals surprised him.


There are many kinds of magic contracts, the most powerful of which is the so-called life and death contract, which is divided into one master. Once the contract is signed, it will be connected with the laws of the universe in the dark. When the master lives, the servant lives. When the master dies, the servant dies. There is no personal freedom at all.


Hearing such a terrible contract, Li Batian's heart is stronger for strengthening his strength. He doesn't want to become a servant who has no freedom and lives and death in other hands. He wants to get freedom without being tied down, only to constantly strengthen his strength.


Knowing something about magic civilization, Li Batian did not stay too much in the hall, emitting energy fluctuations that can affect the evolution of organisms are still deeper, and there is no good thing worthy of his attention in the hall.


The magic robes worn on those people and the treasures in their hands, called wands, have all been reduced to ashes, leaving only magnificent decorations, but there is no practical hall.


It wasn't long before Li Batian walked out of the hall along the corridor, following the energy fluctuation, he came to a huge stone chamber door.


The stone doors are also covered with magic lines, which seem to be full of mystery and mystery. Ice crystals are being scanned and cracked. If they are touched unexpectedly, they are likely to be attacked by the magic array above.


"Master, it can be pushed aside. The magic battle on the stone gate has weakened a lot with the passage of time. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for me to crack it in a short time."


With a nod, Li Batian pushed the stone gate forward vigorously. With a squeak, the stone gate was pushed open easily. This weight is nothing to Li Batian. (To be continued...