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第一百六十六章 侵入者,死!

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"Then you should have a name. What's your name?" After a moment's silence, Li Batian asked.


Jingzu women were slightly surprised. She did not expect Li Batian to ask such a question. There was a flash of memory on her beautiful face: "Master, since the day when I became a biological machine tool, I no longer belong to Jingzu people. You can call me Ice Crystal."


"Ice crystal, I know Gongdao." Li Batian nodded and did not go on discussing it.


Discussions on the identity of ice crystals were explained. Next, Li Batian accepted the change of biomecha after the fusion daughter.


Fusion into a complete biological armor, the overall change did not disappoint Li Batian, biological space has nearly doubled, the wing of the sky has evolved to the ultimate form, into a sword combination, in addition to melee, but also can carry out long-range attacks.


The biggest change is the silver scale armor. The original fish-scale armor stomach has made great breakthroughs. It has turned into a complete biological armor. The silver-white armor looks particularly dazzling. It wraps Li Batian into a general existence similar to the shape of Transformers.


As for the bio-destruction cannon, the power is naturally more powerful, but with Li Batian's present practice, the power even if want to continue to grow is useless, after all, it's just empty talk that a skillful woman can't cook without rice, and that she can't keep up with everything.


In addition to the enhancement of biological machine armor, the growth of spiritual power has made him ecstatic, has reached the level of almost soul out of the body, the strong sense of things beyond kilometers, he can feel. It's just not as good as seeing it with your own eyes.


A series of improvements have made Li Batian's combat effectiveness a qualitative leap again. Now even in the face of the bombing of atomic bombs, he is not afraid at all.


It took a day to feel the strength of the biological machine armor. Li Batian fantasized out of the wings of the sky and flew to the volcanoes of the Changbai Mountains. Once again, he came to the boiling crater. The rolling magma still emitted hot and surging heat.


Silver-white biological armor emerged from Li Batian as part of his body and wrapped his whole body in the armor in a twinkling of an eye.


Looking out, it looks like a giant metal puppet, except that the shape of the black bear remains the same. It emits a terrifying breath of terror.


"Pop!" Magma erupted. Li Batian, who summoned the biological machine armor, plunged into the magma. The hot magma is like a hot spring to him now.


Soon he arrived at the bottom of the volcanic magma, a silver glint, and the perfect image of ice crystals floated from the biological machine armor. Suspended beside Li Batian. It is charming and moving. It's crazy for any man in the world.


"Ice crystal, now you should be able to open up this strange space." Glancing at the beautiful figure suspended on his side, Li Batian's eyes flashed a different color of the road.


He hasn't adapted to it yet. At the beginning, the mechanical CP9 will one day be transformed into such a beautiful and moving beauty, it feels a little awkward.


Ice crystals point the head, slender snow-white arms raised, gently towards the front point, through layers of magma, point in a void. Ding!" The crisp sound of the impact sounded, and clearly it did not seem to touch anything, but produced a strong fluctuation, a ripple spread around the center of the finger of the ice crystal.


As the ripples spread, an invisible black hole followed, isolating the surrounding magma and quickly distorting it to the height of a person.


"Master, this is the passage to a different space." After all this, Ice Crystal respectfully returned.


With a nod, Li Batian, armed and concentrating, entered the battle state and stepped carefully into the black hole in front of him.


Although they found the entrance to the different space, they did not know exactly what the situation of the different space was, so he had to deal with it carefully to avoid losing his horse's feet.


The moment he stepped into the black hole, Li Batian felt as if time and space were changing, and as if the elevator was turning on the moment of weightlessness. When he came back to his mind, he found that he had come to a strange environment.


"Is this a different space?" Looking at the dark and barren surroundings, Li Batian was doubtful.


"Yes, the owner, here is a different space, but this space is relatively primary, so it will be so barren, even the basic rules are chaotic, can only be regarded as a relatively large storage space."


After listening to the ice crystal narrative, Li Batian looked forward, and a glittering light came from the front.


Behind the broken wings waved, Li Batian turned into a silver light flying out, until flying in the air, he found that the sky in different space is only tens of meters high, and then to the niche will touch the so-called space barriers.


According to the description of ice crystals, this elementary heterogeneous space is like a square or rectangular box, which is blocked by space barriers in all directions.


In the blink of an eye, Li Batian came to a shining place, where a huge palace stood. The style of the building was totally different from that of the earth. It was more luxurious and noble. The walls and floors were engraved with various peculiar patterns and full of mystery.


"Ice Crystal, you have a wide range of knowledge. Can you see what kind of Palace this palace is, or what kind of palace it is built by powerful niches here?" After looking at it for a while, Li Batian asked the ice crystal beside him.


The palace in front of him was luxurious and noble, but he smelled a dangerous smell from it, seemingly unprotected.


"Master, this is a magic palace, which should be built by the power niche of magic civilization. The whole palace is engraved with magic runes. Once activated, it can instantly form a horrible magic battle. However, because of the erosion of time, the magic battle in front of us has been destroyed and will not threaten the master."


"Magic civilization, what civilization is that?" Spiritual, Li Batian asked curiously.


The ice crystal with perfect appearance is like a wise man with profound knowledge. Faced with Li Batian's inquiry, he said patiently and respectfully, "The so-called magic civilization is a civilized niche with magic as its main part. They study the magic elements of the universe, and then develop it into a strong civilized system, which is one of the four civilizations."


"Four civilizations, which four civilizations are they?"


"The four civilizations are divided into magic civilization, science and technology civilization, truth-cultivating civilization and natural civilization. Each civilization is a civilized system that has been inherited for tens of millions of years, even hundreds of millions of years. Through continuous development and research, it has occupied the most powerful civilized system in the universe."


Listening to the ice crystal, although he has not seen the four civilizations, he still has a feeling of blood boiling. He can imagine the terror and power of the four civilizations. Now he is only a frog in the well for the four civilizations.


Pressing down the surging blood in his body, Li Batian gazed at the palace, flew into a silver light and landed at the palace gate. He stepped forward to the golden gate and pushed the golden gate open with his bear's paw.


"Crunch!" With the sound of emptiness, two golden gates opened, revealing a spacious and bright passage inside.


Glancing at the passage, Li Batian was immediately attracted by the objects on both sides of the passage. In his sight, two huge statues stood on both sides. Each statue was lifelike, with a ferocious face and a heavy and huge axe in its hands, just like two door gods.


After gazing at the two statues for a while, Li Batian hesitated for a moment, or stepped in. Almost at the moment when he stepped into the corridor, a sense of crisis overflowed his whole body. His limbs were like springs, and his body shot out of the palace gate.


"Buzz!" With the seeping buzz, the sharp axe almost wiped his body, almost splitting on him.


Startled by a cold sweat, Li Batian's body fell tens of meters outside the palace, looking solemnly at the open palace door.


"Bang bang bang!" The dull footsteps sounded, and two huge stone statues came out of them, the two fierce statues he had seen before.


"How could it be that these two guys were alive?" Seeing the two stone statues coming out, Li Batian screamed a little confused.


"Master, this is the magic puppet of magic civilization. They are not living, but puppets summoned by magic. Later, they have been engraved with special magic markings and later produced. Finally, they have formed powerful puppets, which can fight continuously with sufficient energy."


Looking at the puppet figure of the giant statue, Li Batian frowned slightly. Although the two statues did not emit much powerful breath, the axe just made him feel a strong sense of threat.


Even if his current strength is the original five-headed serpent, it is impossible to give him such a feeling without using big tricks. It is enough to show the strength of these two statue puppets. If they are regarded as useless puppets, they will die miserably.


"Do they have any weaknesses?" Staring at each other, Li Batian posed an attacking gesture and asked with dignity.


"The core of magic puppets lies in their energy nuclei, so long as the energy nuclei in their bodies are smashed, they will lose their fighting power. The energy nuclei of these two statue puppets are in their heads. If they destroy their heads, they can be destroyed. Otherwise, they can even cut off their limbs. The old cannot destroy them completely."


Including ice crystals in the biological machine armor, Li Batian, armed with two statue puppets opposite him, looked at Li Batian with two puppet statues. At first, his eyes were dark blue, and soon turned to dark red.


"The intruder, die!"


The sound of urn sounds and urn breath came from the mouths of two statue puppets, two statue puppets, with huge stone axes full of runes, marched towards Li Batian. (To be continued...