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第一百六十七章 强悍的雕像傀儡!

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"Well, if you want to kill me, you should also see if you have that skill." Rising warfare on his body, Li Batian gave a cold cry. Between the surge of air inside the Dragon elephant, his body became larger at a speed visible to the naked eye and grew to a height comparable to that of the two statue puppets.


With the protection of biological machine armor, despite the sharp stone axe in the hands of two statue puppets, Li Batian did not fear at all and rushed directly to fight with it.


During the surge of air inside the Dragon elephant, Li Batian, like a giant dragon-walking elephant, showed horrible strength and showed no weakness in the face of two statue puppets.


The bear's paw waved the huge axe and condensed it. It hit the stone axe waved by a statue puppet opposite. The huge strength of the niche burst out and the figure of the statue puppet could not help but retrogress.


At this time, another statue puppet waved a huge stone axe and cut Li Batian's back.


"Bang bang bang!" Before the stone axe of the statue puppet hit Li Batian, the wing of the sky-shattering turned into a flying shot of a Daoli sword, bombarded the statue puppet and beat it back.


After repelling the statue puppet, the sword returned again and turned into a broken wing. In the whole process, Li Batian did not even look back, as if he had an eye behind him.


The repeated intensification of his spiritual strength has made his sensory stress terrible, even in combat, and the surrounding situation is in his sensation.


The impetus of the Wing of the Breaking Heaven also requires mental control, for which he also spent some time specializing in practice, but did not expect to have a place to use immediately.


With two statue puppets to open a distance, Li Batian look a little dignified. Glancing over the statue puppets, the damaged scars that had just been cut off on them were now completely invisible.


"Master, the puppet made by this magic summon, has a very strong ability to repair, as long as it has enough energy to constantly recover damaged wounds."


The revived ice crystals still continue CP9's intimate style. It's time to talk about the characteristics of the statue puppet.


"In that case, destroy their heads directly." There was a cold glint in his eyes, and Li Batian radiated a terrifying elephant-king momentum all over his body. In a trance, the whole bear was transformed into a giant elephant. The surging dragon elephant gas gushed out and condensed into a huge axe. With the passage of time, the shape of the axe was constantly solidified.


"The intruder, die!" Two statue puppets repeat mechanical words. Again, he rushed to Li Batian with a huge stone axe.


"Bang bang bang!" At the same time, two statue puppets rushed towards themselves. Li Batian also took steps. The stronger the momentum emanating from each step, the more astonishing the mountainous axe suspended in front of you, and the more oppressive the feeling like Mount Tai is, the more it hangs over one of the statue puppets.


Statue puppets are not living creatures. The pressure of this kind of momentum did not affect it, but Li Batian did not want to use momentum to influence each other.


When two statue puppets met Li Batian, they waved their stone axes in succession. At this moment, Li Batian also attacked one of the statue puppets with a stone axe. At the same time, a pair of sky-shattering wings behind him turned into a sharp sword to shoot at the other statue puppet.


The big axe of Kaishan collided with the big stone axe, and its enormous strength was quantified as a shock wave. This time, Li Batian did not retreat. He performed like a king's step. His whole body seemed to be connected with the ground, carrying the shock wave hard, and his eyes burst out with crazy killing intentions.


"Boom!" The huge axe burst out with horror. The statue puppet on the opposite side could not resist it. The stone axe in his hand was blown out of the niche by the whole.


Losing the heavy weapon of the stone axe, the statue puppet seemed to be out of place for a while, while Li Batian's mountain-opening axe had been chopped on its head.


"Crack!" The sculpture puppet, whose head cracks, opens a gap in its head with a huge axe.


"Come again!" One axe failed to split, Li Batian roared in his heart, another bear's paw waved, and the second big axe cut in the gap.


This time, the statue puppet was not so lucky. The hard stone head collapsed in an instant, revealing a crystal stone inside, which was smashed by a huge axe.


When Li Batian fought with this statue puppet, a sword like a flying sword on the other side was fighting with another statue puppet.


Under the control of Li Batian's spiritual power, a broken sword constantly harassed the statue puppet, making it impossible for him to start with Li Batian.


While one of the statue puppets was destroyed by Li Batian, the other one was entangled with the Dagger of Heaven.


"Increase the danger level of the intruder and start a state of violent attack." As the statue puppet said to himself, a dangerous and violent breath emanated from him. The magic lines on the stone axe in his hand flashed, and a pale golden flame rose. The flame spread over the whole stone axe.


"No!" The sensitive Li Batian immediately noticed something wrong, but he had just killed the statue puppet with all his strength and had no time to stop the change of the remaining statue puppet.


The stone axe that burned the light golden flame fluttered violently, and a sword that could have entangled with it was split out of the niche immediately. Under the burning of the light golden flame, the sword that broke the sky automatically flew back to the back of Li Batian.


Li Batian's face changed slightly when he felt the damage of the sword. He could understand the strength of the sword. It was a weapon transformed from the biological armor, far from being comparable to ordinary weapons. It could make the sword hurt, sufficiently demonstrating the strength of the statue puppet after the change.


The whole process took place in an instant. When Li Batian reacted and wanted to distance himself from the changed statue puppet, he was shocked to find that an invisible air machine locked him firmly, holding a statue puppet burning a pale gold flame axe, and rushing in his direction quickly.


He had a feeling that once he tried to dodge, it would be a possible death to greet him.


"Moon Bear Shock!" Heart drunk madly, in a moment Li Batian made a choice, since it can not hide, then face hard resistance, shape into a round of cold moon rushed up.


The huge axe burning a light golden flame cut a golden axe shadow and splitted it on the cold full moon of Li Batian.


"Boom!" The pale golden flame soared, and a force of overcoming the cold of the moon, like being subjected to the enemy, was consumed at an alarming speed. The shield formed by the force of the cold of the moon in the blink of an eye was consumed completely, and the huge axe burning the pale golden flame hit Li Batian. (To be continued...

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