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第一百六十四章 神秘的圆形球状物体!

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In the face of the Titan python with amazing defense, Li Batian showed no mercy at all. He exerted his strength to the utmost, and each hand had the strength of a dragon elephant.


Titan python's hard, iron-like scales are fragmented one after another. Every slap, Titan python's body will have a deep bone wound, blood constantly gushing out.


After seven or eight consecutive shots, when Li Batian was ready to give the Titan Python a knot, a smell of fishy odor came and a sense of crisis came to mind.


Despite some reluctance, Li Batian took another slap of the Titan Python and turned it into a twisting dragon with the help of reaction.


"Sigh!" Rain-like poison sprayed on the ground, the ground immediately burst out of black bubbles, the amazing corrosiveness of the blink of an eye will corrode the ground into a pit, into a dark mud, the air is filled with stinky poison.


The angry winged snake in mid-air shook its wings sadly, blood dripping from its body, looking at Li Batian's eyes full of hatred and resentment.


Think of its winged snake king king, even in the deep Amazon rainforest where there are many mutant monsters and beasts, it is a hegemonic existence. As a result, when faced with Li Batian, he was hit twice in a row and flew out of the niche without knowing what was going on, and he was seriously injured.


"Hoarse!" The King of Winged Snake squealed angrily and opened his mouth to spray venom at Li Batian. This time, the venom sprayed like rain from the sky, completely covering the ground around dozens of meters, not giving Li Batian the chance to dodge.


"Boom!" With a roar, Li Batian was standing on the ground. Behind them rose a pair of sky-breaking wings, the force of the cold moon surge into a round of cold moon, the speed of the blink of an eye broke through the venom.


The venom was frozen immediately when it fell on the cold full moon. It could not do any harm to Li Batian, but he rushed to the King Wing Snake with his weak and broken bamboo.


The Wing of the Breaking Heaven and the Moon Bear Shock are the fastest speed Li Batian can show. Even the King of Winged Snake, known for its flexibility and speed, can't compete with the King of Winged Snake.


Having had the experience of the previous two times, this time the King of Wing Snake did not even respond too late, but just as it stirred up its wings to escape, Li Batian had rushed up.


"Boom!" With a crash. The tragic Wing Snake King vomits blood again to fly. The body was frozen by the cold and still turned into an ice sculpture.


Flying the Wing Snake King, Li Batian turned his head and looked down at the Titan Python and Jiao Python below.


The Titan Python is no longer in sight of the fierce tyranny of the past, large scales fragmented, blood will almost dye the whole body red. The tyrannical dragon elephant's internal air intrudes into its body. It also causes a lot of damage to the inside of its body.


Seeing that the Titanic Python has little combat power. Li Batian looked at the python on the other side.


"roar!" It seems to have sensed Li Batian's gaze. A Python growled and a current wound it. Flying low into the distance.


"This guy is smart, but do you think he can run away in this way?" After a short surprise, Li Batian was waved by the wing of the empress and turned into a silver light to catch up with him.


Although the python has fled at full speed, there is still no way for Li Batian to catch up with him. In the blink of an eye, the distance between the two sides is less than ten meters.


Dragon elephant gas gushing out, a fierce axe once again condensed out, heavy mountain-like momentum hanging over the fleeing python, so that his fleeing speed can not be affected, the distance is closer again.


Feeling the fierce breath of the big axe, the snake pupil of the python flashed a trace of fear, as if reminded of the last one.


"Don't kill me, I'm willing to submit!" When Li Batian was about to start, he was keenly aware of a intermittent spiritual fluctuation.


Surprised, Li Batian abandoned the idea of killing him and shielded himself in front of the python.


The fleeing Python also stopped fleeing, and stayed in its place cunningly, showing a touch of reverence and awe in the eyes of a pair of snakes.


Staring at the python in front of him and recalling the spiritual fluctuation he had just sensed, Li Batian tried to mobilize the spiritual power in his mind.


After the strengthening of CP9, he swallowed the pale golden flowers. His spiritual strength has leaped almost qualitatively compared with before. Before that, he always used the spiritual force as a means of induction. He thought that when the spiritual strength is strong, the sensitivity to danger and the surrounding will be strengthened.


Now, after the spiritual fluctuation just now, let his mind burst out with a spark, a door about spiritual force quietly opened.


Under his mobilization, the mental power in his mind spreads out, and a new feeling comes into his mind, as if he had countless eyes, where the mental power is covered, and everything is clearly printed in his mind.


"That's great. That's how we use our mental energy." Feeling this wonderful feeling, Li Batian secretly surprised himself by spreading his spiritual power over Jiaojiao Python in front of him, trying to use his spiritual power to communicate with him.


"Did you submit just now?"


"Yes, the master, Jiao Python willing to submit to the master, but also asked the master to forgive Jiao python's irreverence."


Feeling the message from the spiritual fluctuation of the python, Li Batian was both surprised and delighted. He did not expect that spiritual power could communicate directly with living things, so that even without the help of CP9, he could easily communicate with them.


His idea is good, but it is only his imagination. The reason why the python can communicate with him is not innate, but has swallowed the bright red flowers in the cave many times. The spiritual power is much stronger than that of the common mutant monster beast, so it has the ability to use spiritual power to communicate.


He surrendered the python, and Li Batian's mind became active. He led the python back to the position he had just fought. To his delight, the Titan Python did not leave.


The result is naturally no suspense. The severely injured Titan Python is not an opponent at all under Li Batian's strong attack.


Their three Python kings, despite their strong breath, are far less effective than the original five-headed monsters. After all, the five-headed monsters are not just mutant monsters evolved from earth creatures. According to CP9, they may have opened the inheritance memory of some nine-headed monsters, and also have biological machine armor. Compared with the three Kings of Python, there is still a big gap in the assistance of body.


Titanic Python is good at strength and defense, and its character is relatively brutal. If it is defeated by other types of enemies, it may not be convinced, or even die with the enemy. However, in the face of Li Batian, who is more powerful in strength and defense, Titanic Python is convinced and decisively chooses to submit.


When Li Batian flew to find the frozen winged snake king, the man's miserable appearance, even Li Batian could not bear to look at it.


In any case, it is also a hegemony of the Amazon Rainforest, but now it is sad people can not bear to look directly, the most important thing is that the whole process did not show the combat effectiveness, Li Batian itself can almost be said to be completely restrained Wing Snake King.


Whether it is the wing of the sky or the force of the cold of the moon, it is precisely the two magic weapons that restrain the king of winged snakes.


The speed is not as fast as Li Batian. Spraying venom is nothing to the force of the cold moon. In this way, the king of winged snakes is totally abolished and falls to a terrible defeat.


Compared with the Python and the Titan Python in front of him, the winged snake king is much more stubborn, but after suffering a lot of devastation, the tragic winged snake king finally has to submit to the lewd of Li Batian.


Successful harvest of the three Python Kings, and received dozens of bright red flowers, and swallowed a pale golden treasure flowers, this Amazon Rainforest trip, Li Batian can be said to be a very fruitful harvest.


Lost the temptation of natural talent and treasure, by the time Li Batian and the three pythons returned, there were few pythons left in the valley.


After staying in the Amazon rainforest for a few days and experiencing some mental strength, Li Batian chose to return.


Putting Snow Tiger in the Changbai Mountains is not very reassuring to him. After all, no one knows what will happen to the Gongdao. Especially this time, his damage to the gene research base in America will cause some changes.


Unexpectedly, Li Batian did not see any American soldiers searching in the Amazon Rainforest. It was easy to leave the Amazon Rainforest without any obstacles along the way.


When Li Batian returned to the Changbai Mountains, far away from the polar ice in the Arctic, a large group of people were busy, a large number of ice pieces were excavated and transported, and various state-of-the-art equipment was rumbling.


A huge pit is clearly visible on the glacial continent, and workers are manipulating machines to continue digging.


The harder the ice is, the slower the excavation is. Especially when the circular spherical object is only a dozen meters deep, the harder the ice is, the harder it will be for half a month.


Li Batian, like a fish entering the sea, advanced at full speed in the sea and returned to the Changbai Mountains at the fastest speed.


To his relief, the change he feared did not occur. In fact, he did not know the niche was that the destruction of genetic research bases was classified as the top secret by the United States, completely concealed, and not known by other countries.


Back in the Changbai Mountains, Li Batian continued to live in seclusion. He distributed dozens of bright red flowers to the Snow Tiger, which greatly increased the spiritual power of the mutant monsters such as the Snow Tiger. Among them, the talented Snow Tiger and the Wild Dog King have been able to communicate simply through spiritual power.


Of course, it is difficult for Snow Tiger and Wild Dog King to communicate with each other as well as the pythons. After all, the pythons have swallowed the bright red flowers several times, which gives them the spiritual strength now. (To be continued...

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