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第一百六十一章 泰坦巨蟒,翼蛇王,蛟蟒!

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Among the wave-like pythons, Li Batian's attention was first attracted by a giant boa constrictor, whose huge and stout stature looks like a stout steel pipe from afar, which is no inferior to the boa constrictors in the movie. It emits a pressured atmosphere and makes the other pythons around him withdraw.


"The roar just now should have been made by this python. This fellow is really terrible." Looking at the giant python, Li Batian sighed to himself, and his face was somewhat dignified.


The Python gives off a strong breath, which is just a little less than the five-headed serpent. This is a miracle of life.


In fact, he did not know the Gongdao, this giant python has the ancestry of ancient Titan python, to know that Gongdao Titan Python is so far known, the world's largest species of giant python, in this environment suitable for the existence of giant pythons, the longer the larger.


When Li Batian marveled at the miracle of life, many pythons came one after another, all of them gathered in the valley.


In the next scene, Li Batian was unable to laugh and cry. After a short disturbance, the pythons gathered in groups began to mate with their parents, which was one of the most important things in their life.


I saw pythons entangled, trying to mate, and some even a group of pythons gathered together to carry out the legendary group P.


Soon the boa constrictors in the valley like waves turned into meat balls entwined one by one, and the scene was absolutely shocking.


"These pythons don't come here regularly to mate." Considering this possibility, Li Batian was depressed and wanted to vomit blood.


If so. It's a tragedy for him to catch up and watch the boa constrictor mating, which can't be described as abnormal.


The depressed Li Batian had no interest in staying on. He really had no interest in watching Python mating. Although he had become a black bear, he had no interest in such exotic flowers.


"roar!" Li Batian just turned to leave, but a sharp hoarse rang out suddenly. In his sight, a huge Python turned over the valley wall and appeared in his sight.


"Jiaolong!" Seeing the python in sight, Li Batian couldn't help exclaiming.


The Python in front of us is quite different from the common python. Meat balls bulged up on the forehead. As if something was pregnant, a pair of sharp claws grew under him, and even when it roared, it could see the sharp teeth in its mouth.


The python's shape has changed dramatically. Li Batian was reminded of Jiaolong recorded in some ancient books. An evolutionary product of a python.


In ancient times, it was said that Jiaolong was a creature in the sea. It can swallow clouds and spit fog, even transform into dragons one step further, and can travel clouds and distribute rain. It's a very powerful creature.


The Python in front of us can't be a dragon, but it can only be regarded as a python. But his strength is really strong. The breath is full of pressures. As soon as it appears, it frightens the pythons in the valley. Even the mating pythons stop to move and turn into a still ball of meat. There?


A self-respecting Titanic Python is also standing up in a cautious defensive posture, looking closely at the climbing python.


"Hoarse!" Another sharp hoarse, the wind blowing, a winding figure appeared from the air.


"That winged snake king!" Glancing at the figure in the air, Li Batian insinuated that his arrival was not surprising, after all, the winged snakes were coming in this direction before.


Soon after the appearance of King Wing Snake, the confrontation between the two snakes turned into a tripod, with a tense and dangerous atmosphere in the air.


Hiding in the distance, Li Batian restrained his breath. Although the boa constrictor kept moving forward, he did not find him close to him.


Looking at the three Python kings confronting each other in the valley ahead, Li Batian was doubtful. If they were just mating, the three Python kings would not need to be so nervous at all. Moreover, the three pythons did not seem to have the right body shape to let them vent.


Among the three King pythons, the most powerful one is the Jiao python. Judging from the breath, it is no less than the original five-headed monster snake, followed by the Titan python, and the weakest one is the winged snake king. However, the winged snake king can fly in the air, and the gap in strength has been made up virtually.


The three Kings of Python can be said to be equally powerful, confronting each other, surging momentum between the same, tension gives people the feeling that the war is imminent.


Li Batian, who was waiting outside, was in a hurry, but the three Python kings in the valley were still confronting each other. Although the atmosphere was tense and gave people a sense of imminent life-and-death struggle, there had been no real battle, and it seemed that they were waiting for an opportunity to fight.


As time passed, more and more pythons gathered in the valley, and mating took ten minutes to complete.


Compared with the exciting mating of other creatures, the mating of pythons is so dull that it gives people the feeling that they are entangled and wriggling for a while.


"Hoarse!" After mating, the serpents, which had calmed down, suddenly became agitated and hoarsed one after another. The pupils of the snakes were staring in one direction.


Not only the pythons, but also the three Python kings were shocked, turning around and turning their eyes to a huge cave above the cliff of the valley.


When Li Batian looked out, he saw the huge cave on the rock wall, which had been attracted by pythons and three Python kings before, but he did not find the cave on the rock wall.


At first Li Batian wondered why a group of pythons would stare at the valley. Soon he understood why the pythons did so.


"This fragrance." Smell the perfume in the air, Li Batian's spirit is one of the inspiration, the eyes of the burning gaze at the huge cave on the rock wall.


Now he is no longer the past, just from the odor of the fragrance, he has judged that it is absolutely natural treasure that can emit this kind of fragrance, and this fragrance is extremely strong, it seems that the number is not small.


The source of fragrance is the huge cave on the rock wall, from which the endless fragrance comes out.


Under the temptation of fragrance, the valley is like an oceanic python that can't be held, hoarsing like a wave, rushing toward the cave on the rock wall.


"Hoarse, roar!"


At that moment, three sharp hoarses suddenly sounded, and the terrifying pressure spread to the whole valley. The original surging group of pythons stopped immediately. A crowd of pythons turned their heads in fear and looked at the three King pythons. All of them were frightened to shrink in place and dared not go on. (To be continued...

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