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第一百七十二章 巨蛋中的生物!

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Depressed by his disappointment, Li Batian could only continue to watch the rest of his memory and try to find something useful for him.


"Well, this is!" Li Batian, who closed his eyes and digested his memory, opened his eyes violently, flashing a strong interest in them.


Among the many skills recorded in the memory crystal of the winged people, one has attracted his attention. For him before, this skill may be very accumulated, but for him now it is extraordinarily appropriate.


"Five elements kill the niche array!"


Before the rebirth of the black bear, Li Batian was a master of ancient martial arts known for his swordsmanship. He was called a swordsman for his hegemonic swordsmanship. His understanding of swordsmanship was far from that of ordinary people. It can be said that swordsmanship was like his second life to him.


Unfortunately, later he regenerated the black bear, and the sword was no longer suitable for him, which was changed to practice palmistry.


Now his body is still not suitable for the sword, but he has a wing that can change into a sword. The same spiritual strength has given him another way to manipulate the sword, so that he rekindled his love and obsession with the sword.


Five Elements Killing the Sword Gong Array is a set of aggressive and powerful swordsmanship. According to the evaluation of the strong wing people on this set of skills, once the practice is successful, it is no inferior to the Zhenzu of their wing people.


Just want to cultivate this set of five elements to kill the niche array needs very harsh conditions. First of all, there must be a system of five elements attributes. Only in this way can we meet the basis of cultivation. In addition, we should cultivate the five elements to a high level and condense them into five elemental swords. Five elements are formed to kill the niche array.


Li Batian can't even do a magic now. Naturally, he can't attain the condition of practice. However, based on the sharp sword on the wing of heaven-shattering, he can also reluctantly display the arrays of killing the niches. This is a simplified version of the understanding of the strong wing people. The only requirement is to have enough spiritual power.


Originally, Li Batian's spiritual power was not enough to control the five sharp swords. Fortunately, the wing of the breaking heaven is different from the ordinary sword. It is evolved from the biological machine armor, which is like an arm for Li Batian. Control naturally does not consume too much mental energy.


The next time. Li Batian devoted himself wholeheartedly to the study of killing the Sword Niches and waited for the condensation of cold air purification, but now he has time.


As time went by, Li Batian was completely closed. With his current physical qualities. There's nothing wrong with not eating for more than a dozen days. It takes only one meal a month, and the rest of the time is devoted to killing the niches.


Far from the Arctic ice, giant eggs absorb more and more electricity. The whole body began to emit ravaging light, sending out a deterrent pressure so that the crowd had to hide hundreds of meters away. Some people of insightful countries were secretly anxious, but most people were full of expectations. The media reporters of various countries would publicize every day, so that the whole earth's human beings were waiting secretly.


"Bombardment!" On this day, there was a sudden roar over the polar ice, and black clouds blinked all over the polar ice, which had never been seen before. Even the appearance of extreme night would not be accompanied by the arrival of black clouds.


The air became oppressive and violent, like the precursor of a storm, and an invisible pressure hung over the hearts of hundreds of people from all over the world.


Among them are former staff and national science teams, and more than a hundred other journalists, as well as those who are rich, full and busy, and like to look for excitement, hoping to see the moment when giant eggs hatch.


Even a couple of men and women want to propose at the moment the giant eggs hatch and make a good testimony of their love niche.


Dark clouds cover the whole land. When people feel depressed and don't know what happened, the black clouds burst out with brilliant light.


"Boom!" After the fierce flash, the horrible roar sounded, and the giant eggs hundreds of meters ahead were hit by lightning.


"Wow!" There was a scream, and all the girls were frightened to cover their ears, while some of the more daring people were shocked.


"How could this happen? What happened? Was it the thunder and lightning from the big egg?" Members of the Science Examination Team couldn't help exclaiming at this situation.


At this moment, no one has the leisure to discuss the reasons for thunder. After the first thunderbolt hit the big egg, a thunderbolt hit it. The terrible thunderbolt was like the bombardment of one shell after another. The explosion of electric sparks was frightening. A group of people came back to their minds and pulled their distance here for fear of being implicated.


Lightning clouds appear quickly and disappear equally quickly. After splitting nine lightning bolts in a row, the thick black clouds disappear quickly, and the extremely icy place is restored to bright daylight here.


The whole process came and went like the wind, so that the presence of all people have a kind of feeling as if they were separated from the world, and have not returned to their spirits.


"Crack!" The clear voice is particularly loud, especially in the silent ice.


Immersed in the thunder and lightning just now, people came back to their minds. Several people with a keen sense of hearing immediately followed the sound and watched. Using telescopes, they found giant eggs that were changing hundreds of meters away.


"Look, there's a crack on the big egg. The creatures in the big egg are coming out." As one person shouted, the others immediately got excited. Some people took out their telescopes and watched, while the science team members and other bold people rushed forward to witness the scene.


People approached the big eggs dozens of meters away, only to see cracks on the big eggs, with the passage of time cracks Yue more and more.


When people were excited about what kind of creatures the giant eggs would hatch, a dazzling light burst out from the cracks, followed by a breath of horror that made people creep and frighten in the air.


"roar!" Accompanied by the Furious roar, the giant egg burst open suddenly, and a strange-looking, metal-like and crystal-like giant beast appeared.


Before the crowd recovered from their horror, the horrible beast's crystal eyes were locked on them all of a sudden.


"No, no, no!" A sense of instinctive fear surged into their minds, and at this moment, both the scientific team members and others felt an irrepressible palpitation.


Terrorist beasts open their mouths and greet people with a horrible attraction. One by one they can't control flies up and flies into the open mouth of a terrible beast.


Terrorist beasts are very large, but they are only a little bigger than ordinary elephants, so they can not be swallowed by so many people.


And just before these people flew to the mouth of the terrible beast, people of normal size shrank into the mouth of the terrible beast.


Hundreds of people were swallowed up in the blink of an eye, the beast of terror closed its mouth, gasped for a moment, and looked around doubtfully.


"roar!" Terrorist beasts roar up into the sky, a pair of wings emerge behind them, and rush up from the ground at a faster speed than flying eagles.


Military officers in charge of surveillance of the giant eggs completely took the scene in their eyes, all of them stayed where they were, and the sudden strikes made it difficult for them to recover.


"No, sir, that terrible beast is flying towards us." The soldier in charge of the surveillance shouted in exclamation.


"What!" Base commander's face suddenly changed, thinking of the fate of hundreds of people just now, a cold sweat appeared on his back. Originally, he thought it was a good fatness. If he did it well, maybe he could go further, but he did not expect it to become so.


"Start the Destruction Project, don't let it get close to the base!" The chief of the base shouted at once that the soldiers in the base were busy.


Their base, in addition to surveillance of giant eggs, also shoulders some special missions. If the creatures in the giant eggs are really terrible and can threaten people's lives, then carry out a plan of destruction and strangle the danger in the cradle.


"Bombardment!" Artillery shells flew out of the base, shooting like meteors at the terrible beasts, closely blocking all the dodging directions of the terrible beasts.


Dense artillery shells bombarded the terrible beast, bursting out a huge mushroom cloud, raging impact as if to tear the surrounding space apart.


"You should die." Staring at the monitor, the base commander thought to himself, and his panic gradually subsided.


Not only he, but also the soldiers were breathing. The monster's deterrent was so strong that it swallowed hundreds of people in one mouthful, which was unacceptable.


"roar and roar!" The deafening roar sounded, the raging air surged, and the smoke of the explosion was blown away. The exposed situation made the soldiers in the base cool.


There was hardly any damage to the horror beast on the monitor, but angry flames welled up in the eyes of the crystal-like forehead. The speed rose again, and in the blink of an eye, it rushed to the base.


By the time the horrible beast left the base, the entire makeshift base had been destroyed, and the smoke billowed into a mess.


Hundreds of soldiers have disappeared from the base, and there is no blood or corpse left on the ground. The eerie scenes are horrifying.


It was not until the base was destroyed that countries responded. For a time, high-level people in various countries were shaken violently. Nobody expected such a thing to happen.


Originally full of expectations, the result was that hundreds of people were buried in the niche. We should know that many of these people are journalists, and even some relatives of high-ranking officials, who simply can not hide for a long time.


Despite the efforts of countries to hide information, things in the extreme ice quickly leaked out. (To be continued...


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