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第一百七十六章 月熊炮!

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The horrible roar rang out suddenly and just dropped to a distance of more than ten meters from the island. Li Batian's figure shocked slightly, and his eyes flashed with horror.


He could feel a strong breath locked in himself, and the terrible breath gave him an irresistible illusion.


With the breath of terror, there was a roar in the distant jungle, from which huge figures flew out, and the huge figure that covered the sky and the sun was like an aircraft carrier.


"Damn it!" Looking at the ancient stars, Li Batian gave a low roar, behind which a pair of sky-breaking wings waved rapidly, and his figure turned into a round moon flying.


In the blink of an eye, Li Batian disappeared into the vast sea of the sky, flying out of the jungle of ancient stars and giant beasts, glancing at the direction of his disappearance in surprise, but did not continue to chase, nostrils sprayed hot waves, the body once again disappeared into the jungle.


Far away from the island, Li Batian stopped and glanced at the direction of the island until it was clear that the ancient stars had not attacked, which relieved him.


Just now, although it was just a glimpse, the ancient stars and beasts gave him a deterrent, but let him jump, that kind of strong sense of crisis he can not help himself.


"Ice crystal, you're not mistaken. Is that ancient star beast in a weak period? How could it be so strong?" Li Batian asked, somewhat dismayed, to calm down his mood.


Originally in his view, the ancient star beast is in a weak period, should not be too strong, at most a little stronger than the five-headed serpent, but now I found out how ridiculous my idea is. The two sides are not in the same class at all.


"Master, the noble blood of the ancient star beast is the existence of terror in the universe. In my opinion, this ancient star beast is not only in a weakening period, but also in a far worse state than the ordinary newly born ancient star beast. It seems that it has a feeling of malnutrition, otherwise it will not give up pursuing."


After listening to the ice crystal, Li Batian was speechless. Although he knew that Gongdao ice crystal would not deceive himself, this situation still made him somewhat unacceptable.


"Ancient star beasts are powerful though. For the host, there is no lack of opportunity. Did you forget the thunderstorm star?


"Yes, how did I forget that big killer?" Li Batian's Spirit is boosted by his words. He has the big killer of Thunderstorm Star, if he makes good use of Gong. Indeed, it can turn the war around.


"Except for Thunderstorm Star. Utilize the materials left behind by the strong wing people. Barely can also arrange a magic array, cooperate with each other, enough to kill ancient stars and beasts.


Li Batian, who had lost his confidence. At last, he regained his confidence and burst out a frightening light in his eyes. For him, it was not only risking his life, but also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Whether it was a dragon or an insect depended on the battle.


In order to ensure that the ancient stars will be killed at once, Li Batian did not blindly implement the plan immediately.


Thunderstorm stars seem to have a good chance, but they also need to lead the ancient stars into the magic array first. In this process, if there is not enough strength to survive, there will definitely be no return.


Above all, he has only one thunderstorm star, no second chance to act, and only once to die or live.


, "ice crystal, is there any way to speed up the condensation of cold essence? I hope to break the power of the moon cold to the second level as soon as possible." Back to the glacier trench, Li took a look at the cold cream in the ice bowl and frowned.


Time waits for no one. By the time the cold cleanses naturally condense into enough breakthroughs, it is estimated that the ancient stars and giants have already passed the period of weakness, and even the whole earth has been destroyed.


"there is a way, but then the glacier trench will be completely destroyed, and no longer can condense the essence of cold."


After hesitation, Li Batian finally nodded his head and let the ice crystals gather in the cold of the glacier trench. He had no time to wait.


Wires of pure cold emerged from the thick ice layer of the glacial trench, as if attracted to the bottom of the cave, looking like white ghosts from afar.


With the constant outpouring of cold, the already cold and pressing glacial trenches began to show signs of warming up, and some hard, iron-like ice began to melt.


In a twinkling of an eye, the ice trench, which is colder than the two poles, has completely changed its shape. The ice layer has almost completely disappeared. It is almost the same as the general trench. It is hard to believe that it was still a cold trench two days ago.


in the caves of the glacier trench, the ice cream bowl is full of cold cream. It looks as clear as crystal.


Not far away, Li Batian closed his eyes. The pattern of the full moon in front of his chest emitted a faint light. It seemed that something was brewing.


"Buzz!" As he opened his eyes suddenly, a light column burst out from the pattern of the full moon in front of his chest, covering the cold jade bowl in it. The purification of cold air, like the children who found their homes, poured into the pattern of the full moon along the light column one after another.




with the continuous absorption of chill essence, Li Batian's body surface is also rapidly frozen, until all the chill essence absorbed completely, his whole person has been frozen into an ice sculpture.


Li Batian is actively preparing for the battle against the ancient stars, but the Earth Alliance on the other side is not idle.


After six months of fighting each other, the Earth Alliance has a deep understanding of the powerful nature of ancient star beasts. Especially since the ancient star beasts were forbidden to use the forbidden art to summon the power of the stars to enhance the strength of marine life, the power of the ancient star beasts has been growing every day.


This situation makes the Earth Alliance extremely passive. If it continues to delay, it will only be a chronic death. In order to avoid this situation, Li Batian actively prepared to enhance his strength, launched a fierce attack on the ancient stars.


Let the ancient star beasts have no time to recover consumption, even under the attack of the Earth Alliance at any cost, but suffered some minor injuries, indirectly helped Li Batian's great help.


Facing the mad attack of the Earth Alliance, the sea monsters and beasts under the ancient stars giant beasts suffered heavy losses. After all, compared with the bombing of heat weapons, the general sea monsters and beasts are still irresistible.


Of course, the loss of sea monsters and beasts is very tragic, and the Earth Alliance is equally uncomfortable, with the horrible existence of ancient stars and giant beasts, a large number of warships and aircraft were destroyed, the loss is almost comparable to the world war in the niche.


For the Earth Alliance, the situation is now in a dead circle, no matter how many sea monsters they kill, as long as one day can not eradicate the ancient stars and beasts, then they can not get rid of the fate of extinction.


A large number of land is occupied by sea monsters. Despite the mad attack of the Earth Alliance, the alliance base is shrinking constantly to consolidate its strength and avoid being attacked by the ancient stars.


For the entire planet, this is simply a disaster, human life has become very worthless at this moment, the Earth Alliance can not guarantee the safety of all people, like those powerless ordinary people, more is resigned to fate.


The rampant killing has cast a shadow over the whole earth. The bombing of various bombs and atomic bombs has further deteriorated the environment of the earth.


While attacking the powerful niches of ancient stars, some of the Earth Alliance's people are discussing leaving the Earth. They have to prepare for the worst, and even if they kill the ancient stars after the niche, the environment of the whole Earth will be so bad that it will be difficult for humans to survive.


The war rages like a raging fire, and on an island hundreds of miles away from the ancient star beasts, a dark shadow is traveling at an alarming speed. The sea beasts on the island are killed in an instant, and in the blink of an eye the sea beasts on the island are completely empty.


Empty the sea monster on the island, a black bear with silver wings suspended in a spacious flat space, looking around at the beautiful and angelic beauty of the illusion.


"Ice crystal, that's all right."


The beautiful woman nodded her head and said earnestly, "Well, this space is enough to arrange magic battles. Now the master can go and bring in the ancient stars and beasts. During this time, the ice crystals are enough to arrange magic battles."


"Good!" After Li Batian nodded his head, he looked in the direction of the island where the ancient stars and beasts were located, and there was a terrifying warfare in his eyes.


Wings of the breaking sky waved, Li Batian's body was shaped into a silver light flying into the air, and disappeared in the sky in the blink of an eye.


In an instant, the image of Li Batian appeared over the island where the ancient star beast was located. This time, he did not intentionally suppress his own breath compared with the last time he was careful. After his appearance, the moon pattern in front of his chest emitted a cold moonlight, and a huge round moon quickly condensed.


"Ancient Star Beast, try my Moon Bear Gun." Drinking lightly in his heart, Li Batian's strong figure, the huge sphere condensated in front of his chest, fired like a shell.


The Moon Bear cannon drew a white beam in the air and blinked into the dense virgin forest on the island.


A short pause, the first to blossom white light, followed by a roaring explosion, the spread of terror.


Li Batian in mid-air can clearly see the spread of explosion shock wave. The forest in all directions is frozen into ice sculptures. When the explosion shock dissipates, at least a forest as big as several football fields is covered with ice.


The original humid and hot island temperature also dropped to below zero in an instant. Marine monsters and beasts living on the island were frightened to flee and jump into the surrounding sea water.


The roar of rage rang like a clear thunder. In the area surrounded by cold ice, a large amount of broken ice splashed everywhere, and a huge figure of terror shot out from it. It was the ancient star beast that had been seen before. (To be continued...


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