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第一百七十七章 怪物般的实力!

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"This fellow!" Glancing at the ancient stars and beasts, Li Batian talked to himself gloomily, and his eyes became more dignified.


After being bombarded by the Moon Bear Cannon, the ancient stars and giant beasts could not see the slightest scars, but the body surface was covered with a light layer of frost, which melted at a visible speed with the naked eye, almost without causing any damage.


"roar!" Looking at Li Batian in sight, the ancient star giant beast looked up to heaven with an angry roar, rolling waves surging like the tide, terrible momentum.


Although the ancient stars giant beast was born only a short time ago, its intelligence was not weak. At first glance, it recognized that Li Batian was the black bear who had come to the island before. Last time, he had spared his life. This time, he dared to provoke aggression on his own initiative, which made the arrogant ancient stars giant beast unbearable.


A pair of giant wings flickered, and there was a loud explosion in the air. In the blink of an eye, the ancient star beast rushed to Li Batian's front, and the speed frightened him.


In response, a huge grim claw had already been photographed above his head, and the terrible power was like Mount Tai.


"Boom!" Li Batian was like a grand monkey in the palm of the Buddha Tathagata. He was shot and flew out of the niche. His body crashed into the sea, splashing waves more than ten meters high.


Flying Li Batian, the ancient star beast scanned the exploded sea, and a hot air gushed from his nostrils. He turned his head disdainfully to leave.


For the noble, arrogant ancient star beast, Li Batian is like a fly all the time, which is not worth mentioning at all. It seemed to him that a slap was enough to kill him.


The ancient stars giant beast just turned around, not far from the sea water burst open, Li Batian's body into a silver light flying towards the distance.


"roar!" After a short period of distraction, the ancient star giant beast roared angrily. It never expected that Li Batian would escape safely twice in succession, which made the arrogant ancient star giant beast extremely angry.


A pair of huge wings flickered, accompanied by the explosion of air, ancient stars and giant beasts rolled up the waves of the weather, faster to pursue Li Batian.


"This guy is a monster." Feel the strong and overbearing atmosphere of the rapid pursuit in the rear. Li ba heavenly heart in Tucao. A handful of blood was wiped from the corners of the mouth.


That is to say, his strong physique, coupled with the resistance of biological armor, which carried the bombardment of ancient stars and giant beasts, even so it is also traumatized.


Li Batian's battle with the ancient stars. Although it was only two short encounters. But it is enough to draw the attention of the Earth Alliance, which has been using satellites to lock in this area.


When I saw Li Batian's magnificent black bear image. All the high-ranking members of the Earth Alliance were immediately exclaimed.


Originally faced with the ancient stars and beasts, the high-level Earth Alliance has almost despaired. Now the appearance of Li Batian gives them a glimmer of hope.


Despite the irony of making a black bear their hope, the top leaders of the Earth Alliance at the moment have not paid attention to it. It's what they have to do to kill the ancient stars.


The battle between Li Batian and the ancient stars and beasts was detected, and some military leaders immediately sniffed the fighter planes. For them, this may be the last chance to wipe out the ancient stars and beasts.


With close satellite surveillance, the high-level members of the Earth Alliance immediately held a heated discussion meeting, which lasted only a few minutes, but affected the future of the Earth.


But Li Batian tried to lead the ancient star beasts to the islands with magic array at full speed. If it was in peacetime, the distance of a hundred miles would be nothing to him, and he would soon be able to fly there.


Now, with the ancient star beasts chasing after him, he really found that a hundred miles is a little long.


The speed of the ancient star giant is too fast. Li Batian not only exerts the broken wings of the sky to the extreme, but also exerts the impact of the moon bear. However, he still can't open the distance between the ancient star giant.


Compared with Li Batian, who tried to distance himself from the ancient stars by all means, the ancient stars are also very unhappy.


It seems that the distance between Li Batian and Li Batian is getting closer, but it can not catch up in a short time, which makes the arrogant ancient star giant angry.


"roar!" With a roar, the ancient star beasts opened their fierce mouths, and the bright stars and galaxies appeared in his mouth, as if the mouth contained the whole universe, and the horrible attraction emerged as black holes.


"Damn it!" Li Batian, who fled at full speed, felt the strength for the first time, as if dozens of horses were pulling their suction behind him.


Faced with such horrible attraction, Li Batian did not say that he was pulled out of the attraction. Even the speed of flight slowed down rapidly, and even turned backward after the niche.


"Can't I die here first?" Turning his head and glancing at the ever-growing grim mouth, Li Batian was very unwilling.


"Damn it, spell it!" There was a fierce flash in his eyes, and Li Batian's heart roared, resisting suction with all his strength. The bio-destruction gun was raised on his back. The inner air of the Dragon rushed into the bio-destruction gun, and the brilliant destructive silver light was emitted from it.


Zhangkou wants to swallow up the ancient star beast that Li Batian swallowed. He is keenly aware that something is wrong. By the time he reacts, a silver beam of destruction has sprayed out. The hard hole of the beam of destruction pierces the attraction of his mouth and bombards his body.


"roar and roar!" Ancient star beasts screamed in pain, their bodies were blown out of the niches by destructive beams, and the suction surging in their mouths finally dissipated.


In mid-air, Li Batian was breathing heavily and his eyes flashed with a palpitation. If he had hesitated a moment ago, he might have been sucked into the mouth of an ancient star beast. At that time, life and death were really unknown.


Just as he breathed a sigh of relief, the ancient star beasts that had been shot in the distance rushed up again, accompanied by roaring and roaring, and the breath of terror surged like the tide.


"This monster!" Li Batian scolded gloomily when he saw the wounds of the ancient star beasts bombarded by bio-destruction artillery.


Biological Destruction Gun attack has been one of his strongest means of attack, but the result is only to smash the crystal-like scales on his body surface, shed a few drops of blood, can only be regarded as a slight skin injury.


secretly Tucao himself, but he did not dare to delay a bit, continue to waving the wings of heaven's full speed flight. (To be continued...

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