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第一百七十四章 远古星辰巨兽!

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It took five minutes for the satellite display to show the picture again. The sea was basically calm. There were dead sea creatures everywhere on the sea. The blood stained the whole sea. I wondered whether the niche was the blood of a terrible beast or the blood of other sea creatures.


"All satellites are immediately locked in search, and submarines are searching underwater to determine the life and death of that terrible beast." After a short period of horror, the heads of state immediately issued an order that, since they had used two nuclear warheads at all costs, they naturally did not want to be able to terrorize the beast and survive.


When the navies of all countries came out, the calm sea burst open suddenly after the explosion, and a terrible monster burst out from it, like crystal and metal beast full of blood, but the body's breath is still fierce, a pair of crystal eyes full of brutality.


Terrorist beasts have extremely terrible potential, but after all, their birth time is still short. In addition, they have been malnourished and unable to absorb enough energy before, which has caused a certain degree of congenital deficiency. Under the explosion of two nuclear bombs just now, they have also been severely damaged, and also thoroughly aroused the ferocious nature of terrorist beasts.


"roar!" With a roar, the terrible beast soared up, and its speed changed into a flash. In a blink, it disappeared on the screen of the satellite display. The speed was so fast that the satellite could not be locked in for the first time.


It was not until then that the heads of state remembered that the giant terrorist beasts could not only dive, but also fly at unusually fast speeds.


Terrorist beast wounded by two nuclear bombs, outraged. Before, he just wanted to eat to improve his strength and play with those ships in an instant. After all, it was not long after he was born, and he had a child-like mind.


High-level heads of state used nuclear bombs to blow them up, arousing the ferocity and brutality hidden deep in their bodies. Only killing can calm their anger.


Li Batian knows nothing about the outside world. Of course, Chuhu is a puppet servant. It is not difficult for him to understand the outside world. But now he has no thoughts at all. All his energies are focused on killing the sword niches and enhancing the strength of the cold moon.


In a twinkling of an eye, half a year passed. In this half year, he will kill the seven-seventy-eighty-eight enlightened swordsmen. Absorbed a chill essence, the body's monthly cold power has reached a breakthrough bottleneck. The only thing missing is that the essence of cold cream is not enough to break through for at least half a year.


Half a year of closed-door training. Even with Li Batian to cultivate a madman-like personality. There are also some unsustainable. After a deep sleep, he decided to go outside and really practice killing the niche array. After all, he only studied for half a year. But there was no combat drill.


Rising out of the glacier trench, Li Batian roams in the cool sea water. Compared with the cold of the glacier trench, the sea water gives people a much warmer and more comfortable feeling.


"Well, it's strange how the ocean is so calm." Li Batian, enjoying the relaxation, glanced around in surprise as he rose slowly in the sea.


In recent years, he has spent most of his time in the sea. He knows more about the situation in the sea. Under the circumstance of his astringent breath, he will surely encounter a lot of fish or other marine organisms along the way. This time, it seems unusually cold, and the sea gives people a sense of silence.


At first, he thought that in the deep sea, there were not many kinds of marine organisms, but when he came to the middle of the ocean, he still did not see any marine organisms.


A bad feeling came into his mind. There were two mutant sea monsters in his mind. The news he got from the mutant sea monster shocked him.


Since the two mutant sea monsters planted evolutionary seeds, they have successfully activated the blood gene and possessed the blood of the sea god. Of course, the sea god here is not a real god, but a strange sea creature, which is also a noble blood in the sea.


Two mutant sea monsters that activate the blood of the sea god have greatly improved their intelligence. According to their statement, in the past six months, a powerful creature has emerged in the sea. This creature has terrible power, which brings the fighting sea people into the whole ocean and uses its own strength to attract them. Starlight, so that these submissive sea creatures have undergone tremendous changes, have evolved into mutant monsters.


In order to avoid this powerful creature, the two mutant sea monsters are hidden, or once they are found, they will either submit or die.


Two mutant sea monsters have been hidden, not too many things to understand, Li Batian thought for a moment, linked now can be said to be a high-weight Chu tiger.


"No!" The news from Chuhu Tiger made Li Batian utter a cry of surprise. Things were far worse than what the mutant sea monster knew.


Not only in the ocean, but also in the continental land, which has been seriously damaged. Only half a year has passed, and the original prosperous earth has undergone tremendous changes.


Once powerful countries such as the United States, China and Russia have all suffered heavy losses. A month ago, several countries were forced to unite and form an organization called the Earth Alliance to jointly resist attacks from terrorist monsters.


After a short period of horror, Li Batian, with constant knowledge of the story, despised the stupidity of the heads of state and high-level people, and was also interested in the creature that emerged from the giant egg.


"Don't you?" At that moment, a flash of light came out of his mind, and a subconscious blurt came out.


He had not paid much attention to it before. Now he heard the story of Chu Hu. It reminds me that when I read the memory crystal myself, I once knew the reason why the strong people of the Winged People and others would cross the unknown light-years to the remote place of the earth in order to find the egg of an ancient star beast.


By synthesizing the information left behind by the strong winged people and the information told by the Chu tiger, he can be basically sure that if not unexpectedly, it will probably hatch the ancient stars and giant beasts.


After thinking about it, Li Batian summoned perfect ice crystals with both shape and figure, and asked with dignity, "Ice crystals, what do you know about ancient star beasts, what kind of beasts they are, and what kind of strength they are?"


"Ancient Star Beast!" Ice crystal repeated, calm face showed a strong dignity, look unprecedented serious.


"Master, the stars giant beast is a big branch of the cosmic giant beast, belonging to the natural civilization, bred by the universe, born with a strong talent far beyond the ordinary creatures, every star giant beast once adults can cross the stars, extraordinary strength, is a group of extremely terrible ethnic creatures."


Speaking of this, the ice crystal paused for a moment and continued, "Ancient star beasts are stronger than star beasts, and their blood lines are more noble and terrible. They are the creatures left over from ancient times. Each one has the ability to devour the heaven and the earth. They are one of the most terrible creatures in the world, known as living fossils in the universe. ”


Before asking about the ice crystal, he had guessed that it would be very easy for the winged man and his master to spend a lot of surprise looking for something, but after listening to the ice crystal, he still had a great sense of pressure.


He took a deep breath and suppressed his inner feelings. Li Batian told Ice Crystal what he had learned before. After all, Ice Crystal knows a lot. Maybe there will be a solution.


Ice Crystal listened quietly and said earnestly with dignity, "Master, once the ancient star beasts hatch, no one will be able to compete on the whole earth. Now the only way is to leave the earth and stay away from this constellation before the ancient star beasts really grow up."


"What, there is no way!" Li Batian asked somewhat reluctantly that the earth was his home for him after all. He did not want to see the earth completely destroyed by the ancient star beasts and become the nutrient for the growth of the ancient star beasts.


The ice crystal shook its head expressionlessly and hesitated for a moment. "According to the master's view, with the strength of the ancient stars and giant beasts, even if they only hatched for half a year, the strength is enough to destroy the scientific and technological civilization of the earth. Now they are still in a standstill state, and need the help of marine organisms, which seems normal. The ancient stars are different.


"Yes, isn't that ancient star beast injured?" There was a heat in his heart, Li Batian thought to himself.


After all, the guess was only a guess. To make sure for his own eyes, he decided to go to the temporary stronghold of the ancient Star Beast, an island in the central Pacific Ocean.


Flying carefully all the way, Li Batian really saw the great changes of the earth in the past six months.


The continental land was destroyed in a mess, and the cities were smoke and smoke. It was difficult to see human traces. On the sea, from time to time, some mutant marine monsters and beasts were rolling wildly, and the number of them made him look a little stunned.


Many times we have seen huge groups of lobsters mutating marine monsters, and some aggressive fish mutating marine monsters, which has become a real monster paradise.


"This is the base camp of sea monsters and beasts as Chu Hu said." Suspended in the air, with its own amazing, sharper than the eagle's niche, gazing down at a huge island.


Despite flying in the air, he could still feel the evil spirit emanating from the island, which filled the surrounding islands.


The islands are full of creatures peculiar to the oceans. At this time, all these creatures have evolved into mutant monsters, and even some changes have taken place in the system.


Many creatures that could only survive in the ocean could easily travel on land. Li Batian was stunned. (To be continued...


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