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第一百七十五章 天大的机缘!

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"Unexpectedly, the ancient stars and giant beasts should use this forbidden art to enhance the strength of marine organisms. No wonder they failed to destroy the scientific and technological civilization of the earth."


"What, you said that these sea creatures were raised by the ancient stars and giant beasts with forbidden techniques." Li Batian turned his head in surprise and glanced at the ice-crystal road beside him.


"Yes, as a cosmic behemoth inherited from ancient times, the ancient star behemoth possesses all kinds of abilities to create the world, but this ancient star behemoth was born only half a year ago. It is nothing for the long-lived star behemoth to use this means at all costs. Means have a strong side effect on him. During the conversation, the ice crystal frowned, and the way of thinking gave people a different temptation.


Ice crystals don't know the niche. The ancient star beast itself is congenitally inadequate. Six months ago, it was seriously damaged by two atomic bombs. His body was eroded by nuclear radiation. In addition to his own plan, he wanted to get a lot of help, but also used the power of the stars to eliminate the nuclear radiation in the body.


"Well, it's not that there's no chance of dealing with this ancient star beast." Li Batian asked with some excitement.


"Yes, the master, this prohibition for ancient stars giant beast, minor will have some side effects, especially the birth of this ancient stars giant beast, side effects are enough to make him weak for a long time."


"Great!" Li Batian was a little excited. He felt very uncomfortable with what he had seen and heard along the way. Once the ancient stars and giants were strengthened, the whole earth would encounter tremendous disasters. As a member of the earth, he can't do nothing.


This is not for others, but for himself, for his own inner persistence and security.


"Master, do you know what the Gongdao is? The winged man will come to the earth to look for the ancient stars and giant beast eggs at an unimaginable distance."


"What for Gong!" Wen Yan Li Batian asked in surprise.


To tell the truth, he really did not understand why the strong wing people were so persistent with an ancient star giant beast egg that it could not be used for cooking and eating.


"Ancient star beasts themselves are aristocrats of star beasts. They are rare in number and countable in the whole universe. Once you get the ancient star giant beast eggs. Whether it's trying to sign a contract with him before hatching, succeeding in enslaving an ancient star beast, or carrying out a rebirth, it has immeasurable value. It's enough to make the universe strong crazy.


"Now the ancient stars have hatched. I don't think it's worth that much anymore. It is not clear the value of Li Batian, an ancient star behemoth. The way of disapproval.


"Yes, once hatched, the ancient stars and beasts have awakened their inheritance from ancient times. Whether you want to enslave or seize it has become extremely difficult, almost impossible to accomplish, and once you do that, it will be immediately sensed by other ancient stars in the universe, will be subjected to the crazy pursuit of the entire family of stars.


"For others, the hatched ancient stars are not good, but a time bomb, but for the master, the present ancient stars are a rare opportunity for the master to win the title of the cosmic power."


Having to say Ice Crystal's words is very motivating. After listening to her words, Li Batian felt his blood boiling. Even he could not keep calm in the face of such temptation.


Taking a deep breath, Li Batian soon calmed down. The ice crystals beside him looked into his eyes and nodded in admiration.


It takes a lot of perseverance to know that Gong Dao, like Li Batian, is a martial-loving person who can quickly calm down in the face of such temptation.


It's like a lewd sex ghost who sees an absolute beauty lying naked in bed and showing you her beautiful body, but the sex ghost can suppress the body's desire and not lose his reason to rush on. This is extremely difficult.


"The blood gene in the host body is only a very low gene, and a person's genetic quality is related to his future development potential. If the host wants to enhance the blood gene, he needs to fuse higher blood gene, and as long as he gets the body of the ancient star giant, I can let the host get an ability of the ancient star giant. Strength, so that the host's body into the blood of ancient stars giant beast gene.


"What's the success rate of this?" Li Batian was not confused by the sudden happiness and asked again with a deep breath.


Ice Crystal was stunned and thought for a moment. "With the master's current physical quality, the success rate should be at the level of 67%. With all kinds of auxiliary items from the winged strong, the success rate can be raised to 70%."


Li Batian had a smile on her face when she heard the answer from Ice Crystal. Ice Crystal inherited CP9's memory and habits. It can be said that it was another CP9. She always spoke very precisely, but this time her words were very vague. Obviously, even she could not really determine how much success rate she had.


"Ha-ha, life is struggling with the world, if you can only do nothing, let people fish and meat survive, it is better to fight for freedom, for strength once." A self-confident smile spreads from the corner of his mouth. Li Batian's eyes burst out with a terrifying light and looked down at the islands below. His eyes revealed his fearless ambition.


Looking at Li Batian in front of us, the ice crystal suddenly has a strange feeling, as if suddenly his image has become unusually tall, emitting a brilliant light.


Since waking up, Ice Crystal has not much recognition for Li Batian, the master, but abides by his own work as a biological machine.


As a former Jingzu people, Biomecha is the core product of scientific and technological civilization. The ice crystal owners were powerful enough to sweep galaxies. They naturally looked down on Li Batian, the indigenous people on the earth.


Until now, ice crystals have found that Li Batian is not what he imagined. Perhaps the potential of the future is not worse or even stronger than his former master.


Next, Li Batian circled in the sky for a while, but never found the ancient stars.


After all, what I just said belongs to speculation. Without really seeing the ancient stars, nobody is sure whether this guy is really in a weak stage.


Considering this, Li Batian decided to seek wealth and danger, landing from the sky toward the island, ready to go to the island for observation, in order to determine the situation of ancient stars. (To be continued...