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第一百七十一章 记忆水晶!

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In the volcanoes of the Changbai Mountains, the calm surface of lava magma bursts open suddenly, and a cold full moon rises from the sky.


"Master, leave here quickly. Once the alien space collapses, it will definitely affect the niche boundary of the theme plane."


Hearing the reminder of ice crystals in his mind, Li Batian urged the wings of the sky to change into a silver light flying to the sky a hundred meters away.


"Boom!" A column of lava fires erupted from the crater, and hot lava flames dyed half the sky red.


Li Batian's face changed slightly when he thought the impact had passed. He was shocked to discover that the volcano, like firecrackers filled with explosives, was expanding rapidly. A terrible breath filled it, and he fled at full speed.


"Boom!" Volcano explosion, terrible shock waves carrying hot magma, surging in all directions, in addition to the volcano group of this land began to shake violently, has become an extinct volcano volcano volcanoes, also like boiling water eruption.


Only when Li Batian flew out of the position of the volcanoes did he dare to stop and look astonishingly at the direction of the volcanoes.


The power of nature is undoubtedly revealed at this moment. He is stunned by the power of terror. Under the guidance of the collapse of alien space, the whole Volcano Group erupted collectively.


Such an eruption is only the beginning. Li Batian soon found that with the eruption of volcanoes, the whole Changbai Mountain Range is shaking violently. If the mountains visible to the naked eye shake like freezing, huge rocks fall, it is a complete picture of the end of the world niche.


"How could that be!" Li Batian was a little incredible when he noticed the whole Changbai Mountains. He didn't expect things to get so bad.


"Master, this exotic space is itself maintained by absorbing the central energy of volcanoes. It can be said that it is closely related to the veins of the earth in the whole Changbai Mountains. Now the collapse of the exotic space has naturally affected the whole Changbai Mountains. If nothing happens, the whole Changbai Mountains will be destroyed." An expressionless ice crystal, with an unusually calm analysis, shows no change in mood at all from the outside.


"The whole Changbai Mountains will be destroyed." Say it. Li Batian's face suddenly changed. Immediately the figure turned into a silver light and disappeared in place.


Snow tigers are still in the valley of the Changbai Mountains. Once the entire Changbai Mountains are destroyed, they will certainly be affected.


Li Batian traveled at full speed here, but the whole of China was shocked by the situation of the Changbai Mountains.


Because Li Batian exists. Cathaysia has always paid great attention to the Changbai Mountains. Even outside the Changbai Mountains, bases have been built to release unconventional high-lethal weapons such as nuclear bombs. Naturally, the anomaly of the Changbai Mountains was discovered in the first time.


Through satellite positioning and other high-tech lock-in, the Chinese government was shocked to find that the entire Changbai Mountains were shaking violently. An earthquake of unusually high magnitude has shocked the whole northeast of China, and the cities close to it are in a panic.


Although it was not clear what was going on, Huaxia responded immediately. Rescue teams from all walks of life went to the northeast. As for the Changbai Mountains, the intensity of the earthquake was so strong that they could only conduct aerial surveillance to avoid any major disturbances. After all, they knew what the Gongdao had in the mountains. Why?


At full speed, Li Batian came to the valley where he lived before, and now the valley has completely collapsed, which made him feel anxious.


"Don't worry about the owners, they are all in the north of more than two hundred meters on this basis." The sound of ice crystal calm came, which made Li Batian's anxious mood much better.


Fast flying to the north of the valley more than two hundred meters, the eyes of the small snow tigers are flustered in an open space, roaring anxiously, but did not panic to escape, but stayed there waiting for his arrival.


With a delighted smile, Li Batian flew down and panicked little snow tigers. When they saw Li Batian's arrival, they all had a heart-bone-like calm.


Li Batian did not continue to wait for the small snow tiger and other mutant monsters to be brought into the biological space. Now the Changbai Mountains have become uninhabitable, and he can only find a new foothold.


Outside Changbai Mountain, a reconnaissance plane monitored the situation in the Changbai Mountains. One of the pilots of the reconnaissance plane turned his head in amazement and saw a silver-white light flying rapidly. Through professional instruments, he found that it seemed to be a black bear with wings.


He shook his head, and when he looked at it again, he found that there was no silver-white light at all and there was nothing in his sight.


"Damn it, is it blindness? Maybe it's too much energy on the little girl's belly recently. I'll buy something nice to mend it when I get back." The driver who thought he was wrong shook his head and talked to himself. There was a trivial Yin swing between his eyebrows.


Leaving the Changbai Mountains, Li Batian flew all the way and plunged into the deep sea. By the time he reappeared, he had reached the glacier trench.


The Changbai Mountains are no longer suitable for living, but the small snow tigers in the biological space do not need to worry about safety, and they can continue to evolve and strengthen in the biological space, so he is ready to temporarily close the glacier trench and strive to break through the force of the cold moon to the second.


This trip in different space made him realize that his strength was still too weak. He could only improve his self-cultivation as far as possible. For the time being, there was only a chance for him to break through in the cold of the moon.


As he lurked in the glacier trench, the whole Changbai Mountains in the northeast, accompanied by a rumbling earthquake and magma gushing, almost turned into ruins.


The sudden earthquake in the Changbai Mountains caused tremors all over the world. The only thing to be thankful for is that the number of casualties is not large. The earthquake is confined to the Changbai Mountains and does not spread outward.


Apart from the super-earthquake in Changbai Mountain of China, it is undoubtedly the giant egg in the Arctic Ice Land that touches the whole topic of people on earth.


Since the Big Egg was discovered, it has become the focus of high-level countries. Especially after excavation, the media of various countries have been publicizing the magic of the Big Egg and all kinds of speculation. Every country in a place where there are many people, the content of their conversation is basically about Big Egg.


Big eggs are like bottomless pits, constantly devouring the current flowing to them. With the continuous devouring of electric current, the vitality of big eggs becomes stronger and stronger, and even produces an inexplicable pressures, so that people around them have to retreat to a place 100 meters away, even if they are strong ancient warriors, they can not get close to big eggs.


Such a situation immediately attracted the attention of senior officials and professionals from all over the world. Some people immediately saw the seriousness of the situation and implicitly felt that the big egg was a disaster or not a blessing. According to such absorption level, it is likely that there will be an uncontrollable monster.


However, there are only a few people who have this idea. Most of them are still unaware of it. They are also scornful of their remarks.


Countries are still fully supportive, power generation equipment continues to be transported to polar ice, a large amount of current energy is transported to giant eggs, of course, in order to prevent some accidents, or to build a military base outside the Arctic base, a variety of powerful high-tech weapons ready.


Li Batian, who is in the glacier trench, took out the memory crystal left by the strong winged people, and penetrated it with mental strength. He was ready to watch the memory materials left behind. It was just a moment of massive information coming in, which almost knocked him into an idiot.


Fortunately, his spiritual power is not what it used to be. Otherwise, an instant shock can turn him into a brain-dead vegetable.


The strength of the strong wing people is far from his comparability, and the natural spirit is also extremely strong. For him, the memory in the crystal is nothing, but for Li Batian, it is simply unbearable for a time.


Following the advice of Ice Crystal, Li Batian abandoned the idea of completely accepting the memory in the memory crystal at one time, and gradually absorbed and sorted out the memory information in the memory crystal.


By absorbing the memory in the memory crystal, Li Batian also has some knowledge about the winged people, who are actually the head of the winged people. According to the message in the memory crystal, it seems to be the legendary strong, and in the magical land, it is also the princes who frighten one side.


What he wants to know is that the owner of the contract signed by the strong winged people has not been found. It seems that the strong winged people deliberately conceal and do not make any description in it.


In addition to this regret, Li Batian had some basic understanding of the magic land through the memory of the strong winged people. It was precisely because of this understanding that he found himself far from the strong ones recorded by the strong winged people. Compared with the strong ones recorded by the strong winged people, he was nothing at all.


There are also records in the memory crystals of the winged people and other people who came to the earth. According to their view, they came in search of an ancient star giant beast egg. Their great masters, at all costs of their magic power, opened the space passage along the breath fluctuation.


Regarding the ancient star giant beast eggs, there is not too much description in the memory crystal, nor too much attention to Li Batian.


In the crystal of memory, there are also some records of the practice of the winged people, and some of his experience of practice. Only to his dismay, these skills need the blood of the winged people to be able to practice, and he can only stare at them dry.


As for the practice of magic, he would like to learn something. Unfortunately, the earth environment, not to mention the practice of magic, even if it is difficult to get started, is not suitable for the practice of magic.


It is impossible to develop magic apprenticeship in a place like the Earth by mobilizing magic elements directly from the origin of the universe and displaying powerful magic, unless you are a powerful and profound magician. (To be continued...

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