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第一百七十章 空间破碎!

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"Master, these three things, like a black magic memory crystal, are the skill mind of this winged man's strong man and all kinds of records. The second is an alchemy product, a thunderstorm star with terrible power." Speaking of ice crystals, I pointed to the ground, which was full of artistic feeling and emitted a light star-like ball.


"Thunderstorm Star, what is that and how powerful it is?" Looking at the ball in surprise, Li Batian picked it up and carefully sensed it for a while. He did not find any peculiar breath fluctuations, some of them asked disapprovingly.


In his opinion, such a round ball, which is used to appreciate and watch, is almost the same. If you want to use it to attack the enemy, it is at most equivalent to the power of a grenade.


"The master should not belittle this thunderstorm star, its power is so great that if we use the atomic bomb on the earth as a metaphor, it is enough to be equivalent to the power of ten atomic bombs."


"What!" With a cry of alarm, Li Batian was so frightened that he could hardly help throwing the thunderstorm star on the ground. He never thought that the seemingly unremarkable thunderstorm star had such terrible power that it was a super nuclear weapon.


Looking at the thunderstorm star in hand, Li Batian's eyes glittered with surprise. With this thunderstorm star, one more life would be saved at the critical moment. No wonder ice crystals would be put into three most precious items.


Take the thunderstorm star away carefully. Li Batian looks at the treasure behind the niche, which makes him frown.


"What's this? It's not the identity token of the winged man." Reach out and pick up the token on the ground. Li Batian asked in surprise.


The token looks very ordinary in material, not very eye-catching, there is no magic print on it, just carved an angel reborn in the fire.


"Master, among these three things, the most precious one is this token, which is not the identity token of the winged clan's strong man. If I am not mistaken, it should be a sacred torch of the winged clan, and only a few of the winged clan. It is said that it was handed down from the angels of the upper realm. With Supreme power, only the core of the winged race can possess it.


"How can the torch command sound so familiar?" With this token, Li Batian was doubtful. Always feel familiar with the name.


Hear the ice crystal so praise this torch order. Li Batian is full of expectations. Trying to activate the torch decree in front of him, the result is whether he is using Dragon-Elephant internal Qi or spiritual power. Neither of them can make the torch in front of us react in the slightest way.


"Ice crystal, this thing can't be false, anyway, no matter how I urge, there is no reaction at all." After several consecutive attempts, Li Batian asked with some frustration.


"Master, the torch is a sacred relic of the winged people. It must be impossible for ordinary people to use it. There should be some special conditions. You can check the notes of the merits left by the winged people. Maybe there will be some clues in them."


Wenyan Li Batian nodded, but did not immediately watch the notes of Kung fu. He reincorporated everything into the Ring of Heavenly Wings and looked to the side.


"Ice crystal, is this the source of many mutant monsters and beasts in the Changbai Mountains?" Li Batian asked with some surprise as he gazed at the machine that was covered with magic lines and looked like a large bio-cabin.


Faced with his inquiry, this time the ice crystal did not immediately answer, raising a wave between the hands will cover the whole machine, a full range of scanning analysis.


"Master, this is a treasure that combines magic civilization with science and technology civilization. As long as we have enough energy, we can transform the biological gene. This group of people should want to use this instrument to build a base of magic civilization on the earth. They just died here in an instant."


"Can it still be used?" Li Batian's spirit was boosted. He glanced at the instrument with some surprise. If it had such great effect, it would have great effect on him and Snow Tiger.


"This instrument is not damaged, but there are some leaks, a simple repair can be normal use."


"Great!" Li Batian nodded in surprise. He could already imagine using this instrument to build his own variant warrior legion.


"Master, every time this instrument is turned on, it needs a lot of energy, and the genetic modification is only a primary modification. Like you and Snow Tiger, they are no longer useful. They only have the ability of genetic modification for simple beasts."


Li Batian, who had hoped a lot, looked slightly disappointed. Although the capability of the instrument was not satisfactory, it still had immeasurable value for him.


Li Batian made a circle in the palace when he collected the instruments into the biological space. He did not find any other treasures in his imagination. He just found some magic materials stored in the palace and some books about magic civilization, which introduced the basic situation of magic civilization.


Just as he was thinking about bringing the Snow Tigers together into this strange space, a strong shock suddenly broke out and frightened Li Batian.


"What's the situation?" Exclaimed, Li Batian body shape into a silver-white streamer rushed out of the hall, the original stable space in the line of sight began to appear a crack.


"Master, this alien space is going to collapse. Return the master and leave here quickly. Otherwise, once the alien space collapses, the turbulence of space will tear us to pieces in an instant." The figure of the ice crystal next to it emerged, which had been as cold as the ice crystal of the iceberg. For the first time, there was a tinge of panic on his face.


The collapse of alien space is absolutely terrible, not to mention Li Batian, even the biological armor will be crushed directly, without the ability to resist at all.


Wen Yan Li Batian dared not hesitate, and rushed at full speed towards the direction of the previous entry. Along the way, there were space cracks flashing, destructive and full of devouring breath, which made him feel like walking on thin ice, and even once flashed by his side, frightening him with a cold sweat.


Arriving at the nodes of the different space, ice crystals quickly open the outlet of the different space, illusioning a dark whirlpool black hole.


Turning his head and glancing at the rear, the palace that glows in his sight has completely disappeared, and the fragmented space is spreading rapidly.


During the surge of the cold of the moon, Li Batian displayed the impact of the moon bear, turning it into a cold full moon rushing into the whirlpool black hole. Almost at the same time, he rushed into the whirlpool black hole, the whole alien space began to collapse and collapse, and a space crack raged, shattering the stable alien space. (To be continued...

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