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第一百三十八章 对决!

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But they do not know that the five serpents are still in a weak period and have been suppressed under the altar for so many years. Even if the strength of the five serpents in front of us is raised to the level of inheritance and memory, it will take a long time for them to recover.


Now the five-headed serpents are not unwilling to start, but trying to refine the spirit and spirit of the ancient martial arts masters in the devoured shrine. These are excellent supplements for the five-headed serpents. As long as they are all refined and absorbed, they can not recover their full strength, at least they are no longer as weak as they are now.


The self-righteous senior Japanese did not know that they had missed the best time to kill the five serpents.


At the time of confrontation between the five serpents and the Japanese army, Li Batian had arrived at full speed. With the strength of this time, although the outer blockade was very tight, he could not blockade the black bear, which was built to break through the blockade and easily crossed the blockade to a place 100 meters away from the shrine.


Looking ahead at the five-headed serpent like a hill, Li Batian's original self-confidence and excitement also changed into dignity, feeling a strong sense of oppression.


"Master, this five-headed serpent has a weak breath. Although it has reached the level of five-headed serpents, its real strength is at the level of four-headed serpents."


Li Batian nodded with a sigh of relief. He was not sure if he was an opponent of the other side. If only the strength of the four serpents was enough, it would be a fighting force. With the help of the powerful power of the biological destruction gun, the probability of killing the five serpents was also very high.


"But before we can get rid of the five serpents. Let's watch a good play first. Looking at the tense situation, Li Batian's lips flashed a bad smile. He was not foolish enough to rush out to help Japan solve the immediate disaster. Then he would fight with the five serpents to kill and live, and eventually let the Japanese government come to a fisherman's profit.


In a twinkling of an hour, the two sides did not start, but the breath from the five serpents became stronger and stronger, which made Li Batian feel depressed. He would like to start at once, otherwise it would be troublesome to wait until the five serpents fully recovered.


It seems to have heard his voice. At last, a group of ancient martial arts masters of Japan have assembled. More than a dozen ancient warriors with blood and Qi surrounded the five serpents.


These more than a dozen ancient martial artists, whose strength has reached the peak of Qi and blood, can almost be said to be a gathering of the strongmen of the whole ancient martial arts circle of Japan, three of whom have been living in seclusion for many years. One's mind is on the breakthrough to the endless blood.


Others are also very strong. The worst is the extent of blood and Qi in the middle of the flood. Most of them are the strong ones in the late flood period or peak period.


saw more than a dozen Japanese martial artists at the moment. Li Batian also had to sigh, despite all the shortcomings of the Japanese people. Under the imperialist ideology, personal strength is still very commendable. It is not easy for a small island country to gather these ancient martial arts masters. There are not necessarily so many ancient martial arts masters in some big countries.


"It's naive of these people to try to wipe out the five serpents." Li Batian shook his head disapprovingly as he watched the dozens of ancient Japanese martial artists surrounded by five evil serpents.


"Do it!" The first one of the ancient Japanese martial artists gave a soft drink and a dozen or so ancient Japanese martial artists who surrounded the five serpents rushed towards the five serpents one after another.


Three Japanese reclusive ancient martial arts strongmen, led by one another, have displayed their own ancient martial arts, showing a fierce appearance.


Just before they got close to the Five-Headed Serpent, a rolling magic-like palm print came out of the place where the Five-Headed Serpent was.




The first three Hermit Guwuqiang were instantly photographed and flew out by the palm prints of the magic. They hurried to escape in horror after the others behind the three Hermit Guwuqiang.


"Boom!" Palm prints bombarded the ground, smoke and dust rose, and the earth trembled slightly.


When the smoke and dust disappeared, people were shocked to find that there was an additional palm print three or four meters in size on the ground, the deeper it was, the closer it was to half a meter deep.


"The realm of endless Qi and blood." Looking at the scene just now, Li Batian's pupil shrank. His eyes were TORCHY and locked in the middle of the head of the five serpents. The attack just happened was released by the disabled old man.


Originally, the disabled elderly are only the masters of Qi and blood like the peak of the flood, but after being eroded by the evil spirit, like Chuxiong at the beginning, they break through to Qi and blood by ingenuity.


"Hey hey, just because you want to deal with the great master of the serpent, give me all to die." The disabled old man laughed fiercely, and his figure soared up from the five serpents and landed on the ground ahead.


"It's you, how did you become a devil's companion!" The three hermits returned to the ranks, and one of them shouted angrily with a look of surprise.


For the young ancient warriors, the disabled elderly do not know, but for the three hermits, the name of the disabled elderly is like thunder piercing through the ears, the country that was known as the most likely to break through to the blood and breath of the wizard strong ceaseless residence.


It can be said that it is a representative of a period of time to stop living. With the irresistible trend of rapid rise, even some of the Japanese reclusive masters were not his opponents, but later did not know why, both legs and eyes were abolished, the body was severely damaged by insufficient blood and gas, completely cut off the opportunity to break through the breath and blood. 。


Later, it disappeared into the public's eyes. No one expected that it would meet again here and meet in a hostile way.


"Hey hey, I didn't expect anyone else to recognize me as a resting place. Now that you have recognized me, you haven't surrendered obediently and become a sacrifice to the owner of the serpent." Sitting on the ground with disability, grinning and rising ominous resentment, and cooperating with the scarlet eye socket, is like a ghost from hell.


The faces of the three reclusive ancient martial artists were extremely ugly. They stared at them like ghosts, and they looked grave and disdainful.


"Well, if it had been that respectable resting place, we might have surrendered. Now that you have fallen, we should not only destroy the serpent, but also destroy it with you. You are no longer worthy of being called the resting place."


"Ha-ha, a good word does not deserve to be called"no rest". Yes, I am no longer the servant of the great master of the serpent, but the servant of the master of the serpent. In the future, I will become the ruler of the whole planet and have the high position and status. Stop laughing wildly. Under the erosion of evil spirit, the whole person is totally mad. The breath on his body becomes violent and unstable, just like a bomb that will explode at any time.


"Gentlemen, you must not hesitate to be demonized. Don't be merciful. He is obviously procrastinating. He must be dealt with quickly." One of the three reclusive ancient martial artists glanced at the Five-headed Serpent, and his face changed slightly in a hurry.


Others also responded, looking at the five-headed serpent, whose breath was getting stronger and stronger, and nodding with dignity in succession.


"Hey hey, just because you want to kill me, it's beyond your control." With a sneer, his palms slapped on the ground again, and his figure rose up in the air. His hands waved black palm prints to face the Japanese ancient warriors.


The strength of the endless realm of Qi and Blood is fully revealed at this moment. The strength of each black handprint is enough to resist all the Japanese ancient warriors in the opposite side. Despite its quantitative advantages, it is still unable to defeat them in a short time.


No. 2. Residence is a genuine and genuine ancient warrior who breaks through by magic. With his rich fighting experience, more than a dozen elites of ancient Japanese warriors were suppressed by him.


With the passage of time, the five serpents emit more and more strong breath. Li Batian, who is watching from afar, is secretly anxious and annoyed by the waste.


"Hoarse!" Five serpents, which refine their blood, suddenly opened their eyes. Five heads hoarse at the same time, and an evil and cold breath of terror spreads.


More than a dozen ancient Japanese martial artists who are fighting with the second stop are all like little white rabbits stared at by pythons. Their hearts are chilling like springs, their bodies seem to be not their own, and their trembling is beyond their control.


"Ha-ha, you rubbish, now that the master of the serpent has come to life, you are all going to die." Stop laughing and take a bloodthirsty glance at the crowd.


When he was proud of his fierce face, a huge shadow came down from the sky, making him stunned. When he looked up, he saw only a big mouth of blood.


Even the scream did not come out in time, not stop was swallowed up by the pelvis, the head among the five serpents, will not stop swallowing between the head.


Suddenly, not only the ancient Japanese martial artists present, but also Li Batian and the high-level Japanese people who used satellite lock-in observation were surprised.


No one thought that the first thing that the five serpents came to life was that they devoured their servants and stopped living, which was beyond the imagination of all.


"The owner need not be surprised. The serpents are ferocious. For them, all the other races except the races are food. That human has lost the value of utilization. For the five serpents in urgent need of supplements, the human race just now is the perfect supplement that has been cultivated."


Li Batian was also silent. After many years of rebirth of the black bear, he thought that he had gradually become more like a wild animal. Now compared with the five serpents, he found that he was too kind and pure. (To be continued...

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