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第一百三十九章 魔性十足!

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Devouring all the time, the five serpents did not give up. Five heads locked in more than a dozen Japanese ancient martial arts masters who came to kill them.


Faced with the ferocious and terrible five-headed monster snakes, more than a dozen Yo ancient martial arts masters who were just full of vigour and justice were all frightened to the earth and fled to the distant places to meet them. Of course, the five-headed monster snakes chased and killed them.


Despite the huge size of the five serpents, but the speed is surprising, directly locked in one of the highest reclusive ancient martial artists, in the blink of an eye to catch up with this reclusive ancient martial artist behind.


"No, no!" The reclusive martial artist exclaimed, turned back and punched out. The violent fist weathered into a huge fist, trying to resist the attack of the five serpents, but he forgot that the five serpents had five heads.


The fist of the Hermit Ancient Wuqiang only blocked the head of a five-headed monster snake. The other four heads swarmed up and swallowed the Hermit Ancient Wuqiang in the blink of an eye.


Originally appalled, more than a dozen Japanese ancient martial arts masters were so frightened that they could not wait for their parents to grow several feet when they were born, and fled desperately.


In the distant military base, the senior officials of the State of Ni see this situation, and everyone's face is ugly. The first step is their ideal plan, but it is obvious that it has been impossible to implement. In this way, all the remaining ancient martial arts masters of the State of Ni will die there.


"Start the second step immediately and bomb it to pieces for me." Koizumi's ferocious face immediately issued an attack directive, which no one else had any objection to. This is an unimaginable crisis for Japan. All efforts must be made.


Devoting a reclusive military power of the Japanese nation, the pupils of five serpents are full of greedy appetite. Now he urgently needs supplementary nutrition. He can even upgrade once he has enough food.


In such an environment as the Earth, this is simply incredible, after all, the limits of human beings are just breathless.


"Hoarse!" Five serpents were screaming, ready to continue hunting. Unfortunately, this time it could not get it.


"Bombardment!" Fighter planes circling in the air, tanks surrounded by the ground and even long-range rocket launchers launched attacks, and shells rained down on the location of the five serpents. Instantly it was shrouded in a roaring explosion.


Li Batian, who is watching from afar. Feeling the huge roar, and the surging waves, my heart is a little surprised, and my body flickers again open a distance.


The bombing lasted for tens of seconds. The smoke and dust began to dissipate slowly as the strong wind passed. Everyone who cared about it was watching the location of the five serpents. Want to know what happened after the bombing.


Although Li Batian knows in his heart that such artillery bombardment may not do much harm to the five serpents. But he also wanted to know how defensive the serpent was.


When facing the separation of the three serpents, because there is no physical relationship, the attack is very strong, but the defense is weak and confused.


The black smoke disappeared and appeared in the public's eyes, but it surprised everyone, including Li Batian.


"Is this fellow not able to fight with iron, even without injury?" Looking at the five serpents in sight, Li Batian was a little silent.


The bombing just now would certainly be injured if it was sustained only by his flesh. Unless he used silver sand armor to defend himself, or used the moon bear to attack and use the moon's shield, it was clear that the five serpents could do this by their own strong flesh alone.


"Hoarse!" When the crowd was shocked, the five serpents screamed at the sky, and the five heads aimed at the fighter planes in the air and the tanks far from the ground.


Five distinct but terrifying energies, blazing flames, cold weather, poisonous fog, hegemonic thunder and lightning, and violent storms, burst out from the mouths of the five heads of the five serpents and raged in all directions like tides.


The violent storm merged with poison fog and turned into a black storm. The Japanese fighter planes swept through the air. Before the Japanese fighter pilots could react, the poisonous gas had taken the lead in entering the cabin. Then the storm rolled the fighter planes up and rolled down to the distance, making a roaring explosion sound.


Tanks and other ground troops on the ground ushered in flames so hot that even steel could easily melt. Even lakes could freeze. Even steel plates could penetrate the thunder and lightning. The scene became a purgatory in a twinkling of an eye.


In the distant military base, the Prime Minister of Japan and other high-level faces were blue and blue. The scene was beyond their expectations. The terror of the five serpents also made them feel chilly. No one expected that the fault of that year would cause such a great crisis for the country at this moment.


And just when a group of high-level people in Japan did not know what to do, they raged a lot. Five evil snakes, five head snakes, huff and puff, collected the odor and information in the air, turned their eyes to the direction of Tokyo City. The pupils of snakes were full of the greed of chimpanzees.


For five-headed serpents, human is the most delicious food. Although compared with ancient warriors, ordinary people can not make five-headed serpents recover much, but also can not resist the advantages of quantity. Through snake letter collection, it can sense that there are many, many human beings in that direction.


"Hoarse!" Five-headed serpents screamed excitedly, with their huge tails waving, they drew heavily on the ground. With the help of reaction force, the whole giant body flew out like a sword, and rushed rapidly towards the direction of Tokyo.


"Where is this guy going?" Li Batian, who had thought there would be more wonderful battle, looked doubtfully at the fast-moving five-headed serpent.


"Don't you!" Staring in that direction, Li Batian's face changed slightly, hesitated for a moment, and quickly followed up.


It was not until the five serpents fled thousands of meters away that the Japanese Prime Minister and others, who were far away from the base of the Tokyo Military Region, reflected this.


"Baga, that monster is going to rush into Tokyo City. Stop it, and never let it rush into Tokyo City." Prime Minister Koizumi's second Lang pupil enlarged, hysterical exclamation.


Aware of the seriousness of the situation, senior Japanese officials immediately mobilized their relations and positions, mobilized all combat-capable troops, and even launched a missile launch base to target five serpents.


Although there is only a dozen miles from the shrine to Tokyo, it is very difficult for the five serpents. Along the way, fighter planes, tanks and other high-tech weapons continue to be bombarded. With the strength of the five serpents, they have to devote some energy to cope with it. (To be continued...

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