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第一百三十七章 魔威!

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When Li Batian rushed to the shrine at full speed, the monster that swallowed up dozens of ancient warriors in the shrine could not resist. The black magic on the altar surged, and the whole shrine was shaking like a great earthquake.


"Boom!" The Hall of the shrine's backyard exploded violently. The hall was completely destroyed by the violent waves, and black magic gas flew out of it.


"Hoarse!" The hoarse sounds of seeping people exploded like muffled thunder, and the sky seemed to come out in response to the cracking of the magic objects. A dark cloud overwhelmed the country and the sky was dark.


The roar continued, the whole shrine shook violently, and a large number of buildings collapsed. Such a violent situation immediately attracted the attention of Tokyo, the capital of Japan.


Under the surveillance of the Tokyo satellite, the terrible situation of the shrine stunned a large number of soldiers present. It soon attracted the attention of the senior Japanese officials and dispatched fighter planes to the shrine's location. Some people with knowledge of the situation turned pale and immediately mobilized the Japanese army and the forces of the ancient militants.


Not only the senior officials of Japan, but also some inherited ancient families of Japan know something about magic objects. After receiving the news, they immediately went to the shrine, centered on the shrine, totally blocked within dozens of miles. All kinds of high-tech weapons in Tokyo were ready and relatively close to the area. People were evacuated immediately.


The whole country of Japan has entered a state of readiness. Fortunately, this operation, which Japan declared to be an internal military exercise, together with some signal shielding in this area, did not spread the real situation.


For Japan, this is both a major secret. It's also a disgrace to them. Naturally, they don't want to be known by other countries.


However, the high-level people of the Japanese nation underestimated the strength of the monster. With the roar, the shrine almost completely collapsed. A breath of terror emanated from the altar. The solid altar was shattered, and a huge and fierce figure rushed out of the altar, splashing mud on the ground.


"Hoarse!" Seeing the pictures captured by satellite lock-in, all the high-level Japanese people were shocked, especially those who had a better understanding of the magic. Even grandparents were at the top of the story. The heart was pounding, and the face was a little white.


Huge body over 100 meters, thicker than a bucket, five ferocious heads. Coiled together in the snake messenger room. Even through satellite lock-in. Still let the presence of high-level Japanese people feel thrilled all over.


As a group of high-level Japanese people watched, they rushed out of the altar and occupied the five serpents on the ground. The head in the middle was raised to look at the sky. On the screen, the boa constrictor's head looked straight at the top of the Japanese nation.


Seeing the brass bell-like pupils on the boa constrictor's head, the back of all the high-level Japanese people were angry with a chill. The cold and magical pupils of snakes seemed to grab people and devour them, just like five evil snakes in front of them.


Several of the less daring senior Japanese officials were even shaking their legs with fear. They even struggled to stand and were quickly supported by the soldiers behind them.


"Damn it, this monster really appeared, we must eliminate it, or our entire country will usher in the disaster of extinction, we suggest that immediately release the atomic bomb in the monster did not continue to grow up, it will be killed in the cradle." One of the grandfathers, who had participated in the breeding of the serpent, shuddered and exclaimed.


When he was young, he learned about the horror of the devil snake. Later, some documents made him feel frightened. Now he has lost his reason to see the terrible power of the five devil snakes.


"Baga!" The current Prime Minister of Japan, Koizumi Erlang, shouted angrily and glared at the senior Japanese official who proposed to release the atomic bomb.


The shrine is only a dozen miles away from the capital Tokyo. Once the atomic bomb is released, the power of the explosion will spread to Tokyo. The radiation released alone will turn Tokyo into a hell of death. At that time, not only will its international status be unsafe, but also its existing senior Japanese officials will bear a painful price.


"Hi!" The proposed senior Japanese officer, under the rebuke of Koizumi Erlang, suddenly came to his senses, hit him with an agitation and bowed his head in shame.


Soon, the Ministry of Operations of the State of Japan drew up a plan to send it to senior officials such as Koizumi Erlang. The plan was divided into three steps. The first step was to send the ancient military strongmen of the State of Japan to hang five evil snakes together, so long as they succeeded, the loss and influence would be minimized.


If the first plan is unsuccessful, the second step is to use strong bombardment, such as artillery and missiles, to kill the five serpents outside Tokyo, and avoid the five serpents entering Tokyo City causing greater panic and loss.


As for the third step, it is also a last resort. That is to ask the United Nations for support, to gather the world's ancient martial artists to destroy the five serpents, or to lead the five serpents to remote places far away from urban and rural areas. When it comes to the last resort, atomic bombs can be released in remote areas.


After a brief review, the three-step plan was formally implemented, and the land of the bullet became lively all of a sudden, especially in the area where the shrine is located, whether in the air or on the ground, there are all kinds of different figures.


Fighter planes soar in the air, while tanks and long-range rockets are on the ground ready to target. At the same time, the ancient warriors in the territory of Japan have also acted, and the hermits of the major families have also come out. Of course, the Japanese government has paid a lot for this.


Five demon snakes were coiled in the shrine space, five heads were staring at the surrounding aircraft and tanks fiercely. There was no change of mood in the cold and devilish pupil of the snake. It was still so cold and cruel.


Between the five heads of the five serpents, the disabled old man sat there, all over his body, a pair of scarlet eyes emitted a frightening red light.


"Hey hey, a bunch of silly guys, think that with these aircraft and tanks, they can be the opponents of the great master of the five-headed serpent. It's really self-righteous." The disabled old man grinned fiercely and did not look at the surrounding aircraft and tanks in the slightest way.


"Hoarse!" It seems that in response to the words of the disabled elderly, the five serpents screamed and were full of black magic. They did not immediately start. They relieved the senior officials of the Japanese nation who were watching from the base. They thought that this was a great opportunity. As long as they passed through this period, they could quickly solve the problem by the arrival of a group of ancient Japanese martial artists. Get rid of the five serpents. (To be continued...

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