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第一百四十九章 触手!

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After solving all the problems, Li Batian officially embarked on the journey to find the fourth child. In order to exert the sensory stress of CP9 to the utmost, he decided to go by water and follow the ocean all the way, so that he could not only detect the situation on land, but also sense the ocean, so as to avoid the fourth child falling into the ocean.


Before searching for the fourth child, he dived into the sea floor and went to the glacier trench. He was ready to compete with a monster and beast whose strength was a little stronger than a five-headed monster snake. Perhaps he could use the glacier trench to break through the cold of the moon to the second level.


The glacier trench is still so cold, but for Li Batian, the cold of the glacier trench can no longer have any impact on him. Even if the force of the moon is exerted, the cold of the glacier trench can be easily withstood.


Breakthrough to the endless dragon elephant internal gas has made a qualitative leap, coupled with the previous experience of cold quenching, has a strong resistance to cold, not to mention the glacier trench cold, even the white Python ejected from the cold can be easily withstood.


Diving down the glacier trench, maybe the slaughter was too severe before. This time, there were not many white pythons attacking on the way. Soon he came to the cave where he had fled. With his abnormal sensitive stress, he could easily feel dozens of strong breaths contained in it.


There was a smile on the corner of his mouth. Li Batian waved and a huge axe-like palm gas flew out and landed on the cave wall tens of meters ahead.


"Boom!" Hard and incomparable ice wall, under the bombardment of a huge axe in Kaishan. Fragile as tofu, hard cut in, the surface of more than a dozen meters deep ice shattered, rumbling instantly will be inside dozens of white pythons shocked.


"Hoarse!" Along with the hoarse sound, a series of winding white pythons burst out, angry straight to the opposite Li Batian.


"Good to come!" Excited to shout, Li Batian's eyes were full of war. When he first met dozens of white pythons, he was chased very miserably. Now is the time for a snowstorm of shame. He also wants to test his strength with dozens of white pythons.


Silver-white light hung over him. The whole bear instantly turned into a cold full moon and rushed towards the dozens of white pythons across the street like artillery shells.


"Hoarse!" Dozens of white pythons showed no signs of weakness. Between their screams, a cold Dawson came out of their air. It turned into a terrible cold current.


"Boom!" Cold currents collide with the cold moon. The two forces of extreme cold met. At once, Li Batian's whole person was frozen in it.


Just wait for dozens of white pythons to come and be happy, the cold of frozen Li Batian disappeared quickly with the naked eye, until dozens of white pythons reacted. The Cold Sprayed by them has been completely engulfed by the lunar cold released by Li Batian.


"The dragon elephant opens the palm of the hill!" Li Batian, who swallowed up all the cold air, waved his bear's paw and slapped the white pythons opposite him with a huge axe-like applause. Before his applause hit them, he took the lead in covering them with the huge pressure like a jack.


"Hoarse!" Again, the white pythons screamed sharply, and a huge ice cone condensed and fired at the huge axe-like palms of the mountain.


"Crack!" As soon as it touched, the huge ice cone made a toothpickle sound, and its palm was sharp and domineering like a giant axe. There were cracks on the huge ice cone. It only lasted less than two seconds before it collapsed. The big axe-like applause showed the weak bamboo standing in front of a white python.


Blood splashed, no white Python can withstand the huge axe-like applause, a white Python was blocked waist cut off, instantly killed four white pythons, and then cut in the back of the glacier more than a dozen meters thick.


The white pythons were screaming and screaming. Li Batian showed more power than they could imagine, but he had not yet waited for them to launch an attack. Li Batian, like a winding dragon, had rushed into the middle of them. A pair of sky-breaking wings behind them were like two battles, and all the white pythons were killed where they passed.


"Hoarse!" One white boa constrictor was not dead. The rest of the white boa constrictors panicked and turned to the cave with a scream.


"It's too late to escape." With a cold smile on the corner of his mouth, Li Batian once again waved a pair of sky-shattering wings, but this time he did not rush forward. As he waved the sky-shattering wings, a sharp blade flew out of the sky-shattering wings, and each blade locked a fleeing white python.


The scream was heard in the glacier trench, and the fleeing white pythons were all shot by sharp blades, some even nailed directly to the ice wall.


To eliminate dozens of white pythons, Li Batian immediately took action to crystallize the cold in their bodies. For him now, the cold crystallization still plays a very important role. As long as enough cold crystallization is accumulated, it is not impossible to break through the cold force of the moon to the second floor.


Receiving the cold crystals into the biological space, Li Batian continued to dive into the glacial trench. The lower the temperature, the closer to the bottom, Li Batian had to use the force of the cold moon to resist the cold. Although the sea water was not frozen, it was as thick as magma and full of bitter cold.


"Gollum!" A series of bubbles emerged from the dark bottom of the glacier trench, and Li Batian, who had planned to continue diving, stopped.


The upper part of the trench is particularly commanding because of the glacier relationship, while the lower part is dark as the abyss of hell.


When he stopped, another series of bubbles emerged, and at this moment a sense of danger came to his mind, and the figure quickly dodged to one side.


"Sigh!" A tentacle shot out of the darkness and passed through Li Batian's position just now. The tentacles were covered with various strange suckers.


"This is the tentacle of an octopus." At the first glance of the tentacle, Li Batian's mind raised the idea.


Almost as soon as he came up with the idea and hit the missing octopus tentacles, the strange suction cup burst out with amazing attraction, and suddenly he dodged to Li Batian a few meters away, and was suddenly sucked by the suction cup.


"What is this?"


Absorbed at the same time, Li Batian was shocked to find that something wanted to pierce his body, he rushed to move the silver scale armor to protect himself against the puncture force. (To be continued...

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