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第一百四十章 吞噬!

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Especially near the periphery of Tokyo, a missile came from the sky.


Although this missile is not the most powerful intercontinental missile, or a missile with nuclear radiation, it is far less powerful than the previous tank and aircraft bombing, and even the five serpents, for the first time in the crisis, show the real fighting power of terror.


Five heads eject five different energies. These five distinct energies are entangled with dense magic gas, which turns them into a terrible beam of destruction and directly detonates missiles launched in the air.




Giant mushroom clouds blossom in the air, the shock waves surge like a tide, the Japanese fighter planes in the air are killed, almost instantaneously cleared, compared to the raging air, the ground is much calmer, the impact of the aftershocks can not cause any harm to the five serpents.


The high-ranking officials of the Japanese state were able to steal chickens without eroding rice. Instead of using missiles to wound five serpents, they buried the fighting forces in the air.


Losing the harassment of air power, the five serpents rushed straight into the almost fictitious city of Tokyo.


Japanese residents living in Tokyo City do not know the arrival of the God of death, they are still busy, some people are still drunk there, and the thriving adult performing arts departments are still screaming, enjoying the pleasure of the rapid impact.


"Bombardment!" The raging explosion sounded loudly, rushing into the city of Tokyo, like a male criminal who had been hungry and thirsty for many years, to a dormitory with a group of naked girls. I can't help but show my brutality and greed at the moment.


Five heads spewed horrible flames, cold, poison gas, storms, thunder and lightning, and the huge body twisting was like turning the river upside down, destroying the surrounding buildings, passing through the original luxury of the city into a terrible purgatory.


At this point, life is totally worthless, and death is everywhere. The scream and howl became the theme song of the city.


Relative to the Japanese who were killed. They were lucky, and the rest of the Japanese who fled the streets were miserable.


The five heads of a five-headed serpent, like a glutton's mouth, spray out the evil spirit of corrosion. All the flesh and blood of these Japanese people were absorbed. Only the bones that collapsed into powder remained. The whole city of Tokyo was horrible.


At the moment, the tragic scene in Tokyo is very similar to a movie about the monster Godzilla in their country, but it is a fictional scene. The five serpents in front of us are real.


Five serpents are destroying and killing in Tokyo City. The Japanese Army can't stop them at all. The impact of aircraft and tanks on them is itchy.


Nonconventional weapons, such as powerful intercontinental missiles, can not be launched in Tokyo City. In that case, it is estimated that without the destruction of five serpents, the whole city of Tokyo will be reduced to ruins, and the previous launching of missiles has left the Japanese side with a lingering fear.


When the Japanese capital Tokyo was ravaged by five serpents, a group of senior Japanese officials had taken special planes and fled the occupied Tokyo City. As for the Japanese people living in Tokyo City, they had been completely abandoned.


In the face of life and death, these high-ranking people, who are usually above the ranks of the people and care for the country, all show true selfishness.


Escape in Tokyo City of Japan formed a stream of people. Some people fled from Tokyo City far away from the place where five serpents raged, while some close places gave five serpents good conditions for killing and devouring.


Each time the five heads open their mouths, they can swallow the essence of the flesh of dozens of Japanese people, and let the five serpents swallow it with pleasure.


Such a terrible event happened in Tokyo City, which was soon known by other countries in the world. Satellites from all countries turned to Tokyo City, the capital of Japan, and the horrible and cruel picture was transmitted to the heads of state.


"Omega's!" The image of Tokyo City of Japan on the huge display screen in the conference hall of the White House of the United States shocked many high-level Americans.


The heads of state and senior officials of other countries, like those of the United States, were all suppressed by the present situation.


In particular, countries such as Koryo, which are close to Japan, are frightened by a cold sweat. They secretly congratulate themselves that the monster did not appear in their own country.


Of course, there are also some national leaders who initially thought that there was a signal error and which country was playing the new film.


In just a few minutes, the world was shocked. The five-headed serpents deterred the world's top leaders. For the heads of state who have always advocated scientific and technological power, it is hard to imagine that individual power can grow to such a terrible level.


After a brief shock, the heads of state immediately responded, and soon through the Internet, high-level heads of major countries launched a discussion meeting.


Before the heads of state could come up with any effective plan, the satellite images had changed dramatically again. On the display screen, a huge monster appeared in front of the five serpents, preventing it from continuing to destroy Tokyo City and devouring panicked Japanese.


"Black bear, what's the matter? Why is there another huge black bear?" A group of heads of state were in a temporary emergency. They were shocked by a five-headed serpent with their mouth wide open. Now a black bear like a hill has appeared. How can we not keep them in disorder?


Like a black bear like a hill, there is a striking silver-white moon pattern in front of his chest. It is Li Batian who follows behind the five serpents.


Faced with the five serpents, Li Batian's eyes were cold, and he showed no fear because of the strong breath of the other party. He was full of frightening warfare.


The reason why he started at this time was not that he had pity on the Japanese people in Tokyo City, but that he could not wait any longer.


The waste of the Japanese nation can not do any harm to the five serpents at all. It continues to delay, and the strength of the five serpents is constantly recovering.


Once the five serpents devour enough Japanese, they will completely enhance their strength to the level of the five serpents, or make further breakthroughs, and even he will have to flee in awkwardness.


Unless CP9 can find the body of the fourth biological machine armor and further strengthen the power of the biological destruction gun, it will be possible to defeat it, so Li Batian must start at this time. (To be continued...

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