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第一百五十九章 最后一枚子体!

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"Unexpectedly, you black bear's strength is not bad, but eventually you can't escape death." Henry snorted, looked at Ryan next to him and waved violently.


Behind Henry and Ryan, a group of mutant warriors immediately stepped forward, screaming to show their ability to integrate mutant beasts.


Among them, like Spider-Man, spider silk sprayed from the palm, flame sprayed from the mouth, and even a pair of wings grew behind them flying in mid-air.


All kinds of peculiar abilities are displayed on these people, which makes the strength of each of them change tremendously.


"Ha Gong Ha, perfect. It's perfect. An ordinary person can turn into a powerful Superman in a twinkling of an eye if he fuses the genes of a mutant monster. That's what Brand can do." White man Brand cheered excitedly as he watched the mutant warriors on the monitor.


At this moment, he feels like an omnipotent God, who can give others powerful abilities, the strong sense of accomplishment, which makes him mad as a whole.


A person with a strong ability, if not a comparable mind and perseverance, will gradually lose in the pleasure of this achievement, this is Brand at the moment.


"Up, let this black bear demon see the strength of our mutant warrior." Henry stepped aside and waved and drank.


"roar and roar!" Others roar excitedly, the beasts in their bodies are genetically active, and their personality is greatly affected. They become violent and murderous, which is also a defect of gene fusion.


"Humph. A group of people are not human, beasts are not beasts of monsters, or obediently die. With a cold hum in his heart, Li Batian flashed a eraser in his eyes.


Fusion like this seems to him to be the creation of monsters. These mutant warriors who fuse the genes of wild animals are not strong at all. They are just a group of monsters who can not control their emotions. Sooner or later, the genes of wild animals in their bodies will completely erode their human nature.


The murderous Li Batian, without any mercy from his staff, immediately displayed the Moon Bear Shock, and he had to deal with these guys as soon as possible. Avoid people with the fourth child fleeing the base.


A round of cold moonlight flew out. As for the attack of the mutant soldier, it can't stop the cold full moon at all, or even cause any damage to the cold full moon. It bumps into the mutant soldier's crowd at one end.


"Boom!" The cold moon exploded and the cold weather surged like tide. The impact sent a mutant soldier flying out of the niche. It was then frozen into an ice sculpture.


It's just an attack. Most of the so-called mutant warriors were abolished, and only five survived, both Henry and Ryan, dodging away at the fastest speed. Looking in horror at the frozen ground ahead.


"No, how could it be possible, the mutant fighter I created, how could it fail?" In the office, Brand's pupils were enlarged and he shouted angrily. He could not believe that he had worked so hard that dozens of mutant fighters accumulated after countless failures were killed almost entirely by the black bear.


Next is a slaughter. Henry and Ryan are really good, but compared with Li Batian, they still have a big gap, and they just delay a little.


One slap will kill the most niche of Ryan, Li Batian glanced at the hall, in addition to him has not seen any living mutation fighters.


"Master, the breath of the fourth child is moving fast and seems to be fleeing."


"Want to run, run away?" With a snort of cold hum, Li Batian's murderous intentions rose. Apart from the fighting just now, he had no good feeling for the man who made these mutant monsters.


In accordance with the direction provided by CP9, Li Batian bombarded the steel wall and continued to chase along the direction of the passage, from the underground base to the ground.


No sooner had it rushed out of the ground than a piece of artillery came over and covered the surrounding ground in the flames of the explosion.


"Whoa!" A black shadow burst out from the artillery fire, revealing Li Batian's strong and fearful black bear body.


Turning his head to the upper left, a helicopter rose slowly and flew quickly to the distance. With Li Batian's niche, he could see Brand sitting in the helicopter and his face with pride and resentment.


"Black Bear, I'll break you to pieces." Staring at Li Batian below, Brand murmured to himself with full resentment.


Li Batian's strength is beyond his imagination. He knows that the defensive niche of the base can't deal with Li Batian at all, so he can leave by plane so decisively. In his opinion, even if Li Batian is strong enough, he is only a black bear, and it is impossible to catch up with the plane at all.


Unfortunately, after all, his knowledge is very narrow, it is impossible to understand the strength of Li Batian. A pair of sky-shattering wings appeared on his back, and his figure turned into a silver straight into the sky.


When Brand blinked his eyes and shot his eyes to the ground again, he had lost Li Batian's trace. Soon, he was shocked to find that Li Batian had rushed out of the plane, and a pair of silver steel wings were flickering gently, following the plane slowly.


"No, no!" Brand screamed and screamed, but he was greeted by a sharp, piercing cut. With the wave of the broken wings, the fuselage of the plane was torn apart, and Brand, sitting in the rear, was torn apart.


Almost at the same time that Brand died, a green light flew out of his body, fleeing at great speed towards the distance.


Unfortunately, CP9, which combines two daughters, has been ready for a long time. While it flees, a green net covers it and pulls it into Li Ba's body.


"Master, this integration will take a long time, during which CP9 can not continue to help the Master, the Master must be careful."


The words of CP9 ringing in my mind, I wonder if Gongdao has absorbed the relationship of the latter child, and the words of CP9 have made Li Batian feel concerned.


After saying these words, Li Batian could clearly feel CP9 falling asleep, and this time, unlike previous times, was completely asleep, not only lost contact, but also some self-defense properties such as the ability to screen the signal scanning completely disappeared, even the connection with the mutant sea monster and Chuhu tiger. Temporary interruption.


The only thing to be thankful for is that the abilities such as the Wing of the Breaking Heaven and the Silver Scale Armor have not disappeared. After all, these abilities have been integrated into Li Batian's body. They are really part of his body and will not be invalidated by the sleeping of CP9. (To be continued...

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