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第一百五十三章 亚马逊雨林!

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"What, you sense the fourth daughter, where it is." Li Batian asked in a hurry.


"According to the location of the earth, the breath of the fourth daughter comes from a place not far from the United States, which seems to be shielded, and the breath appears and disappears, which is why CP9 has not been able to accurately sense before."


"Haha, that's great!" Heart roaring, Li Batian excitedly forgotten, originally floating on the sea flew up, a pair of silver wings instantly condensed.


Like the legendary kuipeng, it rose from the sea to the sky and turned into a silver ray in the direction of America in the distance.


The people on the distant freighter were all frightened and dumb when they saw this scene. Several foreigners opened their mouths and knelt down to say God in fear.


The speed of the Wing of Heaven is amazing. Although Li Batian can't keep flying at full speed all the time, he needs to fly a long way to rest. It only took him more than an hour to come to the territory of the United States.


The United States is a hegemonic country on the planet. It is far superior to other countries in military and economic aspects. However, Li Batian did not put the United States in his eyes, not because he was confident that he could confront the whole United States, but because he was confident that he had enough ability to ensure his own security.


Now he is facing a powerful country on the earth. He is not an opponent at all, but he has his own advantages.


Whether alone or able to shield the ability to scan. Ultra-fast speed, as well as the destructive power of biological destruction cannons, are enough to make him restrain the technology of the earth to a great extent, even if America wants to deal with him, it will pay a heavy price.


Of course, he would not be foolish enough to provoke the Big Mac. He came to America this time just to find the body of the last living machine armor.


But it never occurred to him that he did not want to provoke, and reality forced him to provoke the existence of the Big Mac.


Under the guidance of CP9, it took several hours to cross the United States. Finally came to the place where the breath of the fourth child came out.


It's just that the scene in front of him is totally different from what he imagined. In sight is a tropical rainforest, with ancient trees everywhere. It is like coming to the age of dinosaurs.


"This is the Amazon Rainforest!" I stared for a long time. Li Batian regained consciousness. I exclaimed to myself.


The Amazon Rainforest is the largest rainforest in the world. Its area is larger than that of Europe, and it is the least destroyed rainforest in the world. Similarly, human understanding of the Amazon rainforest is confined to the fur.


At one time, several countries, such as the United States, jointly formed an ancient martial arts expedition. Want to go deep into the Amazon rainforest for exploration, but the result is extremely tragic, more than a dozen people's expedition team almost all overwhelmed, the last escaped one was also frightened to be insane.


We should know that the expedition team, everyone's strength on average also has the degree of gas and blood such as mercury, and there are not a few ancient warriors in the realm of gas and blood such as flood. Even so, they still suffered tremendous damage and become one of the few forbidden areas on earth.


As for the pictures of the Amazon rainforest broadcast on TV, they were only shot outside. The interior area had been blocked by the United States and so on. The blockade belt was specially constructed. The United States even sent troops to stationed in the blockade belt, which made the inside of the Amazon rainforest a mystery.


As a former master of ancient martial arts, Li Batian knows many things that most people don't know. The Amazon Rainforest is definitely one of the most dangerous areas in the world.


Although Changbai Mountains have a peculiar relationship of energy release, there are many mutant monsters and beasts, which are also a dangerous place. Compared with the Amazon Rainforest, there is still a big gap. In the Amazon Rainforest, there are some creatures with ancient genes. These creatures are unusually strong.


The reason why America has been ahead of other countries in biology, even in science and technology, is due to the Amazon Rainforest. After all, many of the prototypes of science and technology come from nature, from all kinds of strange creatures nurtured by nature.


Airplanes are imitations and birds, submarines are imitations and fish, while the strange creatures in the Amazon rainforest provide excellent inspiration for the United States and other countries. They also cultivate many excellent fighters for the United States and regard the Amazon rainforest as a baptism place for soldiers.


Some excellent American soldiers, such as SEALs, will undergo devil-like death training in the rainforest. Every training will lead to the death of a large number of soldiers, and the trained soldiers are really baptized by blood and fire. Their combat effectiveness is far from comparable to that of other soldiers in peacetime. 。


Of course, this cruel training method, although trained a lot of excellent soldiers, also left an indelible shadow in their hearts, which also led to many veterans, later joined some mercenary organizations killer organizations, even terrorist organizations.


As a result, the United States has become a source of chaos around the world. A large proportion of the members of the Dark Organizations come from the United States.


Despite the horror of the Amazon rainforest, Li Batian did not retreat at all. Besides his absolute confidence in his own strength, the attraction of the fourth child was more important.


With the fourth subunit, CP9 will undergo tremendous changes, and he will grow to the level of hard antigen bullets, by which time the whole planet will be able to threaten him very little.


Launching a pair of broken wings, Li Batianhua flies into the dense Amazon rainforest with silver light, looking down at the towering trees below. Even he has to admire the existence of this rainforest, which is a miracle.


We should know that this is not the age of ancient dinosaurs. There are very few mountains and forests like this, especially the Amazon rainforest, which covers a large area. If people want to go from one end to the other, it will take at least a few years to do it, then everything is going well.


Entering the Amazon Rainforest, Li Batian did not stop at all. A pair of sky-shattering wings flickered fast, and each flicker of body shape could burst out a rapid run.


According to the CP9 scan, the fourth child should be located in the central part of the Amazon rainforest, which is already a forbidden area, surrounded by American soldiers. (To be continued...