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第一百五十四章 食骨鸟和翼蛇!

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Although it is in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, it takes Li Batian two hours to find out that at the speed of the Wing of the Earth, two hours is far enough.


"Master, there is a lot of human breath in front of us. In addition, the front area is full of scanned signals, which need not be shielded."


"Shield, of course!" Li Batian nodded his head and flew in a silver light to an ancient tree crown ahead. His probe looked ahead and there was a wide open space in his sight.


This clearing is the isolation belt that the United States and other countries spend a lot of manpower and material resources to build. This isolation belt is hundreds of meters wide, almost encircling the entire Amazon rainforest, effectively monitoring and isolating the Amazon rainforest interior.


In this isolation zone, you can see groups of American soldiers, as well as a variety of high-tech weapons, even ultra-long-range rockets and other powerful, long-range weapons are all available, after all, they are facing the Amazon rainforest mutation monster, the role of general weapons is very small.


Once dangerous organisms are near, scanners can detect them, and advanced weapons such as tanks and rockets are enough to eliminate dangers hundreds of meters away.


Compared with China and Japan, the United States has absolute advantages in both individual and high-tech warfare. Unfortunately, what they encounter is Li Batian who has CP9, so that all their arrangements are in vain.


The American soldier in charge of the vigilance below glanced doubtfully up into the air, and a dark shadow flew by in his sight. But I didn't care much about it. I thought it was just an ordinary bird. I didn't know that just above them a black bear with silver wings flew past.


Beyond the 100-metre American barrier, Li Batian entered the so-called central part of the Amazon Rainforest, where he was in trouble as soon as he entered.


Li Batian, flying at low altitude, just leaped over a jungle. A dark shadow flew out of the jungle in his sight and rushed towards him screaming.


"What is it?" Mind slightly surprised, Li Batian looked down, with amazing vision. At last, we can see clearly what is rushing towards us.


In sight is a group of strange-looking. Similar to vultures, there is a big difference. The beak on the head is white bone, and the claws are like bare bones, like demons from hell.


"Bone-eating Birds!" See the monsters flying out. Li Batian was shocked for a short time. Brain suddenly jumped out before he had seen the introduction of monsters.


Osteophagus is a very peculiar carnivorous and ferocious bird. Similar to vultures in appearance, it should have evolved from vultures, according to biologists. It's just that compared with vultures who like to eat carrion and are good at getting something for nothing, skeleton birds are several times more ferocious and are better at hunting directly.


Relative to vultures, bone-eating birds are also more powerful, unusually ferocious, a pair of sharp bone claws, can tear apart the skin and flesh of rhinos, bone beak is able to pierce the bones of animals.


The reason why bone-eating birds are called bone-eating birds is that they do not like to eat flesh and blood. They prefer to swallow the bone marrow of living things. Once they kill their prey, they will use their bone claws to tear the flesh of their enemies, smash the bones of animals with their bone beaks, and directly devour the bone marrow of their enemies.


By feeding on biological bone marrow, bone-eating birds will further evolve, the bones in the body will become more and more rigid, and even the whole body will become ossified, so that its claws and beaks are more sharp and sharp, and the body's defensive force is extremely strong.


According to many surveys, it seems that only the Amazon rainforest possesses this kind of bird, which is extremely ferocious, but extremely critical of the living environment. Therefore, this kind of bird has been living in the Amazon rainforest, and it is difficult for the outside world to understand the existence of this kind of organism.


"cp9 scans these bony-eating birds, and whether they have all evolved blood-vessel genes." The skeleton-eating birds'message flashed through his mind. Li Batian asked in his mind. At the same time, a pair of sky-breaking wings flitted fiercely toward the high air and pulled away a distance from them.


"Master, this group of skeleton-eating birds belong to the evolution of mutation, not evolution of blood gene, but in a specific environment, organisms in order to adapt to the environment, adapt to the survival of a genetic self-evolution."


"So it is!" Li Batian nodded his head and looked at the skeleton-eating birds that were chasing him closely. A sudden cold light flashed through his eyes.


Bone-eating birds are greedy and cruel by nature. Once the prey they see is difficult for them to choose to give up, they will chase after it until the prey is killed.


Li Batian didn't spare any time to play hide-and-seek with them. Since this group of bone-eating birds did not know whether they were alive or dead, he would not show mercy.


"Sigh!" At first glance, Li Ba's ascending figure plunged down, so fast that a group of bone-eating birds could not respond at all. A pair of sky-shattering wings had already crossed their flock.


Blood gushed, accompanied by the scream of the bone-eating birds, a bone-eating bird cut into two sections fell like hail from the sky.


Before the panic-stricken birds of prey can stabilize their shape, the silver light flies again. Li Batian, who has broken wings, is like a god-killer in the air. Every time he passes through, he will take the lives of four or five birds of prey. In a few short shocks, only less than five of the dozens of birds of prey are lost.


For the first time, a ferocious and cruel group of bone-eating birds felt panic and fear, screaming and fleeing into the distance.


Stopping in mid-air, Li Batian glanced at the fleeing fleeing bird-eaters, but did not continue to chase them, as long as they can be chased away, everything is still to find the fourth biological mecha-body.


This time, Li Batian is no longer so ambitious. Previously, the emergence of bone-eating birds raised his alarm. This is not the Changbai Mountains, but the crisis-ridden Amazon rainforest. There may even be more powerful creatures than Five Devil Snakes and King squid. 。


"Gaga!" He had just flown several kilometres here, but a hoarse and unpleasant hoarse suddenly sounded, and it seemed that the number of voices was not small.


Standing on the crown of an ancient tree, Li Batian turned his head to look behind, and a dark shadow appeared in his sight. It was a bonefoot bird with fierce faces. The first one was almost entirely wrapped in bone, which looked like a skeleton bird from the outside.


"Damn it, I knew I was going to wipe out the bonefoot birds that had escaped before." In his heart, Li Batian was depressed, and now he could only find ways to deal with it.


The emergence of such a large group of bone-eating birds is bound to make a lot of noise. Apart from escaping into the rainforest, we can only make a quick decision with them.


In addition to the reason why he travels across the Amazon rainforest in the air at the expense of dragon elephant air, another factor is that it is more dangerous than the Amazon rainforest in the air.


There are only a few birds in the sky, but there are all kinds of creatures in the rainforest. Once you enter the rainforest, it will be very difficult to shuttle in the rainforest.


"Moon Bear Shock!" Staring at the fleet of bone-eating birds, Li Batian talked to himself. The silver-white moon pattern on his chest burst out the cold, instantly turned into a round of cold moon, accompanied by a roar rushing towards the group of bone-eating birds.


The fierce bone-eating birds had no idea that Li Batian would suddenly launch an attack. In the face of their enemies, they would be frightened to flee.


"Gaga!" The first skeleton-eater King gave a sharp hoarse, evolved to this extent, keenly felt the crisis of death, screaming and fleeing.


The birds behind the King of Bone-eating Birds, although dispersed at the command of the King of Bone-eating Birds, did not have the reaction of the King of Bone-eating Birds, and the speed was not enough to disperse completely. Only about twenty peripheral birds of bone-eating fled far away, and the rest were all in direct contact with Li Batian who rushed in.




Bone-eating birds were instantly dispersed, and the terrible cold broke out. A bone-eating bird was flapping its wings, and its body was eroded by the cold, instantly turning into an ice sculpture.


"Crack!" The cold spreads, and in a twinkling of an eye, most of the skeleton-eating birds are frozen, turning into ice sculptures, which are really transformed into hail-like falls in the rain forest below under the influence of gravity.


In a twinkling of an eye, hundreds of bone-eating birds, the remaining only twenty or thirty, all gathered behind the King of Bone-eating Birds in panic.


Just as Li Batian was ready to accept the wrath of the King of Bone-eating Birds and fight the King of Bone-eating Birds, who had evolved to cover almost all his skeleton, the fellow flew away with a scream, and the birds fled behind him in alarm and alarm.


"What's the matter? Are they scared away by me?" Seeing Li Batian's mind here is slightly shocked. According to what he knows, the skeleton-eating birds are cruel and stubborn. Even if they run away with the skeleton-eating king's temperament, they should not be so crisp and sharp.


Just when he was secretly complacent and thought his deterrence had frightened the King of Bone-Eaters to flee, a rustling sound came to his ears.


"What is it?" A chill rose in his heart. Li Batian looked down into the forest ahead. In his sight, black shadows flew out of the forest and ran straight to the fleeing King of Bone Eaters. In a blink of an eye, he caught up with the fleeing fleeing fleeing fleeing fleeing fleeing fleeing fleeing fleeing fleeing fleeing fleeing fleeing fleeing fleeing fleeing birds.


"Gagaga!" With the exception of the King of Bone-eating Birds, only two or three of them screamed and fled, while the others were entangled by the rushing figures and swallowed up one of them.


"I depend, no, it's a winged snake!" Looking at the python with wings behind it, Li Batian took a cool breath. (To be continued...


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