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第一百五十一章 斩杀!

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Just now, it seems that each of them has lost something, but Li Batian knows that it is very bad for him to consume this way. Although ten tentacles of the squid opposite were crushed, the breath on his body did not weaken at all. Ten tentacles have recovered almost in such a short time.


Compared with the king squid, his consumption is a little bigger. Just now, whether he was entangled by tentacles or frozen by extremely toxic ice, he was very passive.


"No, absolutely not in such a consumption with the king squid, I can resist once or twice, with the king squid that ten tentacles of the degree of difficulty, want to rely on war of attrition, will never be a good way." Thinking in his heart, Li Batian's eyes radiate determinism.


"roar!" With a roar from heaven, the silver-white crescent pattern in front of Li Ba's heavenly breast bursts into brilliant moonlight. The whole bear turns into a full moon. It rushes to the king squid in front of him, and the terrifying breath locks the king squid in the opposite direction.


The squid on the other side showed no weakness. Ten tentacles waved. This time, instead of attacking with tentacles, the squid sideways pointed its huge mouth at Li Batian, who rushed up. A black gas filled its huge mouth.


"Boom!" A black pillar of light gushed out of the squid's mouth. The sea water in front of it was pierced instantly. In the blink of an eye, it bombarded the cold full moon transformed by Li Batian, and its own shape was quickly away from the explosion center by means of reaction force.


Li Batian's cold full moon was swallowed up by black light pillars, and the surrounding sea area was completely contaminated by black. The intense poison gas eroded all living things in the surrounding sea area. Even submarine rocks, eroded by black gas, collapse rapidly.


This is the king squid used to escape, but also its most powerful trick, black light pillar is its body black ink-like toxic gas condensation, once hit will be instantly corroded to ashes, it is also very confident about its own trick.


To offset the backlash, the king squid uttered a murmuring cry of triumph, and ten tentacles waved as if celebrating his victory.


"roar!" Suddenly the king squid turned around and screamed in alarm. In sight, Li Batian's figure is crawling on a rock wall. A silver-white cannon barrel with the odor of destruction rose from the back, and the odor of destruction locked it firmly.


The King squid never thought that what he had just killed was just a part of Li Batian's illusion. His body has long bypassed the preparations for the launch of biological destruction cannons. All he wanted was to kill the king squid. Even if you can't kill it, you have to hit it hard.


The destructive column of light spewed out from the barrel, and the king squid, who had just played a big trick, sprayed out. It can't be used continuously again. It can only wave ten tentacles, release the cold black air, and freeze its whole body in a huge black ice in an instant in an attempt to resist the destructive light.




The beams of destruction bombarded the huge black ice, and the horrible penetration erupted. The black ice burst into pieces one after another, breaking into the ice at a speed visible to the naked eye.


As the bamboo bursts, the destructive beam continuously impacts the black ice. The black ice transformed by the king squid is cruelly broken down and bombarded into the sea water behind.


With the release of Biological Destruction Gun, Li Batian's body shakes slightly. With the continuous integration of CP9, the power of Biological Destruction Gun is getting stronger and stronger. With his current strength, he can not fully exert the power of Biological Destruction Gun.


"Master, the king squid is not dead yet. Just now, with the help of the cold, it shifted its fatal position, but it was severely damaged."


Li Batian's eyes were slightly cold and he rushed up like a complete dragon. Since the king squid was not dead, he would make up for the last one.


A huge axe-like applause splintered on the broken black ice, completely smashing the black ice, revealing that the inside body was seriously damaged, a tentacle is still full of vitality of the king squid.


A striking wound appeared on the king squid, which could be seen almost from one side to the other. The whole body was almost completely penetrated. The wound was sprayed with black blood. It looked hopeless, but its breath did not fade quickly.


"roar!" Roaring, the king squid spewed black liquid, the cold breath diffused, all the black liquid contact with the sea water, immediately frozen, and with the help of the black ice, the king squid a tentacle to push, like a sharp arrow shot out, fled to the distant sea at full speed.


"Hum, Moon Bear Shock." There was a sneer at the corner of his mouth. Li Batian instantly turned into a round moon with a surprising speed and broke water to catch up with it.


The monthly bear shocked him at a higher speed. Although the king squid fled at full speed, it was still unable to match the monthly bear shocked at an alarming speed.


"Boom!" Li Batian, incarnated as a full moon in cold weather, bombarded the king squid heavily, and the giant king squid flew out.


Almost at the same time, the cold weather froze it into an ice sculpture.


Flying the king squid, Li Batian followed, suspended above looking down at the king squid ice sculpture, eyes full of sudden cold.


"Crack!" As Li Batian surmised, the squid, which had been frozen into ice sculpture, began to shake violently, listing a crack on the huge ice block, and was about to collapse completely.


"Still want to struggle, or obediently die." As Li Batian talked to himself, he waved his bear's paw, and the surging dragon elephant gas gushed out. In the blink of an eye, a huge mountain-opening axe condensed in front of him. Compared with the previous attacks, the mountain-opening axe at the moment is like substance, and the terrible edge makes the water around it difficult to approach.


Nine Heavy Dragons like Kaishanzhang, after constant practice, Li Batian's dragon like Kaishanzhang is only one step away from the ten Heavy, and applause has changed a lot.


"Dead!" At the moment when the king squid broke the ice, Li Batian waved his bear's paw decisively and chopped out the huge axe that had condensed from the mountain.


"roar and roar!" The squid, who had just broken the ice, had no time to respond, and was cut in half by a huge axe. This time, instead of cutting off its tentacles as before, the whole body was cut in two.


The black blood gushed out, and the cold poison gas contained in it froze the surrounding sea area instantly. The spreading cold made Li Batian's face change. He quickly turned into a winding dragon-like fast dodge, hiding out to a hundred meters away, which was to avoid the outbreak of cold poison gas. (To be continued...

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