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第一百一十二章 游历!

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Familiar ape Valley appeared in Li Batian's sight, but compared with before, it has changed greatly, completely unable to see the original ape valley.


The burning terror filled the whole Ape Valley. The muttering magma was bubbling constantly, and the smoke and dust with the strong sulfur smell were floating in the air. The scene before us was like the end of the world. The whole Ape Valley had been transformed into a purgatory on earth.


Staring at the Ape Valley Magma Lake in front of him, Li Batian was filled with strange emotions.


Four ancient Chinese Wu elders were buried in this magma lake. At the same time, they buried their elders and brothers. They deceived their teachers and destroyed their ancestors. At the same time, they also buried the deep hatred of Li Batian.


"Ah!" Complex emotions gathered in his heart. Li Batian sighed and shook his head in a confused mood.


The magma lake is now used to turn the outstanding into ashes. It is also regarded as revenge for the master, clearing the door for the teacher.


As for the enmity with the four ancient Chinese Wu elders, they also died like lights, and ended with the eruption of magma.


Although the death of four ancient Wushu elders will shake the whole of China for a period of time, for the whole ancient Wushu circle in China, it is also an opportunity to rebirth and push the waves forward.


When decay is gone, new buds will germinate.


Ape Valley is covered by lava, the surrounding environment is no longer suitable for survival, Li Batian led a group of apes and black bears back to bear valley, the original quiet bear Valley once again lively.


The giant turtle sleeping in the pool was depressed. He likes to sleep quietly, and apparently busy is not popular with him.


After Li Batian returned to Bear Valley, Chu Tiger left Changbai Mountain. As for how he would deal with the inquiries from China, Li Batian did not ask too much, so the experience of Chu Tiger can find the right reason.


The great revenge was rewarded, and the door was cleared for the division. Li Batian once again relaxed.


In order not to bore himself too much, he spent the rest of his time practicing apes and black bears in addition to practice. Improve their strength as much as possible.


During this period of time. He also saw the blood vessels of the King of the Wild Dog, the Undead Dog.


The jet of black flame, like the fire of hell, is a great threat to living creatures.


Without knowing it, Li Batian is not too sure that he can resist the weirdness of Hell Fire. The ability to burn the vitality of organisms. It's creepy.


The Wild Dog King with great strength. It's fighting with the Burning Ape King almost every day.


Of course, under the suppression of Li Batian, such fatal tactics as jet black flame are not allowed to work, but even so it is still exceptional.


Neither side had been convinced before. In the case of continuous fighting, the relationship has not deteriorated, on the contrary, there is a sense of not knowing each other.


And they are similar in strength, stimulated by the constant fighting, each day can feel the progress of both of them, which makes Li Batian, who was somewhat relaxed in his original practice, also feel a sense of urgency.


As the eldest brother, it would be disgraceful if he was surpassed by his younger brother.


The quiet life has not sharpened Li Batian's own edge, but is still striving to cultivate and improve his strength.


In order to reach the peak of Qi and Blood, it is almost impossible to break through Qi and Blood in a short time. He can only spend most of his time practicing the palm of the Dragon elephant.


There are two meat shields, the King of Wild Dog and the King of Fire Apes, and he doesn't have to worry about losing his rivals.


In a twinkling of an eye, two months later, after unremitting efforts, Li Batianqiang broke the Dragon elephant into the ninth heavyweight.


Every slap can add 90% of the strength, and the original overwhelming momentum becomes more thick.


Exhibiting the Dragon elephant's paw, before the bear's paw had been patted on the enemy, the momentum of the thick mountain had taken the lead in the enemy, playing a role of restraint and suppression, so that the power of the Dragon elephant's paw had been enhanced again.


Breakthrough to the ninth heavyweight of Longxiang Kaishan, Li Batian's whole strength can be called horror, fighting with the fiery ape king who is good at strength, has absolute repression in strength.


Even if it does not exert the ability of blood vessels, it will be enough to press the King of the Hot Apes.


With the further improvement of his strength, Li Batian, although he has not broken through to the endless spirit and blood, can cope with it as long as he has not developed such abnormalities as extraordinary ones and has cultivated a poisonous body like a small and powerful man, even if he is an ancient warrior with endless spirit and blood.


After two months of waiting, the sleeping super-intelligent evolutionary CP9 still shows no sign of waking up.


As for China, it has not continued to send troops to invade the Changbai Mountains, losing four important ancient Wu elders at one time, which is a tremendous shock to the whole of China.


However, I do not know whether to avoid leaking information or not to make things big. Finally, Huaxia chose silence, which also made Li Batian secretly relieved.


He is also worried that some senior Chinese military officers or the four ancient military elders represent forces that will use nuclear weapons to deal with him at all costs, so that not only their own safety, he and Huaxia will also fall into an endless situation.


After two months of waiting, he learned something he wanted to know. Li Batian's mind was also active. He changed his attitude of hard work and traveled deep in the Changbai Mountains.


The Changbai Mountains cover a large area. Li Batian has only visited a small part of the area up to now. There are still many places he has not visited.


In line with the idea of enhancing his strength and searching for natural resources and treasures by the way, he began his own journey.


Deep in the Changbai Mountains, dragons and tigers hide. Li Batian's journey was not as smooth as he had imagined. Along the way, he encountered many powerful or strange monsters and beasts.


Especially some cunning birds and monsters, so that he can not fly can only stare.


Among the monsters we encounter, the most powerful one is a terrorist creature that can survive in magma in a volcanic group.


From the appearance, we can't see what kind of species it is. The whole body is like a boiled crab. It shuttles freely in the magma, as if it is not the hot magma, but the hot spring water with the right temperature.


With the restraint effect of the cold moon, this strange and powerful beast did not get cheap under Li Batian, and eventually escaped into the lava magma.


Although I did not find any natural treasures, I also had a deeper understanding of the Changbai Mountains and gained a lot of insights. (To be continued...


PS: I'm exhausted. I planted peanuts for a day. Four or five people planted more than one acre of land in a day. Their whole body ached and they had to push water with a cart. Hey!!

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