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第一百一十九章 黑色蜘蛛!

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Outside the cave, only two Japanese soldiers were left behind to guard it. Their strength was only boiling with blood. They were very powerful elites in the army, but in Li Batian's eyes they were as weak as babies.


The two guards were not far from the entrance of the cave, but they did not notice that a little black bear was winding like a dragon, moving at an amazing speed from one side to the entrance of the cave.


One of them seemed to have noticed a sudden look back, with empty eyes and no other figures at the entrance of the cave.


"What's wrong? What's the matter?" The neighbour accompanied by some doubts followed him back and asked in surprise.


"Did you hear any strange noise just now, as if something had rushed into the cave?"


"Ha-ha, your kid won't have consumed too much on women's bellies the other night. What's the strange noise? And there are some big family experts in the cave. Who dares to break in secretly, that's just death hunting."


"Yes, I may have misheard it." The Japanese soldiers felt their heads in embarrassment and thought for a moment that was exactly what their companions had said.


The two of them did not know that, when they talked to each other, Li Batian, a shrinking figure, had entered the cave for a while, sniffing the residual odor in the air and following up faster.


Soon Yamamoto Erlang appeared in the sight of Li Batian, and a group of people were advancing carefully.


When we first entered the cave, the air was still very hot and dry, but with the continuous progress, it gradually changed. It's not as hot and dry as most people imagine.


"Did you feel some chill around you, Zhuye? Why is there always some hair in my heart?"


"You feel it too. I also feel the hair in my heart, the chill on my back and the tremor on my body. It's so weird of his mother."


Two of them talked to each other in a whisper, others nodded their heads when they heard the words. Together with Yamamoto Erlang and others, they had the same feeling, which was totally different from the heat just entering the cave. It makes them feel cold from the heart to the body.


It's not just the Japanese people who are pushing ahead. Even Li Batian, who was following him, felt furry in his heart. An inexplicable chill poured into his heart along his back.


Li Batian's face was slightly on one side, and the blood and gas in his body surged like the tide. It emits strong masculine heat. Like a scorching sun. Instantly dispelled the chill in the body.


"Where is this? How could it be so weird?" Feeling the unusual cold in the air, Li Batian was also somewhat uneasy. At the moment, he hopes that CP9 will come back to life. With the extraordinary ability of CP9, he can surely find out the reason why the cave is so cold.


Just rising this idea, Li Batian was a little shocked. With the help of CP9, his dependence on CP9 became stronger and stronger. Especially when he realized that CP9 could be integrated into bio-armor, he was lost.


When he wakes up in time, Li Batian quickly straightens his mind. If he goes on like this, he may lose his fighting spirit because he relies too much on CP9.


"Even without the help of CP9, Li Batian will never lose to anyone." Steadfastly thinking, Li Batian's eyes suddenly become sharper and more persistent, and his breath is stronger.


"Look, what's this!" As we walked along, a cry of surprise came from the leaders.


The crowd followed with torches, shining brightly around them, but the scene in sight made the crowd shudder.


There were bones piled up on the ground, all decayed except bones, skeletons and fragmented arm bones, which were almost everywhere on the road ahead.


The road in front of the cave is almost made up of dead bones, and the end of dead bones can not be seen at all under the irradiation of a flashlight.


The horrible scenes can be compared to the scenes in the movies. Even the people present are all tough ancient warriors. When they see the scenes, their scalps are numb and their faces turn slightly pale.


"How can there be so many dead bones here, shouldn't it!" Looking at the withered bones on the ground, the Takahashi tree with relatively calm and rational personality, frowning and talking to himself.


"There's nothing to be afraid of. Maybe it was a burial place in those days. If you're afraid, you can choose to go back the same way." With a sneer from the broad-faced Sakurai Ishii, he indifferently waved his pistol and smashed a piece of dead bone in front of him.


"You!" The proud Yamamoto Erlang's face changed slightly and his heart burst into anger.


"Shashashasha!" Before Erlang Yamamoto got angry, a seeping voice suddenly sounded in the cave.


"What is it?"


There was a cry of surprise from the crowd, and the eyes of the crowd were looking ahead, and the shadows in their eyes climbed quickly towards them.


When the dark shadows approached, it became clear that the black shadows were a black spider the size of an adult's fist, screaming to show the insect's penetrating side.


After a brief flurry, Yamamoto Erlang and others immediately restored their calm. The black spider in front of them was very penetrating, but it would not let them run away.


"Well, a few black spiders are trying to block my way too." Sakurai Ishii sneered and the first man with a long gun rushed up.


Mr. Ishii took the lead, and others rushed forward to fight the black spider the size of an adult's fist.


Li Batian in the rear is a lot more leisurely. Someone in front of him helps himself, and he doesn't need to start at all.


"These black spiders are not easy." Staring at the black spider, the size of an adult's fist, Li Batian muttered with dignity in his heart.


Although the body is more suitable for practicing ancient martial arts, they are far from being black bears in the sense of induction, and have evolved two blood-line genes comparable to Li Batian.


From that black spider, he felt a slight sense of threat, in addition to a strong sense of resentment, giving Li Batian the feeling that these black spiders are like legendary ghosts, more ominous than the excellence of the practice of the Toxin Sutra.


Fist-sized black spiders are not very effective in fighting. They are almost one-sided in the face of a group of fierce Japanese ancient warriors.


Sakurai Ishii, who was in front of him, had a long gun in his hand, which could pierce a black spider. Others used their own methods to kill the black spider swarm.


The fragility of the black spider has made the people of Japan who had some worries relax their vigilance and fight more casually. (To be continued...

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