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第一百一十四章 军事演习!

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Li Batian didn't pay much attention at the beginning. After all, the sea was not stable. There were pirates and pirates, and even some people would bomb fish at sea. It was not uncommon that there was a loud explosion.


But as they approached, the roar became louder and louder, and there was no sense of stopping. It seemed to be engaged in artillery battle.


Curious, Li Batian rode a giant tortoise slowly upward, his head came out of the water, looking at the distant sea.


At the end of the line of sight, a warship could be seen loosely.


The shells that flew out fell like raindrops, and the waves on the bombed sea surged.


Enjoying the scene of violence, Li Batian's heart trembled fiercely and looked up into the air. A projectile painted a parabola flew toward his location.


"Damn it!"


With a depressed low cry, Li Batian hastily drove the giant tortoise down.


While sinking, a bubble-like flow of water envelopes both of them.


"Boom!" Bombardment


The sound of the explosion sounded, and there was a surging wave on the sea. The surrounding sea water was surging violently.


Under the protection of the tortoise controlling the current, Li Batian and the tortoise were not injured, but were bombed for no reason, which made Li Batian very upset.


Even an honest giant turtle, a pair of mungbean eyes are also showing a trace of anger.


According to Li Batian's past temper, he will not stop there, but now he has to rush to Mount Fuji.


Everything else has to be delayed as opposed to finding Snow Tiger. He could only suppress his anger and drive the tortoise forward, trying to bypass the fleet of artillery fire ahead.


Diving into the deep water area, the giant turtle is still moving fast. This water pressure is nothing to the giant turtle, not to mention that it has been living in the pool, after all, the strength is there.


"Well!" Crawling on the back of the giant tortoise, Li Batian, who was meditating secretly, was trembling slightly, and looked around fiercely.


Just now he felt a wave sweeping away, and that feeling made him familiar.


"Yes. Sound Scanning!" The idea burst into my mind. Li Batian's face changed slightly.


Almost as he noticed the scan, a red alarm sounded inside a submarine several kilometers away, and a red dot was shining in the middle of the screen.


"What's the matter? How did the alarm go off? Japanese officers in charge of management. Stand up. Asked the doubtful opening.


"Reporting officer, the latest sound scanner, found a suspicious target several kilometers away. It has the ability to threaten my ships. The operator rushed forward and saluted him respectfully.


the Japanese officer looks very slightly. He also knows about the latest audio scanner. It is almost the essence of the whole country. It not only enhances the scope and intensity of the scanning, but also has the function of automatic identification, which can judge whether the objects scanned are threatening.


Objects that allow scanners to alert must be something that threatens ships.


"Lock the suspicious target immediately and analyze what the suspicious target is." After a hesitation, the Japanese Officer immediately ordered.


"Hey!" The operator nodded respectfully and hurried back to work. At that moment, the red light that had flashed disappeared in an instant.


Operators who had just returned to their posts rushed to the Japanese officers again: "Report to the officer, the suspicious target suddenly disappeared and asked for instructions."


"Suddenly disappear!"


The Japanese officer frowned, not as if he had been out of the scope of the scan, but as if he had vanished from the ground.


"Start strong to suspicious target location, must ensure the safety of this area of the sea, can not let any external factors, destroy the military exercise."


With the command of Japanese officers, the water flowed behind the ship and moved rapidly towards the area where the suspicious target had just been located.


For this military exercise, Japan has made careful preparations. There are submarines and aircraft specially responsible for surveillance and escort both in the sea and in the air. This submarine is one of the submarines escorted under the sea.


Li Batian, a few kilometers away, had a slight tremor when the sonic scanning was locked continuously. An invisible wave emerged and completely shielded the sonic scanning, which made him disappear completely on the display of the submarine.


At first, Li Batian thought CP9 was awake, but after exploring it, he found that CP9 was still sleeping.


In fact, the super-intelligent evolutionary CP9, this time sleeping is different from the previous energy-depleted sleeping. Although falling asleep, it still knows the outside situation, only because it needs to fuse another child, so it can only fall into a false sleeping state.


With the CP9 shield, Li Batian's original tense mood eased a lot, but his eyes burst out with a touch of chill.


He understands that he and the giant tortoise should have been found in the sonic scan just now. Now the waters are so chaotic that he will be in danger if he fails to do so.


"Hum, I'll see what force it is!" Reluctantly thinking, Li Batian drove the giant tortoise to sink rapidly, and soon came to a protruding coral reef group, and dived into the coral reef group to hide.


Not long after Li Batian and the giant tortoise hid themselves, a heavy and huge submarine ship came roaring.


Before approaching, it gives people a great sense of oppression, just like a flying peak.


"Japanese submarine ship!"


Staring at the striking red sun pattern on the side of the submarine, Li Batian's pupils suddenly contracted and his pupils burst out with a sudden chill.


He is no longer a human being, but he is still full of disgust for the Japanese nation, and the style of the Japanese nation and country makes him sick.


Perhaps this mentality gives people a feeling of extreme, but Li Batian does not care, the ancient warriors want is to pursue the heart.


It is not difficult for Li Batian to guess that the dozens of naval fleets that have just appeared on the sea should also be the fleet of Japan.


This sea area belongs to the territorial sea of Japan. There is only one possibility of shelling such a large battle, that is, conducting military exercises.


As a master of ancient martial arts, he was also a high-level figure in China. He had seen many military exercises like this. In the current international situation, military exercises have become a common practice for every country. No matter what happens, he likes to come to a military exercise to deter the surrounding countries.


"Military exercises, since you are so fond of military exercises in Japan, I will help you to have a lively atmosphere." Staring at the submarine boats slowly sailing overhead, Li Batian's mouth was full of a stern grin.


If it was a fleet of other countries, he might choose to take a detour, but now he has changed his mind.


This sea area is basically blocked by the Japanese fleet, so if you want to cross this sea area, you may be found by submarines. It is better to stir up the sea water, and then it will be easier to fish in the muddy water to leave this sea area.


A group of Japanese soldiers in the submarine did not find a black bear and a giant turtle lurking in a coral group tens of meters below the submarine.


With the shielding capability of CP9, the submarine's latest high-tech sonic scanner can't find Li Batian's potential even though it keeps sweeping through coral colonies.


"Reporting officer, no anomalies have been found in this area. Maybe the scanner was out of order or a huge fish swam past." Operators again report to the top officers of submarines.


"Well, in that case, we should continue to patrol along the original route. This military exercise is of great importance to our Japanese Empire and to the ownership of Diaogui Island. There must be no loss." The Japanese officer nodded his head and glanced at all the Japanese soldiers present with dignity. He shouted in a cold voice.


"Hi!" A group of Japanese soldiers bowed their heads and answered without knowing that the black bear and the giant tortoise were only a dozen meters below the bottom of the submarine when they were waiting for someone to speak.




The giant tortoise stopped, screamed, stretched its neck and opened its mouth with horrible attraction, forming a strong underwater whirlpool.


In order to maximize its attack power, the giant tortoise has been brewing for much longer than before, even the giant tortoise seems to be expanding.


Dangerous breath emanated from the giant turtle's mouth, and Li Batian, who stayed on his back, felt a sense of threat.


Breeze to the limit it can withstand, full of rage, turtle neck expansion, suddenly shrink back, the speed is almost faster than any biological attack speed.


When Li Batian had not responded, the water flowed like a spear.


Sharp spear-like currents roll up the surrounding sea water and fly out as thin as an ordinary arm. By the time it crosses a dozen meters, it has grown to the thickness of the bucket.


From afar, it looks like a tornado and a snake.




The spear-like currents hit the bottom of the submarine almost instantaneously, and the submarines that were impacted with great power were shaking violently, and the sea around them was surging like a flood.


A group of Japanese soldiers in the interior of the ship fell to the ground from their respective positions, and some even flew out directly. No one expected that the submarine would suddenly be attacked so fiercely that the whole ship was in chaos.


"Baga, what's the matter, let me find out immediately!" The Japanese officer, who crawled out of a pile of debris and had a bruised nose and a swollen face, roared almost like a roar.


The ship is still shaking violently, even if it is a group of specially trained Japanese soldiers, in this case, it is impossible to execute orders perfectly for a while. (To be continued...


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