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第一百一十五章 偷鸡不成蚀把米!

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By the time the surging water subsided, the bottom of the submarine had been torn open by spear-like currents.


Li Batian also knows something about submarines like this, and has heard discussions from some professionals.


In general, the weakest defense of submarine vessels lies in the bottom of submarine vessels.


In many cases, the bottom undertakes the role of releasing underwater missiles and installing various power equipment and instruments, which is relatively fragile.


However, in general underwater warfare, it is difficult to attack the bottom of submarine, and there are various anti-attack weapons, which can ensure the safety of the bottom of submarine.


Unfortunately, this time they are not facing enemy submarines, but a powerful giant turtle, and can completely shield the sound scanning, naturally this tragedy happened.


Although the tortoise's spear-like current did not completely penetrate the bottom of the submarine, it had achieved the desired effect of Li Batian.


In the pupil of the beast, there was a sudden chill. Li Batian pedaled on the back of the tortoise with all his limbs, turning into a full moon and rushing to the bottom of the submarine.


At the moment of hitting the bottom of the submarine, the cold of the moon erupted, and the terrible cold accompanied by the violent impact surged like a tide.


In the submarine, just stabilized, they returned to their respective positions, and a group of Japanese soldiers who were operating intensely did not wait for them to figure out what was going on. The more terrible impact followed.


Before the tortoise spear-like water flow, the most powerful is the penetration force, not very strong in the impact force.


Li Batian himself is a black bear with terrible power, plus the impact of the full moon. With the help of the buoyancy of the sea, the submarine ship was forced to collide and fly out.




At the same time, the terrible cold came into the tide and covered the whole ship. The sea around the ship was frozen in the blink of an eye.


In addition, the cold air poured into the holes along the spear-like water, and in a short time of more than ten seconds, it spread to the whole submarine.


A few kilometres away from the sea area of the military exercises, Japanese military diplomats, who had been boasting, were startled by a red-glowing alarm.


It's not just Japanese military diplomats. Even the military personnel of the countries invited to visit. They were also stunned by unexpected circumstances.


"Baga, what's the matter? Where's the alarm!" The complacent military diplomat shouted with an angry face.


The Japanese soldiers in the front are responsible for contacting the submarines of various fleets. Run up quickly. Respect report: "Report officer. The Canglong patrol submarine sent out a distress signal, seemingly encountering an unknown danger.


"What!" Everyone was amazed at what they heard. You know, this is the sea area of Japan. And that area is conducting military exercises, who has the courage to attack Japanese patrol submarines.


To know that submarines can threaten the existence of submarines, in people's minds, only other countries'submarines.


"Connect the Canglong immediately and ask what happened." The Japanese military diplomat ordered with an ugly face.


At once, special staff connected the signal of the Canglong. In order to make the military exercise more intuitive for other countries to see the strength of Japan, such as the communication of orders between them, they did not intentionally use earphones or reduce the volume.


"Jamaica, no, no, it's cold, help me!" The shrill and chaotic scream sounded at the next moment of the signal connection, and the loud voice was transmitted to the ears of everyone present. The strong fear and panic changed everyone's face.


By the time the Japanese staff who were in charge of the message came out to inquire about the specific situation, the Canglong was quiet and could not hear any more.


The Japanese military diplomats, who were already somewhat ugly in appearance, now have an indescribably bluish complexion, which is even more difficult to see than the green hat his wife gave them.


The Canglong under the sea area of Japan has turned into a huge ice sculpture.


Originally with Li Batian's strength, it was not enough to completely freeze such a large object as a submarine, but in the sea, it provided perfect conditions and easily accomplished things that were difficult to accomplish on land.


The Canglong slowly sank into a giant ice sculpture. In the cockpit of the Canglong, a group of Japanese soldiers remained panic-stricken, but their bodies were frozen in place, and their life characteristics were rapidly passing. With the Canglong falling to the bottom of the sea.


Li Batian, the chief culprit of all these things, crawled on the back of the giant tortoise again and dived freely into the deep sea.


With the help of moonlight and the control of water flow by giant turtles, Li Batian still did not feel too much pressure in the deep sea. After dive to a certain extent, he began to move in the direction he had planned beforehand.


Warships and submarines, which were conducting military exercises, abandoned their continuing performances and began to block the surrounding waters in an all-round way. Various scanners almost covered the whole area, and submarines in the sea screamed toward the accident site.


If it is the submarine vessels of other countries, in the face of such a rapid response from Japan, they will definitely be caught in the right place. There is no way out.


Unfortunately, the perpetrators were a black bear and a giant tortoise. Especially, they were covered with a shield to shield any signal search, which made the Japanese military, which depended too much on science and technology, suddenly blind.


Several submarines passed not far from Li Batian, even once they could be said to have passed by, but neither of them was found.


By the time a group of submarines and warships had shrunk their encirclement and were ready to catch turtles in an urn, Li Batian had escaped and they were doomed to be empty.


Over an hour later, after all-round reconnaissance, they finally found the Canglong sinking to the bottom of the sea.


Only when we saw the ice-sealed situation of the Canglong, no matter who breathed in a cool breath, we could not understand what had happened in order to create such a situation.


What annoys the Japanese Navy most is that they have searched the whole sea area for more than an hour, but nothing has been found.


Not to mention the enemy, even the shadow of the enemy has not been seen.


This military exercise was originally held in order to show its strength to other countries, to play a deterrent effect, to pave the way for negotiating Diaogui Island with China and its international speech status, but it did not expect that stealing chicken would not erode rice.


Not only did they lose a Canglong submarine without knowing it, but they did not even touch the shadow of the enemy, which made the Navy of Japan humiliate its grandmother's family in front of military representatives of various countries. (To be continued...


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