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第一百一十章 熔岩爆发!

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Just when he thought Li Batian was immortal and disabled, a cold full moon burst out of the poison gas of the explosion and rushed to him in the blink of an eye.




The shock wave broke out again, the violent impact surged, and the extraordinary figure flew backwards, while Li Batian, incarnated as a cold full moon, was also thrown away in the explosion.




The magma in the deep cave fluctuates violently, and the bubbles are pouring out continuously. The magma is rising slowly and steadily, as if there is a force rising under the magma.


Outside the cave in the ape valley, Li Batian's black hair struggled to climb up, black blood flowed in his ferocious mouth, and his body was somewhat shaky.


Just now, even with the protection of the cold full moon, the poisonous explosive attack still suffered a lot of injuries, especially the poison contained in the poisonous gas, which made his injuries worse.


"What a strong poison! It's careless!" The heart mutters to itself, Li Batian has a heavy heart.


Unfortunate poison gas is eroding the vitality of his body. With the domineering and strong physical qualities of Dragon-Elephant internal gas, it still can not suppress the spread of poison gas.


He will be in danger of life if he does not get the poison out in time.


Running dragon elephant interior gas temporarily suppressed the poisonous, Li Batian looked forward, was bombed out of the extraordinary walk back, clothes have been smashed, revealing the same body full of rotten sores, but the injury is not as big as imagined.


"Ha-ha, the anger of dragon elephants is just like this, depending on my poisonous body. Such an attack is far from complete."


Laughing wildly and surging with extraordinary momentum, it's like an immortal cockroach.


Having endured the poisonous body cultivated by inhuman suffering, the defensive force is far stronger than other ancient martial arts such as the golden bell jar, which has been in an invincible position in the heavens.


Relative to Li Batian's disadvantage, the distant King of Fire and King of Wild Dog fought Sato Yuanyuan, but it was a battle of wind and water.


Their two strength is very strong, one-on-one alone in the heyday, nor is it weaker than Sato Yuanyuan, now two fight one naturally occupies the absolute upper hand.


In addition. From the first meeting, there have been some mismatches between the King of Wild Dog and the King of Fire Apes. In the battle with Sato, it seems that they also competed with each other. The more fierce the Vietnam War was, the more bitter it was to suppress Sato. It's almost dangerous.


The tragic generation of Japanese knife master. So they were ravaged by two animals. This humiliation alone gave Sato the impulse to commit suicide by buying a tofu.


"Black Bear, it's time to take you on the road!"


Glancing at Sato's miserable situation, he wrinkled his brows slightly. A calm look spoke as if he were telling the truth.


Rolling poison gas emerged from the extraordinary body, enveloped his whole person in the poison gas. With the surge of poison gas, the whole person turned into a ferocious poison gas python. The terrifying ominous breath became stronger, and the air was squeaked by the poison gas erosion.




When Li Batian was given a lethal blow, the roar of shaking mountains suddenly sounded.


The sudden roar shocked all the people and animals in the place and turned to look in the direction of the roar.


With the billowing smoke, red magma gushed out like a tidal current in the Ape Valley Cave.




The ice that surrounds the ground is swallowed up by magma in an instant. The rolling magma, like a terrible gourmet beast, devours everything in front of it.


"The magma in the cave exploded!" Seeing this scene, Li Batian immediately understood it, and his horror incarnated as a cold full moon rushed towards the top of the ape Valley rock wall.


The ancient warriors who practiced to such a great extent as blood and qi, even blood and blood, were indeed very powerful. However, if compared with the horrible power of nature, there was no comparability at all. Once swallowed up by magma, even he could not carry it.


Li Batian, who was familiar with the situation, took the lead in responding. When he was about to rush to the top of the valley wall in the distance, he suddenly woke up. When facing the magma like a gourmet beast, he could only choose to take shelter from the front.


"Ah ah!"


A distant scream rang out, Sato Yuanyuan, terrified by the magma explosion, was struck out with a stick by the King of the Fire Apes when he was stunned.


I don't know whether the King of the Fire Apes did it intentionally or because of his terrible character. The direction of flying backwards is the roaring magma.


Just in time to make a scream, Sato was swallowed up by magma, black smoke came out of the magma, and the whole person was instantly converted into ashes by hot magma.


Perhaps because it has been brewing for too long, the power and intensity of this magma eruption is the most terrible eruption Li Batian knows.


In the blink of an eye, the whole ape Valley is covered with red magma, which looks like a huge lake from afar.


"Master, now is the best chance. With the help of magma, the master has 80% chance to kill the enemy." Hiding on the ape Valley wall, Li Batian's mind rings the words of CP9 as soon as he falls down.


Faced with another offspring, the super-intelligent evolutionary CP9 has also become indifferent.


Hearing the reminder of CP9, Li Batian moved slightly, turned his head and looked down. In his sight, he was rushing rapidly towards the top of the rock wall not far away.


A fierce color flashed through Li Batian's eyes. The present situation was a rare opportunity for him. Once he missed it, it was almost impossible to kill the extraordinary. His terrible and poisonous body was simply abnormal and could not be described by human body.


If you want to do it, Li Batian's heavenly body rushed up like a dragon, completely covered by the cold silver-white moonlight halfway, and turned into a round of cold moon, like shells falling from the sky, the cold forced people to rush downward extraordinary.


"Seek death!" He was rushing toward the top of the rock wall. He saw Li Batian rushing towards him and said with a grim face.


When the poison gas surges, the whole person instantly turns into a vicious poison gas Python and sprays out a viscous liquid poison gas.




As soon as the liquid poisonous gas bursts out, it immediately shows an amazing corrosion ability, and the air is squeaking, making people creepy.


The forward Li Batian bumped into the liquid poison gas, and the amazing corrosion ability was perfectly demonstrated at this moment. The cold full moon was as fragile as thin paper and easily eroded by the liquid poison gas.


"Ha-ha, die!" See the scene in front of me and shout with a mighty grin.


He knows best about his liquid poison. The strength is not to say that a flesh-and-blood black bear, even a solid black bear cast in steel, can corrode into a pile of scrap iron. (To be continued...


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