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第一百章 果断出手!(求订阅!)

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Li Batian, far from the mouth of Ape Valley Cave, shook his head in disappointment.


Originally, he intended to introduce the four Huangpuqi people into the cave, so that in the relatively narrow cave, the four Guwu elders could not fully show their strength, and the possibility of victory would be greatly increased.


"Come on, since that's all we have to do." Seeing that the original Jihua could not be implemented, Li Batian quickly consolidated his ideas and burst out with an unshakable determination in his eyes.


In order to prepare for what he can do today, his self-cultivation has also accumulated to the late stage of the flood of Qi and blood, which is only half a step away from the peak of the flood. It is estimated that it will take only one or two days to break through, but he can not wait.


The King Cobra swam into the burning cave, and in a few moments it swam out, with a big gourd on its tail, which was originally used to hold monkey wine.


Seeing the gourd on the cobra king's snake tail, whether the four Chuhu or Lu Qingshen, a master of ancient martial arts, all of them focused their eyes on the gourd, and the inevitable mountain in their eyes showed greedy eyes.


If it is monkey wine in the gourd, it will be something that can change the fate of the eight people present.


As long as the monkey wine is obtained, the four Chuhu people may reach the level of four ancient martial elders.


Lu Qingshen and other four elders of ancient martial arts are likely to become the peak strength of the endless realm of Qi and blood, and also the world's leading terrorist existence, and their influence will be doubled.


The King Cobra swam up under the almost constant gaze of the crowd. The tail raised and handed the gourd to Whampoa Qi.


With Huangpuqi's city hall and determination, facing the temptation of monkey wine, he was also excited, and even his outstretched arm trembled slightly.


Catching the open gourd, Whampoa Qi's face suddenly changed slightly, looking down at the gourd mouth, the original excitement stiffened in the face.


"How could that be!" An incredible cry of surprise came from the mouth of Huangpu Qikou, and the distraction was in place.


Lu Qingshen and others, who were full of expectations beside him, were stunned when they heard the words, and a feeling of not Haode appeared in their hearts.


Lu Qingshen, who has a short temper, stepped forward. Grab the gourd in one hand. Looking at the gourd.


Seeing nothing empty in the wine gourd, the whole person can not help but be stunned.


Suddenly, the blow, such as Lu Qingshen's full enthusiasm all watered down, they did not expect that they will come to the empty.


Previously according to Lu Qingshen and others guess. Even the Great Ape King drank some. Judging by time, there should be more. It turned out that there was nothing left.


Li Batian, who looked out of Ape Valley, could not help smiling at the corners of his mouth.


After these days of training with King Wild Dog and King Black Bear, monkey wine has long been almost drunk. There is only one left.


The wine gourd is put into the cave, and after high temperature heating, the aroma becomes more intense, but the liquor inside is basically volatilized.


"It's time to start!" Seeing here, Li Batian's mouth is tinged with cold color.


"roar and roar!"


The tyrannical bear roared, and the violent and tyrannical roar exploded in the silent valley.


Luqingshen and others suddenly woke up, and before they could respond to what was going on, a huge ape and black bear appeared on both sides of the valley, each with a huge and heavy stone in its hand.


"roar and roar!"


Growling, a group of giant apes and black bears raised huge stones in their hands and threw them at Lu Qingshen and others.


The huge rocks flying all over the sky, each of them is the size of a table. It looks like meteorite rain falling from the sky in the distance. Even the faces of four ancient Wu elders, such as Lu Qingshen, have changed slightly.


Without a word of warning, in the face of the huge rocks overwhelming the ground, eight people and three monsters were present, each using their own means to evade and bombard the falling rocks.


Lu Qingshen holds a purple gold stick. The whole person is like a giant ape. Every stick has a terrifying power. If a hard boulder is hit, it will surely break into fragments. No boulder can get close to him.


The next Tang Guohua is as light as a swallow, like a dancing butterfly shuttling in the flowers and plants, flickering between the stitches in the sky boulders, dodging all the boulders that hit him. The elegance of his body is called art.


Chuxiong, who has been closing his eyes slightly, has two hands like two fires. Although they do not emit obvious heat, their power is extremely terrible.




A pair of ironmaking hands waved, each boulder as long as hit, will be horrible palm into black powder, pure visual effect than Lu Qingshen more violent, show the ironmaking hand this stunt of terror.


Among the four ancient Wu elders, Huangpuqi is the most leisurely one.


With the protection of the king cobra and the gorgeous tiger, he did not start at all, but stood there calmly.


Every boulder that fell on him was solved by the king cobra and the gorgeous tiger.


The four Chu tigers, who were inherited by the four ancient Wu elders, also had their own ways of dealing with them. Although the bombardment of huge rocks caught them by surprise, they did not cause any casualties.


Of course, Li Batian did not intend to use these boulders to cause any harm to Lu Qingshen and others. If it was so simple, he would not take so much trouble.


While Lu Qingshen and others were busy coping with the boulders falling from the sky, Li Batian, who was far away from Gukou, finally took action.


His body was like a winding dragon. Behind him was the King of the Fire Apes, who burned flames all over his body and held the iron stick of the flames, and the King of the Black Bear, whose strength had increased greatly after more than a dozen days of training.


Under the protection of King Cobra and Beautiful Tiger, the most relaxed Huangpuqi first discovered the appearance of the three beasts Li Batian.


Just before he had time to open his mouth, Li Batian had been transformed into a cold full moon, and the speed of the sudden increase rushed into the area covered by huge rocks, that is, the location of Whampoa Qi.


By the time Lu Qingshen and others discovered Li Batian, an outsider, he had rushed to Chuxiong with amazing speed.


Chuxiong, after all, is an ancient Wu elder, but he has not been confused in the face of unexpected attacks. A pair of ironmaking hands waved like a thousand-handed Guanyin. The burning energy came out and turned into a burning palm in the sky. It is precisely the billed purgatory Baishan in the hands of ironmaking.


At the beginning of the war with Chu Tiger, he had also carried out purgatory Baishan, but compared with Chu Xiong, there is simply no comparability, the two sides are not a hierarchy at all. (To be continued...


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